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Stories - The Tree, The Man And The Mob Cap Woman


Here are a few short stories from people close to me.

Last December my boyfriend and his mum were driving on the roads between Chelmsford and Ongar, in Essex. It was a dark winter evening and they were passing by a cluster of trees on the left. In the beam of the headlights, an apparition drifted out of the trees in the form of a Victorian woman wearing a mob cap in a sitting position, pointing one arm forward. She was a few feet off the ground and appeared to be made of yellow light. My boyfriend describes it "A bit like the portrait of Whistler's Mother." It drifted towards the other side of the road and disappeared into a field. My boyfriend asked his mother if she saw anything. She had seen the same thing and got the chills.

I don't think there is a link between this and the next part of the story, but it takes part in the same place. My mum was a teenager, walking in the woods with her dog Judy when the dog started barking like crazy at a tree about 500 metres away. She kept growling and had her tail between her legs. She would run close to the tree and bark, tilting her head like she could see something of interest, then run back whining. My mum couldn't see anything near the old oak tree and had a look round it, seeing nothing. She did however feel a presence so she and the dog ran all the way home.

This story is from the 1920s: My Grandad's grandfather was out walking in Friday Hill, Chingford when a man stopped to ask him for a lighter. My great-great-grandad went into his pocket to get the man a lighter and when he looked up, he was gone. There is also a twist to the tale. I read in a newspaper the story of a man who had the same experience next to Epping forest - not far from Friday Hill. I believe this is the same spirit.

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