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After my parents long and bitter divorce my mother lost custody of me for child abuse and neglect. The court awarded full custody of me to my father. After the dust settled on the divorce decree, my dad bought this old house in a small town in Southwestern IA population approximately 323. I'm convinced that this town was on a map simply because Burlington Northern ran through it and had a train stop there, but who knows.

A couple of years after we moved there, my older siblings were all gone from the nest and out on their own. I was only 14 so I was there alone with my dad and four dogs; one very large burly German shepherd/timber wolf mix named Sarge, some long haired mutt my dad adored named Raggamuffin, a beagle, Mr. Jasper and my puppy, a small tan colored mutt, named Snuffles. My dad worked really hard on a graveyard shift in the big city 48 miles away so I was left to my own devices basically until I turned 18. I explain this situation so you can get a feel for how frightening some of this stuff was when I was home by myself all the time at night. Basically I saw my dad on weekends - during the week our paths didn't really cross because he was gone by the time I got home from school and he was asleep by the time I left in the morning to go back to school.

Anyway - it was what it was.

I didn't really care for the house my dad bought, he was thrilled to be putting down roots somewhere and not paying rent to someone. And it was his 'handy-man's dream" because this place needed a lot of work; work which never really got done in the end because it burned to the ground 6 or 7 years after I left home and he had to put a manufactured home there in its spot. But this house was probably easily over 100 years old to start out with. It was originally only 4 rooms and whoever had it before us added on two additional rooms and an upstairs; however, they neglected to put in any duct work so these add- on rooms were not heated. I mention this because the room I stayed in required a little portable space heater to keep the area half-way warm in the dead of winter.

Like any other dumb/bored (insert whatever adjective you can relate to) teenager who thinks it's cool or exotic to mess with an OUIJA board, I was no exception. It was the first thing I bought with my babysitting money and even though I'd been warned by one person not to use it by myself I ignored the advice and went ahead and used it by myself anyway. A MENSA candidate I have never been. I was merely fascinated when the pointer thing moved around the board by itself sometimes - there were instances when I wasn't even touching it and the thing went ahead and continued spelling stuff out to me. A few of my friends didn't believe this, they said it shouldn't even work that way - using it by yourself they said 'you have to have at least 2 people!' Well - hogwash -it's possible, and I know it, to use one by your lonesome if you're crazy enough to try it.

I started talking to a spirit, supposedly of a young man; he said he was 23 when he died. He claimed he'd been killed in a duel over a woman in the 1800's and he went on to describe all the blood that stained the snow around his body after he'd been stabbed to death. It was really a fascinating story to a 14 year old. It had drama and intrigue it was my own esoteric soap opera - I was always tuning in for the latest installment! He told me his name which I won't mention here -since I believe now it wasn't ever a human's name. But I started to feel like I had made a new, albeit unseen, "friend".

Well it went along without any weirdness for awhile, but eventually the messages he was giving me got a little flirtatious he suggested I come be with him (which apparently didn't 'dawn' on me at 14 that I'd have to kill myself in order for that to occur); after awhile however, the messages became downright p0rnographic and I really didn't want to continue. I thought this had gotten out of hand and I didn't want any more to do with it. So I put the board away deep in the closet and tried to forget about it.

It was embarrassing, this whole experience, because some people claimed your own psyche moved the pointer around and that it was really stuff in your own mind that came out in the board messages. I didn't want anyone thinking I was some pervert sending myself twisted sexual messages from my imaginary boyfriend.

The first strange occurrence after the board was retired happened when I had blown out a candle in my room before going to sleep for the night. A couple hours later I woke up to a rather loud WHOOSH sound; the sound you hear when you pour an accelerant on something then throw a match on it. That's what it sounded like - before I could roll over to see what was going on, the glass candle holder shattered and went all over the floor. I figured I must not have blown the thing out as well as I thought I had -so I swept up the mess and went back to bed.

Not long after that incident something happened with the temperature in my bedroom. It was winter time and normally I'd have my little space heater turned on and the room would get warm enough for me to be reasonably comfortable but it seemed that I didn't need my space heater much. In fact, it got so warm in my room I actually unplugged the thing and put it in my closet. Gradually, it became so warm in my room that I had difficulty staying awake in there. I'd go in to read a book or write a letter and I'd be conked out in a matter of 15 or 20 minutes. It was annoying that this was happening to me, but it's not like I was really missing out on much I thought (reference population of town above).

