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A Presence Following Me


I had just moved to Colorado from my parent's house in Pennsylvania, which has several stories of its own. I had always felt threatened and constantly watched in my old house, but the feeling was lifted after I moved away. Yet, it wasn't completely gone...

I could still feel something, like as if something were following me from a distance. Sometimes I would pause after receiving the sensation of being followed, as if "listening" for it or "feeling" for it. During those moments I could feel something eyeing me, and I could sense its energy permeating always from a particular spot as if it was standing there. It's almost the same sensation as if to imagine yourself walking and then hear someone following you, but when you stop they stop too. It was creepy, and around this time I also began to notice the house making odd sounds when I was the only one in the house. I'd hear someone's footsteps walking around, and odd creaks that the house would make like someone moving around.

One night as I laid in my bed the feeling that something was lingering there with me was very strong. It felt like someone eyeing me from a distance but never getting too close, as if afraid to get near me but still eager to do it.

I laid in my bed listening to the night sounds of my house. The walls were very thin I could hear my dad and stepmom snoring in the other room. The hair on the back of my neck stood on end and my ears felt like they were tuning in to every little creak in the hallway outside my room. It sounded as if someone were standing outside my door, because I would hear the floor groaning and adjusting as if they were restlessly waiting there. Then I heard my stepmom wake up and get out of bed, but at the same time I heard soft footsteps quickly retreating away. My stepmom reached the bathroom next to my room and then soon returned to bed. A few minutes later I heard the same soft footsteps rustle across the carpet and stop before my door.

Maybe it's important to note here that only my dad, my stepmom, and I lived in that house at the time. I could hear both my dad and stepmom quietly snoring in the other room, both of them in serene harmony.

But whose footsteps were those outside my door? Who was standing out there? I could feel their presence so heavily as if they were in the very air all around me. And then I did something I've never done before, and probably should never do again.

I spoke out loud, asking that if it was there then it needed to do something to make me believe it was there. I asked it to specifically knock on my door.

I heard some shuffling outside the door, and then all of a sudden the night got eerily quiet. The air seemed to suck into itself and everything became very still.

Three soft knocks, not like those of a human hand, sounded from the middle of my door. They occurred slowly after the first, with brief pauses in between. Then it felt as if my very heart was going to stop, because the presence didn't quit at just that. Very slowly, I heard the metallic squeal of my doorknob being turned.

My fear reached an insurmountable height as I came to the realization that it wasn't just my imagination. My doorknob was actually slowly turning and soon whoever, or whatever, was on the other side of my door was going to be inside my room with me! It was as if I had given it permission to enter into my "bubble" just by acknowledging that it was there and speaking to it. I had definitely received a startling answer. I firmly spoke into the night air of my room, saying, and "Stop! Go away! You're not welcome here." It may have sounded silly to hear me speaking like that to apparently no one, but the doorknob stopped turning and slowly returned.

Relieved, I relaxed in my bed and listened for the thing again. I couldn't hear anything, but the air was still thick with its presence. A few minutes later I felt a soft pressure on my leg, and even felt the blankets fold under the pressure as if something was touching me. I was frightened, but didn't feel threatened. It's hard to explain. I say I didn't feel threatened, but I didn't exactly feel safe or comfortable either. I told it to go away again and soon felt the tension ease in my room as I slowly drifted off to sleep.

It would be nice to say that it ended at just that, but it didn't. Every so often when I got that feeling of being followed or being observed by something, I'd sometimes hear three soft knocks from somewhere around me. The feeling of being followed has never left me. I can usually feel its presence now, but I never allow it so closely into my life as I did a few years ago. I sometimes wonder if it's the same presence I felt that night, or if it's my imagination altogether. I know what happened that night actually happened, but this feeling I often have of something close around me never truly goes away. But I will never risk allowing it into my life again. I prefer whatever it is, if it is still there, to be at a distance. Or not there at all.

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HidingFromTheShadow (4 posts)
12 years ago (2011-01-14)
i have that feeling as well but this feeling is as if this thing is right behind me up against my back I always get this feeling like its touching the right side of my face never my left. How do you deal with it I never feel threatened but I still feel scared.
DCinAZ (guest)
12 years ago (2010-10-18)
(Finally part1) This is career stalking. It's doing this like it's getting paid to. Geez, I could not take it. How do you deal with it? I mean, all these years knowing it's back there, endlessly following? This really creeped me out. And you told it so well that even now I feel like I want to check behind me. I swear, nobody better knock on my door tonite, I don't care how many knocks they use! 😨 😐
lizgo47 (11 posts)
12 years ago (2010-10-17)
Wow. Can you see whatever is following you?
I can't. Sometimes I feel like the person following me wants to be friends.

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