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Ghost Hunting At The Manor House


As the team enjoyed the delights of this 3 star hotel prior to the night's paranormal activity commencing, none of us could anticipate what would happen when the spirit world would come out to play later that evening. The Manor House Hotel is truly a quintessential old hall, with a checkered history to say the least, with numerous sightings of figures dressed in clothing from a time long gone, monks are said to haunt the hotel and spectral children are also seen on a regular basis by staff and hotel guests a like.

The team had experienced numerous paranormal events on our previous visit to this location and was so excited to return. After a brief chat with our ghost hunters, we attempted spirit communication in a group vigil in the Knights hall. First time ghost hunter Michael was literally shaking in his boots as we called out for any sign of spirit activity, Michael screamed as he first heard one significant tap and then two louder taps on the table.

After some K2 spikes Shelly exclaimed that she could see the fleeting footwork of some ghostly shadows in the corner of the room, Michael now stated that he would sit in the corner where the shadow movement had now been seen by more ghost hunters. Michael gamely took his seat and sat where the shadows had been seen, after a few minutes Michael screamed again, as he swore something had grabbed his neck, he ran quickly to the group swearing that he would not return to the corner by himself.

As Stuart and Jan walked in the knights room, they heard the noticeable sound of footsteps behind them on the wooden dance floor, as they spun around in unison half expecting someone to be behind them, they realized no one was there they were alone in the room by themselves, and however they tried to recreate the footsteps they couldn't. Were these the footsteps of the lady who haunts the Knights hall, or the spirit of some former Knight, we then attempted a table tipping experiment where eventually tipped so alarmingly that Sarah stood in disbelief as she stared at the table.

We then moved onto the Eden room where the activity was less intense as it had been in the Knights room; however we were stunned when the glass divination experiment brought forward a woman from the other side, who only communicated briefly with our courageous ghost hunters.

As we broke for a drink and a lavish buffet our ghost hunters exchanged their experiences of the night so far, we then moved onto the dining area where we experienced some strange scratching and tapping that we could not account for, or explain, as Rosey always states, "once you can explain the unexplainable then it all becomes boring."

Another vigil in the Eden room reported some aggressive table tipping and in the Knights room another vigil witnessed a burst of light phenomena inside the Knights room, about eight feet away from them, this episode delighted and staggered the group that saw it.

As the night drew to a close we all said our goodbyes to our intrepid ghost hunters and to the spirit world too, we agreed that The Manor House Hotel was abound with paranormal activity and it had been well worth the journey. However our thoughts turned to our next ghost hunting event the following night at Newcastle Keep, and who or what awaited us there.

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thebee (18 posts)
10 years ago (2011-05-23)
Sounds an all round unpredictable night, this is the first time I have seen somewhere so local on ygs, I'm from jarrow next to newcastle, I will have to read more of your stories now, hav yous phoned the night owls with alan robson lol
DeviousAngel (11 stories) (1910 posts)
10 years ago (2011-05-18)
Good story... Although amateur or not, if the guy screams every time he sees or feels something he should probably be dropped from the investigation team. That would not only annoy the crud out of me, but it could potentially scare off anything else there and compromise the investigation.

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