Well one weekend, after the light bulb burned out in the overhead socket of my room my dad had to come in with a step ladder to change it out for me. While he was working on unscrewing the light fixture and changing the bulb, he had developed sweat beads on his face and forehead -he finally said "My God can you turn that damn heater DOWN I'm broiling in here!" I told my dad I couldn't do that because it wasn't on - I showed him that it was in the closet and not plugged in. He looked puzzled and said "Well I must have the oil stove on too high I'll turn it down". But when he left my room, he noticed the temperature in the living room was perfect. He told me just to leave my door open after that and maybe some of the heat would dissipate that way.

Some days later, after I came back to my bedroom from using the bathroom, I noticed that there was actually a wall of heat that didn't gradually melt into the living room from my doorway-but it was a reality that I could stand with half my body in the area right before my doorway and it would be hot and the other half of my body in the living room - would be fine. I thought that was really weird! But even then - I just denied that anything was wrong-I ignored it.

The next thing that developed wasn't as easy to shrug off because day by day it grew more alarming; and that was how the dogs now reacted to my bedroom. Previously, I had trouble keeping them OUT of my room -they were almost annoying with their constant jumping on my bed to get petted or wanting to sleep on the rug next to my bed and now - they came no where near my bedroom door. In fact, they stood out in the living room 5 to 6 feet away and just whined, shook, growled and paced back and forth in agitation - staring at my room. This was especially disconcerting because the giant Sarge, who never showed any fear of anything and now to see him avoiding my room like the plague was downright spooky. This dog had previously been my greatest protector - he followed me wherever I went and I never had to worry about anyone grabbing me he would have taken them down or died trying.

The culmination of this came to head when I went to bed one night, door open so maybe the cooler air of the living room would get into my overly warm room and I was woke up to the sound of something banging on the front door. I mean it was LOUD - it shook the glass in the door and I thought for sure it would break and my dad would be upset when he got home in the morning. I jumped up and ran out to the dining room where the front door was located and turned on the porch light - looked out the window and there was nothing there! I didn't even see foot prints in the snow around the front yard or on the porch or anything to indicate someone was outside. I looked out the side windows - nothing and no cars on the street or in the driveway. I decided that I must have been dreaming and I woke myself up from it somehow. I went back to bed.

Before I could drift off to sleep, another 3 loud bangs on the door that led out to the side patio from the living room jolted me upright. I got up again - turned the light on for that area and once again - nothing. No footprints, no people - no nothing. I was now officially scared, and I was literally all alone because the dogs were in the enclosed back porch sound asleep! I thought maybe I was going nuts or maybe that crazy friend of mine from up the street who liked to play practical jokes on everyone had snuck out of his house and came down to torment me. I'm sure that's something he would have found hilarious -but with no sign of him or his red hair or any footprints it was hard to blame this on him.

I went back to bed feeling extremely uneasy and I wasn't there long before another 3 loud bangs happened on my bedroom door -WHAM! WHAM! WHAM! There was nothing but darkness. Since this came closer and closer it occurred to me there wasn't anything left to bang on between me and that door so I was probably next. I grabbed a bible that was on a shelf over my bed and held it to my chest. I begged God to make it stop and make it go away; I was horrified by this time. I knew He must have heard me because not long after I yelled for help, the temperature in my room started to fall, and without my space heater going it got super cold like it would have been. I got up, turned the lights on in the living room and counted my blessings.

I think Parker brothers should just stop manufacturing those hideous things; they're not toys and no one should be using them for anything. The board ended up in the hands of a youth pastor shortly after this, who claimed to have known the proper way of disposing of it. I wasn't present for its binding or destruction or whatever he did with it. The early evening following the good riddance of that board, a neighbor lady who was also one of my 4-H leaders, stopped me as I was walking up the sidewalk to my house. She said she thought she saw my dog get hit by a car on the outskirts of town. I told her I didn't think so because it was an inside dog and my dad always let him back in before he left for work -I took him out again when I got home. She said Amy, I really think this was your dog please come with me. I knew this lady was really sweet and good-natured, so I didn't want to just blindly dismiss her idea and blow her off. I got in her car and rode with her to the edge of town; the edge where the cemetery was. Sure enough, a small tan heap of what used to be my dog was lying on the side of the road. I jumped out of her car and went to pick up my pup and I felt sick to my stomach he was limp in my hands and the light in his eyes was gone. I started crying and fell on my knees by the side of the road there. In my head I heard loud cackling laughter, my heart froze; and some genderless voice spat out "this is just the beginning B*tch!"

