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Incubus Or Imagination? Help


So I just wrote this and my internet cut off before I could post it and I lost it all. Not happy!

So basically I always feel like I'm being watched, it always feels like I'm with someone. Sometimes I'll find myself having a full on conversation with myself as if someones talking to me... Through me, not sure how to word that. Now just to start I'm a 17 year old girl and I am a freak. I have one crazy imagination and I'm very into the 'Bad' side of things. I'm a very artsy, controversial person so if there was anything around me I'm going to go looking for it. It doesn't seem to scare me, kind of feels like a friend or someone I know a lot about. But because of my wild imagination it's hard for me to determine if its actually happening or if its there. Also I'm a very lonely person and spend everyday in my room with the curtains closed and the door shut, usually reading about certain things and dwelling in things you probably shouldn't dwell in.

This all started off slowly. At first I was sure it was just my mind, the feeling like someone's watching me; the things at the corner of my eye and never feeling alone, things keeping me awake. But lately it's gotten very strong to the point where I'm wondering if I've brought something upon myself and it's real.

So I'll sit on my bed and it's like a ton of bricks hit me. I feel completely trapped in, as if somethings wrapped around your soul or something. I'll get very turned on and very hot and my pupils will become huge! And I enjoy it very much. I feel like weight on my back as if someone's wrapped around me and then there's like energy as if you would feel from a hand caressing your you know what. I'll be wide awake and sat up like I am now just on the laptop. But when I go to bed, it gets very real. I'll just be led down whether on my back or my side or in the day or at night, and I'll automatically feel weight on my legs and lower region. Then it will be like pins and needles and it will sort of travel upwards towards my chest. I'll get weighty there, but not for long as if its all on my bottom half and then above me in the upper.

I can move but it's very restricted. This is all when I'm wide awake. My eyes are usually open but I just can't see anything. And so I'll close my eyes, not even dozing off, just closed. Then I'll get very hot and flushed, and I can hear breathing in my ear, like sexual breathing. Then I'll be forced to breathe like that too. And my area will start throbbing. Now I am a virgin so I've never felt 'That' But this is as if a penis is pushing inside of me. It's pretty big too, and I'll be completely weighted on in that area as if something is literally inside me. It will go in and out and my body will start going up and down, like it would. And it gets pretty fast and hard and I'll end up moaning even screaming slightly, it just comes out. My parents are next door! And I'll try really hard to stop but the pleasure is too much. I never orgasm but its like one intense build up. It actually gets irritating because you want to release, you know.

It will last on average about 2 hours, and I'm wide awake! I can't stress that enough. I can feel, as it does it's thing, hitting against my thighs like I can feel them wobble. Also my hands end up above my head and it will feel like there's hands pushing them down, like holding them tightly. A wierd thing though is that after a while it feels like something pours into my area? I don't know whether that's possible, but that's what it feels like, and it will like slam into me as I feel it, it hurts sometimes. And then it will just stop but it will still be on me for a while. What worries me is when I get up I literally can't walk and I'm very sore and very inflamed down there. And I'm like wide open and there a lot of... Stuff in my panties. Yes I'm clothed! I don't even know how that works but I'm wearing pj's. Then when I get back in bed it feels like there's someone lying next to me. I leave space for them automaticlly. And as I lay there I'll feel cuddled and smothered and its really loving and nice. I'll feel kissing like my body and head will be pulled slightly to the side and my lips will start kissing like if I pout it feels like pouting back... Kissing and you'll hear it too.

And Then there's groping and stuff just in the day when I'm relaxed or whatever. One thing I notice is when it gets very intense I'll go into this trance thing where I go all fussy and everything gets blurry and slow and I'll just sort of let it take me. It actually feels really good like I'm escaping. I try and listen for talking, just anything, but I only get breathing. It's definitly male, sometimes a small moan will come out and it's definitly a man's moan.

I mean just writing this there's an extremely heavy feeling around me.

It's like it enjoys being around me, not just like that but on a general basis. I feel this 24-7, like it never leaves me alone and I kind of don't want it to, but it's probably bad to let it.

I don't really know what to do. Is there any obvious signs to determine if its all imagination or if it's real? I mean the bed is moving, I am moving, I can hear the actual action of whatever its doing. Is it really all in my head? I honestly don't know.

But last night it was a litle bit different. I was completly pinned down, I didn't really like it. My throat got really tight and I couldn't stop choking and coughing but sat there. Now the nice energy is back to its loving self. So now I'm worried...

