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Maybe A Poltergeist 2


Lately I have been having more experiences. No longer does any spirit seem to linger in my bedroom, but now I believe there is something in our living room.

My grandmother just recently moved into our house, and we had to rearrange our house. The living room was one of the rearranged rooms. I was showing a friend our home, and the living room was our last stop. We just began talking and sitting in there, then there was a knocking coming from the wall. At first, we didn't mind it, and excused it as the house 'settling'. (my house is approximately 40 years old) But it happened repeatedly and seemed to get louder. Unable to explain it, we left the room out of fear.

Also, the new television in the room was left on, I'd noticed, but I decided someone meant to, so I let it go. But in about fiveteen minutes, the television turned itself off. I know this probably wasn't some kind of feature, for many times it has been left on for much longer, and stays on.

I was walking through the kitchen (a hallway connects the two rooms) and noticed out of the corner of my eye an arm sticking out of the doorway. I did a double-take, and it was gone.

Also, there is a piano in the room which I play daily. Many times I will feel scared and uncomfortable, like someone is watching me. Also I sometimes think I see movement and shadow in my perpherial vision. Unless refridgerators, toasters, unoperating microwaves, and dishwashers can create high EMFs, I'm not sure what would cause this.

To me I think there is something in my house. What is it? What should I do?

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