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Orb Of A Dancing Boy & More


This is my first story so it might not be that good and some of these experiances are with my family but I've had some to.

This first one is with my mom. She saw a glowing orb and took a video of it. The orb went to the top of our bathroom door and took the form of a little boy dancing. Then at the end of the video you can clearly hear like someone say this into her phone "I just shot him" (the TV was on but this had nothing to do with the commercial. The commercial about toothpaste).

Another night she started taking pictures. She looked at them she saw nothing of where she took then from. One of the pictures she took was one is front of my room which has an evil looking name in front of my door. Another one was in our bathroom which has in side and in front of the bathroom a Woman with a white gown, a Shadow Boy with a Guitar, and a Shadow girl with a ponytail watching them. We have got many evps like one repeating my name and a dog growling.

This one has to do with my dad who didn't believe in this stuff until one morning. He said something was holding him down and he couldn't move, or talk. Same thing happened to my grandfather. After a while it stopped but it came back again when my brother and sister moved in when my brother was held down on the couch

I have had a few experiences like feeling I'm being watched. One night me and my parents did an EVP session when I felt something touch my arm. I saw a shadow figure in the kitchen.

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