I will always believe that this was retaliation for the destruction of that OUIJA board and my rejection of the spirit I once entertained so many times. I can't prove that because I know that laughter and that voice was in my head, Mrs. "M" was standing there (probably feeling helpless) and if it was something that was audible I'm sure she would have been hysterical herself. I'm going to end my story here because I don't want to get into what happened in my life after that. I'll tell you that I had more issues and more problems until I fully surrendered to God and the Lord Jesus Christ. It took another 14 years before that happened.

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angelsunwell (3 posts)
11 years ago (2012-09-27)
This is sad, I once told my ex mother in law that if anyone, I don't care who, ever bought my kids a Ouija board I'd take it outta my house and smash it, I got the feeling she had intended to get them one cause she said "why, it's just a game " I told her NO in not uncertain terms! And if I could add to some comments, how can some believe there is evil but not good? Trusting in God is important, God bless you.
luckydenvermint (1 stories) (4 posts)
12 years ago (2011-10-25)
Wardo: People said the same thing about me. Acultofpersonality has an amazing writing technique, and that can be misconceived as a story... Rather than fact.
I do respect your opinion on this matter because you seem to be an intelligent person who bases opinions on more than just a thought, though I don't really read this as "preachy" I read is as though the writer is saying "This is what I went through, and this is what worked for me."

AcultofPersonality: I am with you full force on this one, Ouija boards are not friendly, not helpful and certainly should not be used by teenagers in the heart of their teen angst. I can vouch for this one, and I really wish they would stop making those awful boards.
I am really sorry about your dog, though I can't help but think that the woman who came to tell you was the one who hit the dog herself. Racked with guilt, she came to you first... But, it is still nice to have a final resting place for your dog rather than never knowing what happened, or worse ever finding him.

You are a good writer, I feel like I am in the moment with you... And that is what gives it an authentic take. Thank you for your story!
DARKNESS (3 stories) (2022 posts)
12 years ago (2011-10-24)
Wardo, I do agree partially with what you have said although I have been on this site for over 3 years now, and situations like this have consistenly been and will always be on here.
When you mention bashing, that is a strong word for trying to tell certain individuals to stay within Your Ghost Stories sites rules and guidelines, and then of course there are the trolls "sigh"!
Please don't get me wrong Wardo this is not a personal attack on you yourself, because I do respect what you have to say and you have been very helpfull to people who have needed it in the past, I just want you to look at it from a differant perspective.😊

Wardo (8 stories) (171 posts)
12 years ago (2011-10-24)
Well, I might now have 3000 posts, but I've been reading this site for a very long time. I can guarantee that it has been longer than most of those top posters. I am usually a silent reader, but once in awhile I will share a meaningful post, or at least I try to make it meaningful. I just am sort of on the fence with this one myself.

I want to believe your story so badly, because you seem like a sound minded individual and I don't think you mean any malice by your posting. There are a lot of details within your story that make it sound manufactured, but I'm not certain if that is just your style of writing, or if nothing like this ever really happened. Please note that I am not discrediting your story at all. I'm very sorry that you had such a terrifying ordeal and I'm very sorry for the loss of your pet.

One thing is certain about curating on this site, you're going to get a lot of different opinions and feedback based on your beliefs, your story's credibility, and your reputation on this site.

We are all here to help people and sometimes even just say, "I know how you feel." But when it comes to controversial things, things that seem so far out of reach, I'm just warning that it is difficult to decipher what is real and what is not sometimes. I think we are just used to so much fraudery here. I myself have been accused of embellishing a story that was terrifying and real, and one time my story was rejected until I reworded it and made it seem real to someone somehow. It's really part of the reason that I've stopped interacting so much here lately. It's the same group of people either bashing or helping someone out. It's really gotten thick in here you guys...
Moongrim (2 stories) (871 posts)
12 years ago (2011-10-22)
The last sentence says it all. Everything prior to it is just fluff, created by a story teller, for the sole purpose of preaching.

