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Footsteps, Showers And Dogs


It's been 11 weeks since my boyfriend and I moved into my Grandma's home that she had lived in for some 50 years maybe even longer. She is now in a home and my dad and his sister own the property. As a temporary arrangement we currently live in the house along with our American bulldog Bella. My last story The Move - Woken Spirits, explained a lot of what was going on. This is my update to that story...

The odd things keep happening in the house. For instance we were laid in bed a few weeks ago watching TV, the dog was at the foot of our bed snoring away as usual, it was around 11:30pm. At the same time we both sat up and grabbed for the remote telling each other to be quiet. My boyfriend got there before me and put the TV on mute. We had both heard footsteps running up and down the stairs, as soon as all was quiet the noise stopped. We both sat up in bed listening but the only noise now was Bella snoring.

A few nights later, I was home alone, I was sat in the living room and Bella was lying over the threshold that separates the room from the hall, which leads to the stairs. She suddenly jumped up and stood at the foot of the stairs barking loudly up at them, I wasn't feeling brave enough to go and explore.

The most recent was last week. I had turned the shower on and entered the bedroom. All three of us were upstairs in the room when this happened. I could hear the water from the shower hitting the shower curtain, I was talking to my boyfriend at the time and I stopped to listen as the noise of the water hitting the curtain changed. It was as though someone had stepped in front of the shower and now the water was hitting them, this happened for around 10 seconds then as though someone had stepped out of the way, carried on hitting the curtain as usual. I got in the shower not thinking much of it, I heard my boyfriend going downstairs as I was washing my hair, then the water stopped. Thinking the pressure was low I shouted down to see if he had turned any taps on which he hadn't. I then turned around to see that the red light on the shower indicated that it had been turned off. Odd? I turned it back on, again thinking nothing. As I turn the shower back on and turn around I looked up to see a face of an old woman in the tiles ahead of me. She had a blank expression on her face and short curly hair. She was staring straight ahead and she stayed for the remainder of my shower.

Now I understand our minds can play tricks on us and we can see what we think are faces in patterns so maybe this is what I saw? The tiles are just plain white for the record.

The next night I rang my mum to tell her what had happened, she asked my dad if anyone had ever died in that house, yes! My great grandma died in one of the spare rooms. Maybe all this was connected then? Although it seems to be the bathroom and the landing where I feel or see and even hear strange things. It has never scared me knowing someone is in the house, I don't feel threatened in anyway. But sometimes if I'm alone at night then it can make me a bit jumpy.

I also feel as though there's a dog that walks the landing, when I'm in the bathroom with my back to the door I hear what I think is Bella coming upstairs and passing the bathroom. Many times this has happened just to find out she's asleep downstairs or in the back garden. My dad had a dog when he lived there called Ricky, I think this might be him.

Thanks for reading!

