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Night Terrors?


These events I'm about to go into happened around 7-8 months ago. I was and still am slightly apprehensive about sharing this, as its of a sexual nature. I was embarrassed and ashamed but having read others experiences on here of a similar nature I'm ready to share and get some advise on how to handle this.

I began having dreams of a sexual nature around this time, about a man I loved. And I know this is quite natural for people to have, so I didn't question it at all. The dreams were so real and the fact I loved this man made me want to keep having them. So this continued for a month or so, and I'm ashamed to say I let this happen.

Then something very odd happened, I was in the middle of having this sexual encounter one time, when I realised the thing I was with was not the man I loved, it was something un-human. The closest thing I can compare it too is a black bull. This angry blacker than night bull had glowing red fierce eyes and were quite menacing. I was so afraid but could not move as this thing was on top of me. I had to fight to get this thing off me, I remember thinking I need to get up, I need to like wake up as if it was a dream. The thing is it wasn't a dream and I knew it, which is what was so frightening. I was saying prayers to try ward it away and push it back to wherever it came from but nothing I said was working.

I have always had faith in God, but at this point I truly felt the absence of God and felt so let down and alone. I was begging God to help me and to see me, but it was as if this creature knew it wasn't working and was mocking me and my faith.

After this happened I looked up on the internet how to ward off demons and by the sounds of it this was some kind of sexual predator. I read certain words and phrases are more effect than just asking God to show himself and help you.

So after reading a few things, the next few times this demon tried to 'seduce' me I repeatedly prayed saying this "I command you to leave in the name of Jesus Christ, our saviour, the lamb of God who sacrifised himself on the cross to remove all sin from the world" (or words to this effect). The first few times I tried this I was disappointed that it didn't appear to be working, as the demon didn't falter.

As this usually happened really early morning, I used to sometimes struggle to find these words and forget the prayer, and have to fall back on just calling out for God. But the more I had to use these prayers and repeat myself over and over I could recall it a lot better and eventually the demon would disappear much faster.

Months have now passed and it hasn't come back. But around the time this demon disappeared, I started having night terrors, which have now escalated to the extent of me waking myself and my household nearly every night screaming and shouting.

I hardly ever remember what these are about, my mum tells me whenever I "sleep talk" and tells me its always of an abusive nature. I used to shout '"idiot", "stupid" and "leave me alone" frequently and now I have started to also swear like saying "f*** off", "shut up". These are always shouts and screams at the top of my voice, I sometimes wake myself up!

Its become quite an embarrassment, as I have to warn and reassure my friends or family if they are sharing a bed with me, that I "sleep talk" and the abuse is not directed at them. They usually laugh it off as a funny quirk of mine, and I tend to joke about it too. My mum however is very worried and has taken me to be blessed by our priest a few times, as well as a priest this summer while I was on holiday. That priest really did freak me out, as he said a few things about me, that nobody could have known. But that is another story!

Nothing has worked however, I'm still screaming and the talking has increased to would be conversations now. My mum has refused to tell me what these conversations consist off, but I am starting to worry that the sleep talking may be linked to this demon that I thought has disappeared.

As I don't remember what these are about it hasn't really affected me in day to day life, but at the same time I would like it to stop, especially if there is something sinister behind all this.

If anyone has any advice on how to approach this I would be very grateful.

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believer008 (4 stories) (7 posts)
11 years ago (2011-09-14)
Hi all! Thanks so much for the comments and feedback really do appreciate it:)

Jacksharn: I haven't had any dreams/encounters with the bull creature for some time and I hope I will not again, but if I did I worry that speaking and asking why it is doing this may be dangerous as communicating with it may be letting it into our world, and encouraging it in someway.

Superconfused: thank-you for your kind words, unfortunately that priest who told me a few things was actually when I was on holiday in America, I haven't got a lot of religious artefacts in my room, I have rosary beads hanging over my bed on the wall but that's about it. And yes I've only ever seen this bull at home in my bed, but I 'sleep talk' and have disturbed sleep wherever I sleep even when I was in America.

Jitow: you are right, I am a believer in God, but I haven't been to church in a long time and have in the past felt abandoned by God so maybe this is why like you say Jesus didn't run to my side as soon as I called for him.

Generalchaos: The man is someone I had a complicated relationship with from a young age until I was about 18, we never done it before but there was a physical element yes (and I know how it sounds but it wasn't pedophilia or anything he was a year older than me) I think on some level he knew I was in love with him, but it was never acknowledged. It was all in the past, but either my mind or something sinister is drawing from this and toying with me.

Well what happened next after I prayed for it to leave, was I felt it got weaker, as in it lost its force on me and I knew it was leaving, I was awake/conscious and it vaporised away into the air. Then I would get up and leave my bed and sleep in my mum's room until it was a decent time to get up. My mum would ask me why I had come to sleep with her, and I didn't want to worry her so I'd say I was too hot in my room etc.

