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I like taking walks through cemeteries... The peaceful quietness is so relaxing and let's the mind think clearly. I decided to take a walk with one of my friends through one of the oldest cemeteries in our area one night... We were chatting and talking about a movie we recently seen. As we were walking my friend saw this silver necklace hanging on a tombstone... I told her not to take it because it was wrong to steal from the dead... She did it anyway. I was very disappointed in her because I never thought she would ever do something like that and so I refused to speak to her until she put it back.

A few days passed then a few weeks until one night she came to my home pounding on the door crying hysterically! She said that after a few days of having the necklace she started having this dream of an old lady dressed so elegantly, holding the necklace in her hands with tears streaming down her face. She said that every night since then she would have the same dream over and over again with the same lady wearing the same outfit holding the same necklace but looking more and angrier. I took her back to the cemetery where she returned the necklace and since then the old lady never returned

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blue_raven80 (13 stories) (338 posts)
12 years ago (2010-09-19)
I agree with shinigami and lanafairy. At least your friend learned something which is not to take something away from the deceased. The necklace could me so much to the old lady.

HardToScare432 (1 stories) (72 posts)
12 years ago (2010-09-18)
I to love walking through graveyards, I guess I don't really know why... Anyways, as soon as I heard that she took it I thought she might think someone dropped it, bu obviously it was left there in memory of... The woman...
whitebuffalo (guest)
12 years ago (2010-09-17)
GoldenGate? Thanks for the past seven plugs for the site there. Is it yours? You may want to post it in your profile.
Thank you.

Please excuse the interruption to your page, Ghostgirl24.
GoldenGate (7 posts)
12 years ago (2010-09-17)
O yea the grave, especially old ones, have beautiful scenery, like old tree, you know stuff like that. And at night, oh wow, I love walking on cemetery too, especially at night. Alone. Of course it is a little bit scary. But the scariest thing if people caught me thinking I am kind of a thief or something. 😊
O yea if you would like to talk to me this is my email: budyardjo11 [at]
AngelofDarkness (7 posts)
12 years ago (2010-09-17)
I believe that stealing stuff from graves causes bad luck or the owner's ghost might appear in people's dreams so I'm gald you did the right thing to tell your friend not to steal the necklaice from the graves. 😁
scared-all-my-life (13 posts)
12 years ago (2010-09-16)
Wow cool story. My friend didn't take a necklace she has to protect a necklace for a ghost about twenty years old. I won't say the ghosts name but I am putting my story on the page. And stealing from a grave is bad your very lucky your friend didn't get hurt.
cosmogal926 (9 stories) (1223 posts)
12 years ago (2010-09-16)
Well I'd say your friend learned a valuable lesson here. She was also very lucky that all this woman did was appear to her in a dream every night. It could have been worse. Like Lanafairy and Shinigami have said you did the right thing by warning her not to take it, and that you were helpful to your friend in returning the necklace to the grave. 😊
Shinigami0 (2 stories) (203 posts)
12 years ago (2010-09-16)
I'm with Lanafairy. Stealing from graves is something you just don't do, moreso out of respect for the deceased and their family. Perhaps the spirit of the woman and a strong feeling of guilt led your friend to give the necklace back.

I do commend you for standing up for what's right, when she stole the necklace. Its good to know people still have a sense of respect for others. 😊
Lanafairy81 (3 stories) (29 posts)
12 years ago (2010-09-16)
Sounds like your friend had it coming to her sorry to say that 😢 I too love cemeteries but never in my life will I take from the dead... The most I have taken was a red rose from my brother's grave. I am going to say it could be along two things maybe very well the old lady was trying to communicate through your friends dream to get her necklace back or either your friend felt really bad about taking it... You did the right thing as a friend to take her to the cemetery to return the necklace. 😉

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