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Hanbobs (20 stories) (119 posts)
14 years ago (2010-10-11)
Mickamoo - thanks for your comment. Yeah American Bulldogs are big softies! A bull mastiff dog attacked her 2 weeks ago and mauled her face and she had a deep wound in her front leg. She never once tried to fight back and just collpased on the floor and relaxed as if to say 'I mean no harm, leave me!' and she also smiles! When ever we come in she scrunches her face up and shows her teeth kind of like a grin as she's wagging her tail, it's so cute! We also just got a puppy of the same breed, she LOVES him! And their so cute together.
Yeah nothing has happened since I posted my story which I guess is abit of a shame cause I love abit of paranormal activity! 😊
Hanbobs x
P.S I hope if you read my other stories you will enjoy them. I will read yours when you have posted them!
mickamoo (3 posts)
14 years ago (2010-10-08)
Hi Hanbobs, I worked at a boarding kennel and someone brought in an American Bulldog. He was the nicest dog I ever looked after and the most gorgeous dog I've ever seen. It was love at first sight, lol, I even got a couple of kisses. The owners German Sheppard attacked him when owner came to pick him up and he didn't even fight back he just looked surprised. I got her off him real fast. I swear he smiled at me. Anyway, I've had lots of stuff happen to me all my life. I think it started with the Ouija Board we had when we were kids. I've just joined and haven't done a profile yet. I will post stories soon, so keep an eye out. Your shower story is what caught my eye. I've always wondered if the shower was safe from activity. Now I know it's not. Good to know, I'll just try not to think about it... I bought a shower radio recently that takes your mind off those fears a bit. I haven't read your other stories yet but I will as soon as I can. I am also of British decent, my parents are both from Glasgow, but my twin sister and I were born in Canada. Thanks for your story!
Hanbobs (20 stories) (119 posts)
14 years ago (2010-09-29)
zzsgranny - it was a real fun night, there was a whole buzz of energy in the room. We took items and pictures related to loved ones that have passed. I had this small crystal cat that belonged to my grandma and when we got there my aunty gave us all a stick of lavender. My grandma wore lavander a lot and the smell just reminds me of her.
Unfortunately we didn't get a reading, she managed to read for about 6 people out of the whole theatre. It was very interesting to watch non the less and I wasn't dissapointed not to of heared anything. 😊
Hannah x
zzsgranny (18 stories) (3329 posts) mod
14 years ago (2010-09-28)
Hanbobs: How did the event with Lisa Williams go?...I hope there's a story brewing for us! 😊 ❤
Hanbobs (20 stories) (119 posts)
14 years ago (2010-09-22)
haha how strange! Well I will deffinately keep you posted as soon as I've been to see her. I can't wait! Thanks, I hope she comes through to. X
zzsgranny (18 stories) (3329 posts) mod
14 years ago (2010-09-22)
Hanbobs: You want to hear something wierd?...I was thinking about you the other day, hoping to hear about your experience with Lisa Williams, and up pops your story! 😆...I couldn't remember the exact date you'd mentioned in your previous account, and thought it had to be coming soon 😆...That should be an interesting day, and here's hoping your grandmother comes through... All in all though, it will still be a great experience for you, I think... Looking forward to reading about it ❤
Hanbobs (20 stories) (119 posts)
14 years ago (2010-09-22)
Thanks guys for the comments! 😊
Yeah to me it seems pretty cool that all this stuff is going on.
Zzsgranny: No I haven't seen the face again as of yet, it would be interesting if I did. So, English bulldogs are prefered in America and American Bulldogs are prefered in England? 😆 what a backwards world we live in!
I'll keep you posted if anything else happens. Infact I'm going to see the famous medium Lisa Williams this Monday (27th). I'm hoping to hear from my mums mum, she died 8 years ago and a few of my stories have been about her so maybe all these vibes, visions and sounds I'm getting are to do with that? I hope she comes through! I'm taking an ornament of a crystal cat that she used to have on her fire place with me... It may help bring her energy forward. If anything does happen I will be writing a story. Fingers crossed! X
DARKNESS (3 stories) (2022 posts)
14 years ago (2010-09-22)
Hi Hanbobs good to hear from you again, your house seems very interesting, I'm sure your going to have a lot more experiences to come. Its good thing that you don't seem frightened of them they don't seem bad, I would have been a bit freaked out seeing the face on the tiles though. Keep us posted, all the best!

Thanks for sharing

zzsgranny (18 stories) (3329 posts) mod
14 years ago (2010-09-21)
Hanbobs: Welcome back!...Well, you certainly have your hands full, don't you?...I understand about thinking the face was your mind matrixing, but even so I don't think I would have finished my shower!...Have you ever seen that again?...

You have lots of cool stuff going on... Thanks for the update, and hopefully you'll be back to update us again...Don't wait so long! 😆...

By the way, I just thought I'd mention, here in America, a lot of people prefer ENGLISH Bulldogs! 😆 😆

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