Grow up.
Javelina (4 stories) (3749 posts)
12 years ago (2011-10-22)
[at] Acultofpersonality,
Despite what has been mentioned previously, there are a couple of things that bother me. These have nothing to do with religion or demons. My first problem is exactly what redphx mentioned. If this was the leader of your, or anyone elses, 4-H club/group, I just don't see her leaving the dog on the side of the road. Especially if she was reasonably sure she knew the owner of said dog. Taking you to the edge of town before you bothering to check at home for your dog? That makes no sense. This is probably the biggest red flag for me (and I certainly do not understand why red was voted down for that comment) in the entire story. However, you chose to place this beloved pets death next to a cemetery, that's just a bit too close to playing 'dress-up' for me, I guess. The next red flag was the voice that only you could hear. I don't subscribe to that theory at all, as evidenced by so many of the ghost hunting type programs these days, when there is a voice to be heard, it's heard by all those in the vicinity, not just one person hearing a "loud" voice.
It does sound as if you are slowly working your way up to a "message" type story at some point, and it may already be in line for posting on this site, if I understand your comment earlier. That's really too bad, because you have a very engaging writing style. You are self effacing and come off as honest. And if it weren't for the obvious build up to a message, I (would love to read more of your experiences. But this one has soured me to that now, sorry.

Jav 🤔
lynrinth (guest)
12 years ago (2011-10-22)
Just wanted to say loved your story-excellent writing! Very intriguing. You really kept my attention. How scary to go through something like that. I'm gald life is better for you now. As horrible it was to go through, I think you can definitely help people who had, or are, went through the same thing, and need help just recovering from something like this! Just knowing someone else can relate to a similiar situation, can really do more for a person's well-being more than you know. Everyone thinks to a point they are alone, if they are lucky enough to run across someone who may be able to help, even just to listen, there may yet be a light at the end of the dark, dark tunnel. Take care.
rebskp (15 posts)
12 years ago (2011-10-22)
Hey there,

I read your story and as a dog lover I found it very sad what had happened to your dog and me being agnostic found no preaching involoved in it.

I'm just going to throw out a "crack pot" theory as many posters refer to it as. What if this spirt was just influencing your dog to go outside even if it was a inside dog? That sounds way out of the ballpark but who knows spirts could possibly speak to animals to? Lol.

And about the Ouija board, from what I have learned on this site you should have learned how to "close" the door before messing with a Ouija Board. It could have helped you get rid of this thing sooner.

Great read please do continue posting.

zzsgranny (18 stories) (3329 posts) mod
12 years ago (2011-10-22)
Just for the record: I, in no way, was offended by the last statement; and no, that particular statement wasn't "preachy"...But, having been a member of this site for a while, I can see the POTENTIAL for this series to become a means for the author to attempt proselytizing... The author has stated that this is not their intention...
byoeself (3 posts)
12 years ago (2011-10-21)
Wow, you should have know that something was going to happen, especially if you were by yourself. I would think that it would be easier for a spirt to wreak havok on you if you were by yourself most of the time. We don't know why these thing happen, but they do. I think that some people are more prone to be bothered by spirits. All in all, it's a creepy story and hope the best for you. 😉
Nysa (4 stories) (685 posts)
12 years ago (2011-10-21)
For me it was the formula that your story fit into that waved big red flags. Everywhere it is possible to post paranormal experiences you see these "morality tales" & they always follow the same pattern - I (or someone I knew) did this forbidden or occult activity, suffered & was saved by (insert religious figure). They then make it clear that their motive in sharing the incident was to convince people that the forbidden activity is evil & everybody must become a follower of the named religious figure or they will be in danger. Your story followed closely that formula so, jaded as I am, I assumed this was another one. I apologize. Your post was misjudged it seems, by the preceding posts of those with less honorable intentions. I don't think we can keep our religious beliefs out of such discussions entirely. For many they are the source of our assumptions about the afterlife. The most respected around here have voiced religious or spiritual beliefs, but have been careful to word them as beliefs, not facts.
DeviousAngel (11 stories) (1910 posts)
12 years ago (2011-10-21)
Acultofpersonality, I did want to add that I am sorry for the loss of your dog, regardless of how it came about. It is a really difficult thing to lose a pet because they are so like family to us.

Try to understand, I do not think that granny was trying to be offensive by what she said, but we do have a large number of very preachy individuals on this site so it is something of a sensitive topic. There are people from all kinds of different belief systems. Sometimes emphasizing your beliefs makes it feel like you are trying to push them on others. If that is not the case, well, then no hard feelings.

