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In Bed with our 4 Year Old


We lived at 1101 N. Main Street in the very small town town of Leola Ar. Our son had the small room right off of us. At first, small things happened like the stereo turning off, light going off and on and etc. Then one night, our 4 year old son was scared to go to bed. He said that there had been a little girl that had been crawling in bed with him. He said she would crawl in his bed and he would cover her up and the next morning she was always gone. He told us she never told him her name but when we asked him where she lived, he gave us directions to the cemetery.

We kind of passed it off as maybe an imaginary thing until after we moved, one of our cousins' coworker asked him who lived in that house (our cousins lived next door to the house.) He said that it was his cousins and the lady asked him if we had saw the little girl who lived in the attic. She said the little girl would appear to her kids and told them her name was chawka-chawka. She said she never saw the girl, but since my son saw her and her kids saw her then I'm pretty sure that she haunts the house and only appears to small kids.

One of the neighbors said that in the early 1930's, a log truck driver lived there and he had a small son. He said that back then the boys wore dresses too, and that when the dad left to go to work, he thought the boy went back in and he ran his son over and killed him. My husband also drove a log truck, so I don't know if that was a connection thing or what, but the other lady who lived there worked at a saw mill.

There are other things that happened in Leola too. A long time ago, there was a train, but it's gone now, and when I was a teenager I could hear the chugging of the train and the whistle. I've heard other stories too about Leola. It's about 6 miles from Jenkins Ferry, where part of the civil war took place.

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Missmelanie04 (6 stories) (39 posts)
14 years ago (2009-01-17)
I used to have family in Leola but lost touch after my great-grandmother passed away. I believe they were her nieces and nephews, etc.

Cool story, I wonder if there are two children ghosts, one boy and one girl? At least your son was visited by a gentle spirit rather than a terrifying one.

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