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Ghost Hunting At Bolling Hall


Firstly we must say a massive thank you to both Paul and Dave, the Bolling Hall staff who were so helpful in making the event run so smoothly. Their input and chat at the beginning of the night was first class and ensured a smooth running event.

We must begin in the reputedly most haunted bedroom in England, the panelled bedroom where Rosey was conducting a vigil with a group of ghost hunters, in the darkened quiet of the bedroom, they were just calling out when the heavy door that had been shut suddenly swung open at great speed, an intrepid ghost hunter Simon ran to the doorway to see if another group member had opened it, to Simons

Consternation no one was there and the corridor empty. Simon shut the door firmly and they all sat down again all totally bemused, when a few minutes later the door swung open again to the horror of all of them in the room, Simon again was first one to the doorway and again no one was insight. Simon yet again shut the door firmly and some minutes passed again when the incident happened again, for a third time Simon got to the doorway and no one was there.

This episode had Susan absolutely terrified where she had to go and have a cup of tea and a chat with our lovely paranormal investigator Steven. As Rosey spoke about the incident later it had totally baffled her and Melonie who had witnessed all the three occurrences, Rosey added that she had never seen such power from the spirit world as to open a door so violently.

Glynn, Craig and Karl were amazed when attempting spirit communication through table tapping, when however many times they tapped on the table the same number of taps was repeated on the table by the unseen hands of the spirit world. In another room coughing was heard so audibly in the room that it was as though someone in the room had actually done it, however there was no one in the corner where the noise had emanated from. This was not the only ghostly voice heard, in a number of vigils the sound of a woman moaning was heard clearly by many ghost hunters in the group.

In the cellar Mel our lady medium felt the ghostly hands of a spectral being touch her arm, and also whilst attempting to contact the supernatural; inhabitants of Bolling Hall via the K2 meters, the spirit world responded by spiking the K2s on request for a considerable amount of time to the groups amazement.

There was some fascinating results with the Franks box too, when yet again specific answers were given to specific questions, again the results we gathered with the Franks box gives more and more credence to the white noise theory.

In the blue bedroom Christina saw the mattress on the bed dip, as though someone had just sat on the bed, plus she also mentioned that she may have briefly seen the apparition of a man in the direction of the bed. The sighting of light analomies was also reported, blue lights were said to be seen moving around by Simon and Rowena.

In another vigil the table was seen to be tipping on request to each member of that vigil and also glided across the room on request too. However on a final note both Tania and Nicola turned their phones off at the beginning of the paranormal investigation, and were staggered to find both of their phones had been turned on later in in the event.

As we said our farewells to all our fantastic ghost hunters for joining Simply Ghost Nights, Dave and Paul for their great help, but we also said a thank you to the former earthly occupants of Bolling Hall for their interaction in making the event a success with the paranormal activity they provided.

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otteer (8 stories) (398 posts)
11 years ago (2011-06-28)
Not so surprised you all got so many responses... Boiling Hall is also one of the most investigated places too! They must just be waiting for investigators to show up lol! I would love to hear a complete dialog of communication with a spirit using a Franks Box, with specific questions relating to the spirits world and what they see and know.

Thanks for sharing! ❤

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