I share beds in the sense, while we were holidaying in america this summer I shared with my cousin who is a girl, and a few times on girly weekends a few of us would sleep in the same room. But I've not regularly shared a bed with men. Also I'm not sure whether it was a bull or a centaur as I only actually saw his head, face and upper body, it wasn't clear to me what the under half of him looked like!

Thanks again for all the advise. I haven't seen this bull for a while now, I hope I never do again, I'm going to record myself over the weekend (when I get a chance to fish out the tape recorder) hopefully It can shed some light on this
generalchaos (2 stories) (141 posts)
11 years ago (2011-09-14)
Hello, I have a few questions about your post.

This man you love and have had dreams about - are you in a relationship with him (married, engaged, dating, etc.)? Does he know you love him?
Now, this is a little sensitive, but - have you had sex with him? (You don't have to answer that question, but just keep it in mind)

Some people say that dreams have meanings, and objects in them can be symbols. I looked it up, and according to a couple of websites, bulls in dreams can symbolize repressed sexuality, fertility, and virility. "To see an untamed, raging bull represents that your passions may be out of control."

Was it a bull, or a centaur? A centaur has the head of a bull and the body of a man. To dream of a centaur is "... Indicates that you are trying to balance your intellectual/mental nature with your physical nature."

You wrote that when you had these dreams of the bull, "I remember thinking I need to get up, I need to like wake up as if it was a dream. The thing is it wasn't a dream and I knew it, which is what was so frightening. I was saying prayers to try ward it away and push it back to wherever it came from but nothing I said was working. "

So what eventually happened? Did you wake up? Did it disappear while you were awake and conscious and you just got on with your morning? Did it retreat through a wall?

You also mention you share your bed with friends and family - is this common for you? This concerns me a little - are any of these people men who might be taking advantage of you while you sleep?

I agree with the other people who said try recording yourself with a voice-activate recorder. That might lend you some insight into what's going on.
superconfused (1 stories) (16 posts)
11 years ago (2011-09-14)
im actually very sympathetic to your problem, I feel as though this bull is a predator and played on your vulnerability throughout your dreams and got in while you were weak, iv heard a lot of ghosts can do this however this seems to be something more malevolent have you tried putting some religious items in your room and also to ask the priest that could tell you some things about yourself ask him to bless your room and house because I feel it is closer to you when you are home or do you experience night terrors in the homes of others? Just keep your faith hun and don't give up because it is preying on your emotional vulnerability
Nysa (4 stories) (685 posts)
11 years ago (2011-09-13)
Don't worry about sounding crazy with a counselor, they have heard worse & they can only help you if you are completely honest.

Ok reading what I just wrote it sounds like I think you are mental, I do NOT. I think it is either an emotional issue or an actual "something" messing with you.
Jitow (362 posts)
11 years ago (2011-09-13)
Believer, you were on the right track to start with and God will, by His own will help anyone out if He so desires. Calling out the name of Jesus is by far the most effective means of stopping any unwanted attack, but, and this is the but, Jesus may not have been in a real hurry since it sounds like your mind may have been tied up on lusting after this man until it entered your dreams. Why did calling on the name of Jesus not work. You grew up knowing of Jesus and if you knew of Jesus, you also knew that in order to be a believer you are to surrender your will to His will and follow Him. He is not a fire extenguisher that hangs on the wall for you to only use in an emergency, He does not work like that. One of the awesome advantages of surrendering your will to Christ is that His will becomes yours and His dominion over evil spirit also becomes a part of you as well. The mere mention of His name in Faith will send deons packing quickly. But, if the demon has been around you for a while watching you and they know who believers are and they know that you are not, then they know that you have not received dominion over them. On the other hand, if someone has never heard the Gospel but has heard of calling on Jesus in this situation, He may deliver them in a flash because He wants them to understand who He is. If you knew who He was and rejected Him, the first thing He wants from you is for you to ask Him for forgiveness and surrender your will to His and you will realize the power of Christ in you.
Indigo (263 posts)
11 years ago (2011-09-13)
A psychologist and a neurosurgeon...impressive. What country do you practice in?
Jacksharn (1 stories) (2 posts)
11 years ago (2011-09-13)
well you are having a very serious issue, I am a psycologist and neuro surgeon, I shall believe you that you are having such a demonic activities stepping on your mind and yes it might let you feel weak, you should record your voice while sleeping and whenever you see that Bull again try to ask him why he is doing all this with you and what is his purpose for all that. On a very nasty way might but for sure he will answer you and that would be your key to unlock this puzzle.
believer008 (4 stories) (7 posts)
11 years ago (2011-09-13)
Hi all thanks for the comments and advise!

