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Growling In The Night


I have not submitted a story for a long time as my episodes of Sleep Paralysis/spooky real life experiences seemed to have disappeared for a long time. Well maybe I had a few OBEs but nothing major. But recently I have experienced some scary experiences both at night time and during the day.

The experiences I have during the day aren;t particularly frightening but are very bizarre. I work in an office on my own most of the time and I may see images at the corner of my eyes and even shadows on the wall which can't be explained. They do not ressemble any surrounding objects. It can also happen in my house. I wouldn't say they were in the form of anything like a person but I wonder why they suddenly appear and vanish?

Last night, I must have had one of the worst Sleep Paralysis experiences ever. It started off as a dream. I dreamt I was scared of something in my bedroom and got up to sit with my parents (I'm almost 33 years of age!). In the dream, Dad told me to go back to bed - it is 5am. (I think I was in the middle of an OBE episode). I could see everything as it really is in my living room, like I had floated out of my body down there. But my parents were probably in bed in reality. Then I am suddenly back in bed, I felt something jump in beside me and felt a heavy weight and what I thought sounded like loud "purring". I thought (in reality) that my cat had got in bed beside me which he would rarely do. I dreamt he had his paws around me like your partner may have their arms on you in bed. I thought this is odd as the paws reached around my stomach and felt thin with claws on the end. The purring was getting louder and I was still thinking how bizarre all of this was.

I felt like I had to move over and get away from the hold of the "paws" but couldn't. Whatever it was beside me (definitely not my cat) seemed to get angered by my moving and the purr turned into all I can describe is a growl from a wild animal and it stuck what felt like claws right into my stomach. The pain felt so real I jolted fully awake. It was still dark and when I woke I thought I was on the other end of the bed. I felt very disorientated and dizzy by the experience, it was so intense.

I did go back to sleep and was still confused when I woke the next morning. Had my cat been beside me? Then I realised my bedroom door had been shut all night so there was no way he could have got in. I even checked my stomach for marks but there weren't any.

Do you think this was more than a dream. I had a similar experience like the one above with a "growling animal" in one of my other stories posted on this site.

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crecentblue03 (151 posts)
11 years ago (2012-03-14)
Wow this is a strange one, you either have an animal spirit or your house or your having a very vivid nightmare, these are the only things I think they could be. When I was about 7 while sleeping one night I felt what felt like a very large snake like a boa wrapping its self around my legs as it was making its way up my body. This snake felt so real I jumped out of bed wildly kicking my legs and jumping I screamed SNAKE SNAKE!, until my mom came running. I had my mom look under covers sheets actually unmake my bed as well as look under my bed, this is how real it felt. So in your case it could be like what happened to me or a spirit. If it is a spirit I would speak to rookdjyn he puts comments on this sight he knows of a type of shielding you can do for yourself for protection. Hope I helped thanks for sharing.
MissEmoVampire (3 stories) (25 posts)
11 years ago (2012-03-13)
I had a rat called crystl along time ago and she had to be put down because of a tuma. Every night I heard a squeaking (the same squeaks crystal made) and I was confused because I didn't have a rat after she died. I have rats now but I am still mystified why I can hear her squeaking (to put in mind the squeaks of my new rats are different) even now I have moved house. Maybe it's your imagination or maybe it is something different

sacul (1 stories) (71 posts)
11 years ago (2012-03-13)
This reminds me of my very first episode of "whatever youd like to call it", about 22yrs ago. A creature roughly the weight and size of a large cat laid on top of me while I was huddled underneath my covers. It felt real and I was awake and able to move. It was growling. When I growled back it yelped and ran away. I was 6 or 7 years old.

We did not own a cat at that time.

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