I just am not in a hurry to jump on the demon train with this one. Whereas I really do not like the whole ouija board thing, and I agree that this was probably a very bad or negative spirit, I would not eliminate a human spirit as a possibility. I do not think your dog being hit by a car had anything to do with your circumstance, though the spirit might have cashed in on the coincidence to terrorize you at a bad time. If you think about it, people are every bit as capable of being cruel, ignorant and evil as nonhuman spirits. It is really hard to distinguish one from the other but I just do not get that feeling here... I think you summoned up a creeper, to be sure, but there are too many missing symptoms for me to settle on 'demonic'.

However, you are entitled to your opinions/beliefs...just sharing mine.
spectae (1 stories) (41 posts)
12 years ago (2011-10-21)
Hi Acultofpersonality,

Thanks for the update and I hope you may wish add more accounts.

I hope you have a good day there.

:) ❤
Acultofpersonality (5 stories) (4 posts)
12 years ago (2011-10-21)
I have to get ready to head into the office here but I wanted to answer a couple of questions, I hope I'm not ignoring something -just pressed for time.
To address whether the messages were spelled out entirely or I was hearing them in my head/dreaming them -they were clearly spelled out on the board. I would periodically stop to record in a notebook what was spelled out to me before I lost any messages.
About my dog; you know, that was really hard on me. I felt as though spiritually I had the wind knocked out of me if that makes any sense? It was a super low blow - Snuffles was just an innocent creature I'm sure minding his own business. He was taken to send that message to me; I'm going to assume it was meant to discourage, terrify or inhibit me in some way or all three.
To address why he was still warm when I got to him: it was a recent hit. I didn't want to say this because I have no proof and I don't mean to accuse this lady of anything I have no right; but I think my 4-H leader accidentally hit him and in her guilt, came to get me but probably didn't have the heart to tell me she did it after she saw how crushing that was. I know it wasn't an intentional human action, I believe it was something done by this entity.
I say I eventually didn't believe he was a 'ghost' any longer because of the twisted sexual stuff 'it' spelled out on the board to me. I felt that was outside the realm of what I could swallow as ghostly interaction and went somewhere that seemed to be more malevolent. After the events that transpired when I rejected using that board any longer; I went ahead and felt confident no mere ghost did all that. I'm no expert obviously so I'm just going by what seemed rational to me at the time during an irrational bout of paranormal events. Thanks to all of you for reading my stories. I do have a lot of them some before I had a relationship with God and some when I did not so that's why I have mentioned Him in some and not others. Different time periods in my life. Take care-
BeautInside (3 stories) (326 posts)
12 years ago (2011-10-21)
That's a good story, but I am very sorry that you had to go through that ordeal. Trully hope that everything worked for you and that everything is all right now.

God bless ❤
spectae (1 stories) (41 posts)
12 years ago (2011-10-21)
Hi Acultofpersonality,

What is interesting story, and you write most engagingly. Excellent skills there. It was a pleasure to read.

As to your account, I think you found the right path in the end. Prayer works, I use it all the time, just to make it through the day.

Perhaps existence is like a tonal scale from pure light to greys to pure darkness... I do my best to remain as far within the protective light as possible.

Things like that board, obviously are not in the light, but seem to be at best in the grey.

You sound to be on the right path now, and I hope you are always there, to be safe, and see home one day.

Thank you for sharing.

PeAce and ❤
believer21 (3 stories) (56 posts)
12 years ago (2011-10-21)
I didn't feel preached to either, don't leave you've had some rather intense experences.
I think granny is just throwing it out there (I can't think of the proper word, so this will have to do lol) due to a recent troll whom created quite a problem.
My mom always warned me about the boards and I'm glad I listned.
One question, when you say he went on to tell you this story, do you mean via spelling it out or was it more through dreams or just "in your head"?
Taffdy (2 posts)
12 years ago (2011-10-21)
I Found This Story Sad But very interesting can't wait to read more of these cool ghost stories the reason I said because of your dog interesting because of these amazing wacko ghost emotions 😨 ❤ 😆
Oerath (30 posts)
12 years ago (2011-10-20)
Also, I didn't realize it but I've read your other two stories and found them very interesting, so I really want to encourage you to please stay with us! 😉
Oerath (30 posts)
12 years ago (2011-10-20)
As someone who doesn't particularly like being preached to, I wanted to let you know that I didn't feel like that was what you are doing, so don't fret too much! 😊

Now, on to Ouija Boards and your experiences. First I want to say that there is really nothing inherently occult about Ouija Boards, it is the act of attempted communication paired with a an easily accessible symbolic gateway that makes them so troublesome. Though really that is neither here nor there, it probably would be best if they were discontinued.