To answer Nysa, yeah I did feel guilty of having these dreams even before it became sinister, and my mum has told me to seek counselling for the sleep talking and I'm thinking it may be a good idea, maybe all this isn't related to anything supernatural at all. I'm a bit apprehensive about mentioning the whole bull demon story to the counselor I don't want to sound crazy: (

And Javelina, yeah a recorder may be helpful, I've got an old school one somewhere. I've been putting off trying to find it, tbh I'm a bit scared as to what I may find. But I should just bite the bullet and try recording myself sleep talk.

Stephyw2001, no problem not offended at all! When I first started having these sexual dreams about the guy they were actual dreams, that I would wake up from, they were realistic and I could feel it. After I'd be like half awake and I wanted to still have these dreams, so even then they were realistic and felt as if was real, I thought of them as dreams even though they probably weren't. Maybe they were lucid dreams? But the time when I realized it wasn't the guy and was this bull. I was like O sh*t! And I didn't want to be intimate with it. So no I didn't enjoy it, it was like I was trying to close it off from me. This time and others that followed were not that dream like feeling they were a semi conscious feeling, and I was like willing myself to just get up, and that's when I would be saying the prayers over and over to get rid of the thing.

The bull made me feel weak, as if it was stronger than me, and I felt like it was heartless and was mocking my struggle.

Thanks again for all the advise!:)
Moongrim (2 stories) (871 posts)
11 years ago (2011-09-13)
There are a number of options:
Cold Iron; Cold iron is a poetic and archaic term for iron, referring to the fact that it feels cold to the touch. In modern usage the term has been most associated with folkloric beliefs that iron could ward off ghosts, fairies, witches, and/or other malevolent supernatural creatures.


The ringing of bells is supposed to repel devils and demons, and we ring church bells, hand bells at the consecration of the Mass, etc.
stephyw2001 (guest)
11 years ago (2011-09-13)
I'm just a little confused, please bear with me. You said that during your encounter you realized it wasn't the man you loved but a black bull. Did you ever see anything before? Like, did you actually see your man before, but this time it was a bull? Or was the bull the only thing you ever actually saw?

Next question. I'm open and blunt so I don't mean to offend. But was the bull good? I mean, was the encounter much like the previous ones you've experienced or different? I'm only asking because if the bull was just as good as your man, perhaps your mind imagined him as a bull because... Well... OLAY! (Well hung).

I'm not trying to make anyone angry, I'm being serious. I guess, what was the feeling the bull gave you? Evil, scary, mean, rough, or were you just shocked to see it? How vivid of an imagination do you have? (Not saying it was imagination, but a vivid imagination could help you suddenly see an image without having really thought of it before).

Plus, talking in your sleep is normal. My boyfriend is a real jerk if you wake him up suddenly. He says all kinds of stufff that he never remembers. I'm not going to expel his inner demons for this. Some people are just grouchy when they sleep. I wouldn't take that to heart. Maybe you're just a really nice person, and you're supressing all the "A-HOLE!" comments that you want to yell in person, so in your sleep you get them all out so you stay sane?
DragonStorm80 (1 stories) (440 posts)
11 years ago (2011-09-13)
Javelina has given you some great advice here to record your "sleep talking" so you can listen to and try to figure out the root of this problem, if there is indeed a supernatural one.

Please keep us posted
Javelina (4 stories) (3749 posts)
11 years ago (2011-09-13)
My first suggestion for your sleep talking (and not knowing what you've said while doing it) is for you to record yourself while you sleep. With a digital recorder you can set it to be "voice activated". That way you don't have hours of silence to fast forward through when you play it back.

Nysa (4 stories) (685 posts)
11 years ago (2011-09-13)
I forgot to add, "night terrors," is a psychological term that refers to what is widely considered a sleep disorder. They happen when a person is in between sleep cycles. The person reacts forcibly to a perceived threat without walking up. Generally the person cannot describe what they were afraid of because they are not having a nightmare but are also not awake. If pressed people, mostly children as adults either don't have them often or don't report them, can only say that "something was after me," or a "monster was attacking me." Since you remember specific details the psychological term wouldn't seem to apply. But you are feeling terror at night so in a general sense it is a good description.
Nysa (4 stories) (685 posts)
11 years ago (2011-09-13)
It sounds like you felt guilt about these dreams from the beginning, even when you thought they were about someone you care about. I think you are being attacked by your own guilt, literally. However, whatever the cause it is clearly a spiritual issue for you. Since you ask for advice, mine is that you find a religious leader you trust who is willing to counsel you through this until it is solved. Not just going to get blessed but to get help. Someone to give you hands on advice and spiritual/psychological counseling to help you deal with your guilt and other feelings, even after they have helped you stop the attacks. I want to stress that anyone in this situation should choose someone they know to be trustworthy, not just someone saying what you want or expect to hear & who is trained to deal with the emotional components of such experiences.

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