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It Didn't Leave Me Alone


The breathing still keeps going even after I gave away the cards. In my last story I haven't told the full story.

Way before I started hearing the breathing and train noises I heard other unusual sounds. I don't remember when it started but I used to hear sounds like a hamster was sipping in its cage or if a small animal was drinking water with the drinker that has a small metal ball. I always ignored this thinking that it could just be one of my old pets that have been dead for a long time. But then one day I heard the noises of scratching like there was a rat in my room but it was impossible because the noises were so fast at one point it sounded like it was chewing and scratching the wall beside me but above me and the sound was going further away from me to the left then fast it started scratching on my right. My English is bad but it couldn't have been a rat since it was too fast and the next day I didn't see any evidence of a rat. And we have a cat, she always catches moths so she would start looking for the rat but she didn't so I just ignored it thinking that it was the old wallpaper.

Speaking about my cat she has been acting weird she runs really fast out of my room then back in it like she was chasing something and she does that in all the rooms. Then she jumped on the window and starts walking back and forth with her tail all puffy and a big line of hair across her body and she is always looking into my room.

Now back to the reason why I am writing this story. I have burnt a holy candle in my room because I thought that it would stop the breathing. Well it didn't.

A week or 2 ago I heard the breathing again at first it was calm and slow so I just ignored it and rolled over to my other side and while rolling over I kept my eyes shut but while rolling my eye opened a little and I saw a white light then suddenly the breathing got faster and in my left ear I heard something that sounded like the "tisk tisk" sound then I started hearing this loud sound that sounded like a train but more like a loud rumbling sound near my ear also while hearing the fast breathing. So I had enough I waited for it to stop I demanded it to stop but it didn't listen.

The next day I found the batteries to my photo camera and I charged them then that night I started to take pictures but I could only take a few pictures and when I taking a photo when the flash went off I saw this black figure float near the ceiling but not where I was taking the picture it just happened that I looked at that place when the flash went off and I saw it. When I turned my camera to where the figure was my camera ran out of batteries.

I kept taking pictures at night but never caught anything.

So a few days ago I heard the breathing again so while hearing the breathing I took my camera that I had on my desk near the couch where I sleep and I took a few pictures and one near my head, I didn't catch anything on photo but the breathing stopped so I think that I scared it with the flash or it didn't want me to see it.

So the cards are no longer in my apartment but the activity didn't stop in fact it started happening more often.

While the cards were here I kept seeing orbs or well light balls near me then disappearing when my eyes focused on them and once when I was sitting near my pc I saw a black ball on my right it looked like the top of someone head and when my eyes focused on it went away like someone took a step behind me. I don't know why but I am not afraid of any of this even of the breathing. I do not want to give it the satisfaction of making me afraid I want it to know that I will not let anyone scare me.

I don't know what to do since it won't go away. I have a feeling that it's a man.

Also one morning I woke up and I found a black hair in my mouth it was straight and dark black I lost the hair now since it fell on the floor.

I need advice.

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latty (10 posts)
11 years ago (2012-01-14)
Basically praying right before you sleep and reading your bible will work, I promise, even if you don't go to the church. I was an atheist but found God because of similar problems.
And how about having someone help you do a cleansing like smudging with sage?
Indigo (263 posts)
11 years ago (2011-10-24)'s my take on this.

I lived in a home about a quarter century ago...yeah. I'm THAT old lol... And this house had been many things over the past century and a half. This place started out as the town stables, turned into a funeral home, a church next, private residence, back to a funeral home, church again, then my home. It had slave tunnels and was right on main street in vevay, Indiana. I heard breathing constantly, which was the least of the things that went on there. I always felt a sense of dread and doom while I lived there, but nothing bad happened until I moved out.
The thing that shared my space there certainly was annoying, to say the least, but when I ignored it, it lessened it's avtivities.

You might try using rooks cleansing methods. If that doesn't work, which I'm sure it will, we can explain to you how to burn salt or other methods.

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