You say you do not believe the entity you communicated with was really a ghost, and I am interested to hear more specifics about why you came to that belief. Many believe that all malevolent entities are Demons, and that is not always the case (though the distinction can often be difficult to make). Your experience certainly bears some of the hallmarks of a Demonic interaction, but without hearing somewhat more it is hard to say.

In the end Faith is a very important and powerful force, and as long as you are respectful of others' I'm sure we would love to hear more of your experiences. So please continue to post! Thanks for being brave enough to share!

Oh, and sorry to hear about the dog, that's heartbreaking. 😭
ScorpioGirl (1 stories) (7 posts)
12 years ago (2011-10-20)
Acultofpersonality - I found your story to be really good, I'm glad your no longer bothered by this particular demon or whatever it was.

Just IMO - I am not in any way a religious person and I took no offense to your last statement. Nor, did I feel that you were trying to convert me what I have learn't on this site is that everyone reads things differently and I can see how someone might have taken your last statement as an attempt to convert people by offering them the chance that their problems will stop if they submit to God...I'm sure that wasn't you intention though!:)
cupcake11679 (1 posts)
12 years ago (2011-10-20)
I love your story! Very interestinq, && freaky too'! Haha. Published more!
cookieskid (4 posts)
12 years ago (2011-10-20)
I read this story and found it most interesting, though I am sorry for your loss and all of the things you had to go through. I did not at all feel that you were trying to convert anyone, just merely telling your story. I wish the best for you and I am sure your story will be a help to others.
redphx (4 stories) (827 posts)
12 years ago (2011-10-20)
one question. How long was your dog dead before you got to it?

Why didn't the lady jump out and help your dog after it got hit? If that lady was 4H then she wouldn't have a problem with this.

I have some speculations about the death of this dog. How long did it take you to drive over to it? It shouldn't have been limp in your hands. That dog should have been stiff by that time.

Your account is very believable. It's just some minor details that people who don't actually experience things first hand don't know they did wrong. Like the state of a dog being hit by a car. So yeah
zzsgranny (18 stories) (3329 posts) mod
12 years ago (2011-10-20)
Acultofpersonality: There's really no problem in submitting a story about your own personal epiphany, or how it came about, as long as it has to do with ghosts... We have had others post stories to explain their religious views, but did so to enlighten the rest of us so we could understand their comments 😊
Acultofpersonality (5 stories) (4 posts)
12 years ago (2011-10-20)
zzsgranny: Unfortunately, I've submitted another story that represents my specific beliefs before you've admonished me here. All I can do is request that you not publish it since it appears there's a level of discomfort and animosity towards my telling of these experiences I've had. I will be submitting one last story for publishing when it opens up again and I'll respectfully bow out. I have no interest whatsoever in converting anyone to anything as I have no personal power to do anything of the sort.
loca_mocha (4 stories) (32 posts)
12 years ago (2011-10-20)
OMG! I am really sorry about the loss of your pup! I know just the feeling! Any who, keep sharing your experiences! They are really interesting 😁 ❤
moravian (1 stories) (171 posts)
12 years ago (2011-10-20)
Wow, this is definitely one of the better stories on this site. The story was great and I like your casual tone in telling it.
zzsgranny (18 stories) (3329 posts) mod
12 years ago (2011-10-20)
Acultofpersonality: Okay, I understand... So far, I like your stories and find them interesting... And as long as you abstain from coming across as trying to convert everyone to your "way", your stories will continue to be published... Please don't misunderstand, I'm not in any way knocking your beliefs...It's just that, on this site, we have quite an array of belief systems represented...

Please continue to submit your experiences 😊
isis80 (3 stories) (51 posts)
12 years ago (2011-10-20)
Wow, I read that story and was like, OMG, I think you're really lucky that you survived this entire ordeal, I am glad that the you are OK now, it must have been a terrible and scary experience for you. Thank you for sharing it.

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