I don't know if it's relevant but I know a lot of murderers. I want to be a criminologist so I know a lot about certain people such as Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer and Andrei Chikatilo. I'm not saying its any of them but if this was real, could it be a ghost of someone? Or can it only be a demon like an incubus?


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rockintheworld (guest)
9 years ago (2012-07-07)
Don't be sad when he leaves you. But I admit, sometimes I wish I had an incubus to pleasure me so. Enjoy him while you can.
ram (25 posts)
10 years ago (2011-12-12)
hello frankie I just need to know whether you enjoy this or not? If not just change your place while sleeping and get your house sprinkled with holy water you wil get to know the change. Hope you are telling the truth?!
venky (1 stories) (48 posts)
10 years ago (2011-07-19)
This is all fake don't give him any suggetions.
Yes him not her try to understand
incubuslover (9 posts)
10 years ago (2011-07-18)
Oh another thing to say, when it hurts, just rest little, and just enjoy it. I'm sometimes hurting to because he is sooo good at sex. Just don;t worry bout nothing. It's all safe. I;ve been doing it for like 10 years. I wish you the best of luck again.
incubuslover (9 posts)
10 years ago (2011-07-18)
Hey, I would still take it. I summoned one and its nice. Just try to enjoy and not be scared or shy. Never show shy, scared emotions. That only makes you even more scared. Show him that you care bout it and he will eventually be a lot easier and nicer. I did that with mine. I wish you the best of luck and remember what I said.
ken (2 posts)
11 years ago (2011-02-28)
sorry to say frankie but maybe yes what you are experiencesing now is an incubus... But maybe it is also part of you imagination try to record some of your experiences next time it well have sex with you... And don't let it do it to you cause I think also it is trying to make you pregnant and beware of that... Go to the priest or pray always... It got to you because your always lonely
Try to be with someone or be with friends... Take care god bless you...
darkcookie (24 posts)
11 years ago (2011-01-16)
Sorry to say miss but you got a incubus you may enjoy it now but a time will come when you need to move on and it doesn't want you to then sudden;y it will stop being so nice.

I think that it may try to make you pregnant. Also I believe it is also unhealthy to have sex with them. You should see a priest/paster or some sort of Religious leader
debbie_cole2000 (1 stories) (3 posts)
11 years ago (2010-11-17)
I think its an incubus type of demon. And it probably petted you up and you allowed it to do so. And now its turning mean. I don't know what exactly let it in your home. But you allowed it to really get in by enjoying it in the beginning. Now it probably has a hold on you. And may be a battle to get it out of your life and home. But for God sake don't allow it to have any type of contact with you. If it begins to attack you " Pray it away in the name of Jesus Christ" Pray hard for it to go away and this is only temporary. It will come back. You need to be cleansed and your home. And put a bible on your bed or headboard and a cross necklace around your neck. And pray to God about it every night. Try to burn the sage or wear a sage necklace. And dab some olive oil all around the corners of your house. I can't say for sure but sounds like a incubus. And you need to get rid of it, and pray to God to forgive you for anything you have allowed it to do to you. Because something like this can drag your soul to hell. Or just eat away your soul leaving you depressed and weak, and you may find yourself withdrawn from your friends and family wanting to be alone and feel alone helpless and very depressed... It feeds off fear and having something to do with it, give it power. To make it stronger. And it will probably begin to hurt you and get worse scaring you and weakening your very soul.don't enjoy something very evil... And you stated you are pretty alone and have dark curtains and do somethings you know you probably shouldn't well I don't know what them things are, but must be unhealthy. And having them dark curtains it sounds like you need the light. And get out from being alone. Its probably something very real not your imagination. Probably stemming from the darkness that was already in your life, and that was enough to let it in. I don't know why you say you enjoyed it, but you must stay strong and refuse it any sex you must not let it have its way with you. This is a dead evil something not a good looking man! Do you really want sex with something from the pits of hell?
Puppeteer13 (131 posts)
11 years ago (2010-10-25)
Well that is quite interesting honestly all around, from the description you gave us this could be an incubus or an abnormaly strong ghost, wich ever of the two it seems dangerous at this point. I recomend a circle of salt around your bed and burning sage throughout the house. Plus a vase of wild roses if at all possible, allthough I have not yet devined the reason, the roses have allways been a helpfull tool in repelling harmfull entities. Sage is a purifying agent that will repel a harmfull spirit or calm calm a benevolent one, and finaly salt has been used as a barrier for centuries in shinto, pagan, and hoodoo practices, These three methods should give you peace and time to think about what you want to do from there. If you would like my help in this matter I invite you to contact me by the email on my profile Good luck and good health.

