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Is It My Great Granny?


My friend posted the last story as Flamex. We live in separate countries so before anyone comments, I don't think anything could be following both of us or anything like that.

All the events that took place happened in my granny's and granddad's house last year. Here is my story.

My great granny was the only one to die in that house and she died there a few years before I was born. My family was kind of reluctant to tell me that.

I should give you a layout of the house. All the doors except the bathroom door downstairs in my granny's house are glass. I was sitting in the kitchen with the door open looking into the sitting room and from there I could see the hallway and the bottom of the stairs through the sitting room door.

I glanced to see if my granddad was about to come in from the hospital or my granny from the shops when I saw someone go up the stairs. I couldn't see a face because of the glass on the doors. I could make out a short trouser leg and shoe just like my granddad's as they went upstairs. They stepped onto the second step on the stairs and started walking upstairs (my granddad does that all the time) so I thought it was him. I went out to the hallway and was about to shout up to him wondering why he just went straight upstairs to get his slippers instead of saying hi and making sure I was okay first like he'd usually do. I saw my granny coming up the garden and let her in before I called granddad. I told her what I saw and said I think granddad's home so we both stood at the bottom of the stairs calling him. He never came down. About half an hour later he arrived home from the hospital and came in to say hi before going upstairs for his slippers. So whoever that was, it wasn't him. I was the only one home when I saw that.

The second thing to happen was when my granny and I sat down to have rhubarb tart and tea. I left the squirty can of cream on the counter near the microwave so we could clean it and put it away after having the tea and cake. After about 30 minutes I was putting the dishes in the sink and wondered where the cream was. I couldn't see it so I woke my granny up, (she dozed off at the table and my granddad was asleep the whole time in the sitting room) we looked everywhere for the can of cream but couldn't find it. In the end we looked in the fridge and it was in the door of the fridge (where we always put it) and it was clean with the lid on but I was on the computer, granny was asleep and granddad was in the sitting room asleep the whole time. No one came in during that time. Only my granny and I were in the kitchen. I didn't hear or see anything so how did the can of cream end up halfway across the room, in the fridge, clean and with the lid on?

Thirdly there are always loads of big bangs, creaks and noises coming from the attic but I seem to be the only one who hears them. If I tell anyone or ask them if they heard it, no matter what time it is, they always say it's the neighbours but sometimes it seems like my family seem to be hiding something from me.

Once there was a really loud bang from the attic right above my head while I was lying in bed but they just told me it was the neighbours and my granddad didn't hear it across the hallway and my granny didn't hear it downstairs and this was when they could hear perfectly well! I was the only one who heard this gigantic bang. I thought something fell over in the attic only there's nothing that could fall over, especially nothing that could make that loud a noise if it fell over. It would have to have been something huge and heavy to make that noise.

No one could have been in the attic though as we only go up there twice a year for Christmas decorations.

When I'm downstairs, sometimes I can hear creaks like someone's walking around above my head but no one's upstairs.

Another time, (I can't remember if it was this year or last year) I think I heard footsteps walking toward me in the sitting room.

A few days ago, while minding my cousins' dog, she ran into the sitting room wanting to go outside but stopped near the middle of the room and started barking at something. No one was in there so I don't know what it was. She walked to the end of the room and barked at the door wanting to go out so I just brushed it off. She started walking back up to me in the kitchen and stopped near the middle of the room again barking at something again. She came into the kitchen but turned around and walked a couple of feet into the sitting room and started barking at something I couldn't see again as if something was moving closer to me through the sitting room. She just stopped barking a minute later leaving me wondering if there was something or someone I couldn't see there maybe walking toward me.

Have you any ideas what this could be?

I thought if there is something here, it could be my great granny as she was the only person to die in the house and because I think she's fussy like my granny (her daughter) about leaving things like cream lying around on the counter.

That doesn't explain how I saw the figure of a man walking upstairs though. I never felt scared or nervous when these things happened.

If the house is haunted, could there be more than one?

I just got a bit startled and confused when these things happened. A friend told me that if my great granny is still here, my great granddad could have come back to keep her company and that would explain me seeing the man walking upstairs.

If you have any ideas what could be going on, please comment and let me know what you think.

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Julesylou (16 posts)
9 years ago (2014-12-31)
Maybe it's time you ask your grandfather. Tell him that you feel is going on, he will either confirm your suspicions or settle your imagination.
Flamex (8 stories) (8 posts)
15 years ago (2009-07-16)
Update on this story:

Three days ago, my cousin saw the same black shape looking through the sitting room door. I never told him about what I saw walking upstairs. When I asked him about what he saw he described it as the same thing that I saw. He just sat in the chair in the kitchen bored then looked out at the sitting room for no reason, saw that shape, blinked and it was gone.

A little while later that day, one of my cousins' walkie talkies made two noises as if someone clicked the speaker on twice and maybe breathed into it. None of us were near either walkie talkie.
We all jumped when it went off but got excited after the shock wore off and wanted more to happen but unfortunately nothing else happened until later that night or Tuesday night.
Around this time last week, I heard a young boy's voice in the corner of the kitchen. I thought it might be the tv in the sitting room because the volume was up really high and if I heard voices from the tv, it would be in that corner. My granny told me it was the tv, the next day she told my mum she lied so I wouldn't get scared and bug her. When my cousins were here on Monday and the walkie talkie incident happened, she told them I heard the tv so they wouldn't freak out because they're only 10.

Any idea what's going on? Do you think I actually heard a young boy's voice in the corner? Could it be my great grandparents? I've thought these things could be my great grandparents because lately I realised that I saw the shape of a man when I was on my own, the things I mentioned in this comment happened when my youngest cousins (twins) were here, and my other three cousins were here when their dog started running around the sitting room barking at something we couldn't see walking through there it seemed. My great grandparents died before my cousins and I were born.

My great granny died just two years before I was born so could it be them coming to see us now because they died before we were born? Could they be coming back now and again to check on us?

Please please please comment and give me your opinions. I can't figure out what's going on
Rossimac (6 posts)
15 years ago (2009-04-20)
Had you considered maybe Ann Frank was hiding in the attic?! J/k Not discounting the possible supernatural explaination... The attic noises could also possibly be attributed to a rodent (although not as likely the way you explained it).

That is a pretty creepy account.
Blondie95 (1 stories) (10 posts)
15 years ago (2009-04-15)
Yes, I don't think the man walking up your stairs in anything to do with your grandma. But it is comforting to know that your grandparents are still around!

Scary story by the way! Good luck and god bless xxxx
Jasmin314 (13 stories) (210 posts)
15 years ago (2009-04-14)
😕 😭 😁
Wow that is creepy! I am not sure what to tell you about the man waliking up the the stairs except it probably has ntohing to do with your grandma. There maybe be more than one spirit there.

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