Your freind,
The Puppeteer
swordsman (22 posts)
11 years ago (2010-10-24)
You know you are actually strangely fortunate by the mere fact that you live in Britain. Your island was once inhabited by quite possibly the most profound people to ever walk the Earth, the Tuatha De Danann. Go to one of their surviving relics such as Stone Henge or Avebury and use it to toast this little friend of yours where it stands.
isabella8 (4 stories) (25 posts)
11 years ago (2010-10-18)
i say... Try talking to it... Try telling it to stop... Obviously if you don't want what's going on... If it responds... Try asking it why it is doing this to you... I think that will be of some help...
take care
Trix (14 stories) (407 posts)
11 years ago (2010-10-17)
Hi FrankieRawrr, Badjuujuu said it all I totally agree. I also would add. Get a life like a normal human being. What is happening in your life now is sick; it's keeping you from being a happy 17 years old. You're throwing away the best part of your life. Chase this evil thing away from you it's going to destroy your reason for living. Every day is a gift makes the most of it otherwise when you're older you going to end up feeling that you wasted your life for nothing. Take care Trix
BadJuuJuu (guest)
11 years ago (2010-10-17)
By your own admission, you are a lonely sort of person who spends a lot of time dwelling on things she shouldn't. Go get a hobby, one that involves interaction with living human beings. Join a book club, or a bowling league, something to get you out with other people. You do not want to spend your time being used as a plaything for a noncorpreal entity. Especially when you admit that you don't enjoy it's presence all the time. You admit it pins you down and hurts you. That isn't something you would tolerate from a human lover, why tolerate it from something you can't even see?
I mean, this thing chokes you! That's abuse. Do you really want to have to deal with that? You're better than that. Never take abuse, from anyone. You don't deserve it. You, like all of us, deserve happiness. You deserve to be respected by anyone you are in a relationship with. Respect and abuse don't go hand-in-hand. This being has shown it doesn't respect you.
You have to decide whether you want to continue this or not. Should you choose to break it off (which I believe would be the wisest course of action) you will have to maintain a strong will. Ignore it completely. Go read, go for a walk, whatever. Just ignore it. When it starts trying to turn you on, try even harder to ignore it. It will be stubborn. You have to be more stubborn. Strengthen your will with the knowledge that you deserve better.
Succubussed (guest)
11 years ago (2010-10-17)
Frankie, much of what you describe sounds very familiar to me. I personally think that you have attracted the attention of what I call a "Sex Being" (for lack of a better term, they are very hard to define, and it's not just about sex, but I think that this is the closest as to what they can be described).

I do not believe that you are imagining this.

I don't see much danger in continuing in a relationship with this Being, except that the longer you engage in contact with him, the stronger the connection will become, and in time the bond that you have with him will prevent you from having any normal relationship with a human male.

Seventeen is pretty young to be making a choice so permanent.

You can read my story by clicking my username.
aussiedaz (18 stories) (1521 posts)
11 years ago (2010-10-17)
Frankie, some of these experiences are trigged by our imagination and some of these experiences in my opinion happen on a spiritual level... We are sexual creatures by nature and none of us should feel ashame of our body and its natural mechanical process of exploring ourselves when we are stimulated by environmental circumstances or sub conscious urges... Sometimes for some people these experiences will happen against the will of there mind and beliefs... Some will tell you they are demons and some will tell you they are not... I believe based on the fact you have stated you are still a virgin and have not yet experienced an orgasm that your experiences are being controlled by your subconscious thoughts and sexual curiosity... The fact that you sometimes feel like you are being choked are not the traits of a real incubus... I don't know your personal circumstance and that's none of my business... But I would suggest if you enter into a loving relationship and experience all the wonderful fruits of that relationship these experiences will cease to happen... Unless your still willing them to which once again your decision... Best wishes.
sinner (guest)
11 years ago (2010-10-14)
Get a St. Benedict Medal and ask your Guardian Angel for help... Good luck -Rebecca
Moongrim (2 stories) (871 posts)
11 years ago (2010-10-14)
About the only way to tell for sure to find out if such is your imagination- is a video camera.

If you train it at your bed before your next 'session', and record the proceedings, all the while attempting to struggle against it a bit more, you should be able to get an idea of whether it's just your imagination, or an actual entity.

Because a camera would be able to see if something actually is pressing itself into your skin. And with the audio recorder turned way up, you'll be able to determine if it's just you breathing.

And of course, taking some samples from your panties afterwards- would give an investigator something to work with. Incubus semen perchance?

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