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A Celebrity Visit Or Delusional Fangirls?


This follows on from a comment I made on someone else's story regarding their possible connection to the late Chester Bennington. It's about a famous dead musician and I'm not comfortable with mentioning their name because A) I don't want to seem deluded and B) Some of my fandom will recognise my username and I'll be outed as 'insane' lol. I always treat such stories with caution, as I've met a few people who have claimed to have psychic connections to famous historical figures, and they've turned out to have serious delusional issues or mental illnesses. Now that other people have posted celebrity stories, I feel comfortable sharing mine.

My story begins when I met some friends through a mutual interest in a historical figure. At the same time, I became deeply interested in this deceased musician, so was delighted to discover that and Erin and Celia (not real names) were also big fans. I felt this gave us a tighter friendship bond.

At this point, the celebrity seemed to pop up everywhere. I'd Google something unrelated and his name would show up, or a photo. I lost count of the amount of times this happened. One photo inexplicably contained a link to my blog, which does not contain anything to do with this person! Another time, I was searching for a history book on Amazon and a book related to him came up in suggestions. The logical explanation would be "cookies stored my Google searches for that person, so knows it's an interest", however I was not using my own computer, nor was I using a browser that was synchronised with my account. I had never used that computer before.

One time I was on a train that was stuck, and it ground to a halt next to a sign with his name on. Another occasion, I was walking through some unfamiliar streets, semi-lost, but talking about him to a friend. As I turned the corner, a business building had his surname as their company name! The same week I was in a car park and a vehicle with his surname on parked right next to me. Then I was in a restaurant and the waiter was handing out flyers they had his photo on. He was a popular musician so it's not strange that his songs are often played on the radio, but it occurred every time I'd go in a shop. I'd leave, go in another shop and a different song of his would be playing. I was thinking of his death and stepped into a shop just as his one of his final songs (very much associated with his death) played - and unlike his other songs, I'd never in my life heard it on the radio before.

As I mentioned above, I'd met Celia and Erin through our mutual interest in a historical figure. As we drove past the place he'd been killed, my friend put on a CD of our musician. It just so happened to play his song that referenced the historical figure's death. We found this quite amusing and joked that his spirit was having a little fun with us. I'd brush it off as a coincidence if it wasn't for the other stuff, including the fact I bought a book about him and someone remarks in it that he looks like the historical figure!

The song coincidence wasn't the end of odd things that week: We'd been on a road trip, listening to his music all the way and then we watched videos of him when we got back to Erin's house. My other friend Poppy was there this time and she made a little video of me, Erin and Celia giggling at a video of him performing. As she filmed, suddenly she cried out that there were light anomalies moving behind us. Our friend could be overdramatic, and was often hysterical, so we assumed it would just be dust. However, it seemed to be balls of light bouncing around the room behind us, and as one went past the mirror, I actually saw its reflection; I saw them with the naked eye, and evidently, Celia did too, because she pointed at one and gasped.

Later that night, Erin had gone to bed and I stayed downstairs with Celia and Poppy. As we discussed the light balls, I came over hot, all over my shoulders, as if someone was cuddling me from behind. I ignored it, but was surprised when a minute later, Celia said, 'does anyone else feel really hot across their shoulders?' She said, 'It felt like a hug. And for some reason I just get the feeling it was [his name], and so were the balls of light'. Incidentally there are a lot of photos of him cuddling people from behind... However Erin was not convinced when we told her our thoughts - she had many paranormal experiences in a previous home and thought it was simply the same spirit following her - but her one was more like a poltergeist. This was not.

This hot feeling happened three more times. Once when I was asleep and dreaming about him, I sat up and was burning around the shoulders, despite having no sheets on me. I said jokingly, 'Not now [name], I am sleeping' and it went. Next was the day Celia and I made a pilgrimage to his former homes. We expected to have the 'shoulder warmth' outside his houses, but didn't and were disappointed. The only odd thing that occurred was when his close relative came out of the house - they are rarely seen to the point some fans assume the house is empty! However, later we were eating in a pub and someone at another table mentioned the name of a living musician who was close to our celebrity in life. Suddenly I felt the 'shoulder warmth'. Celia claimed she did to. I don't know if she was simply under the power of suggestion, but I'd like to believe she was being truthful. The third time I was watching a music DVD alone... I feel ridiculous even typing this, but I felt a poke in my upper arm, then the warmth on my upper back again. I asked quietly, 'if this is you, touch my leg,' and I swear I felt someone tug my tights and ping them back onto my skin.

The strangest experience happened in our separate homes. Celia and I decided to synchronise watching him on DVD - we wanted to start with a particular song. However, as I inserted the disk, I began to get electrical disturbances on my TV - the DVD wouldn't play, so I put it in my laptop instead. The laptop switched itself off. Celia told me that as she was messaging me - asking where I'd gone - her computer screen kept going blank. When my laptop rebooted and restored all my internet tabs, a YouTube video of the very song I was trying to watch on the DVD popped up... I did not recall YouTube searching that video (why would I, if I was trying to watch it on DVD?

The final thing that happened was a dream in which he laughingly said to me 'you'll never understand me' and he tried to explain how complicated he was. So I made it my mission to try to understand him as many of his fans don't seem to have a clue about his personality, and (as arrogant as this sounds) I think I do. I've even started to write a book about him.

Sadly all this stopped (it was three years ago now). Rationally speaking, I'd say his name and songs appear/play all the time; I was simply noticing it more because I was obsessed. However, my obsession with him remains yet this no longer happens. The further in the past it gets the less I believe it happened, because my brain is always trying to rationalise it. It's only when I look back at the journal I made that I can accept that I *believed* something odd was happening at that time. I wish it would happen again so I can analyse it, but I guess he has many other fans to visit - and probably thinks I am dreadful because I've worked out his personality (!)

My theory is that with all us fans together in one room, we were a kind of beacon for his energy and he dropped by a couple of times, just to be playful, as he was in life. Of course it could just be a bunch of desperate fans under the power of suggestion!

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loneybone (8 stories) (78 posts)
7 years ago (2017-08-24)
Wow great story maybe he knew how much you loved him and maybe he just needed help to pass through. I mean I wish something like this happened to me especially from him that's really cool. And yes wow all of those coincidences that really has to mean something. I don't think he visited you just because you were a fan I think maybe he needed your help in some way. Maybe if you call upon him and say you will help him get through the light maybe he will come back. I'm sorry I don't have much to say or don't know what to say because this just an amazing situation you went through.
ladycastlemaine (8 stories) (14 posts)
7 years ago (2017-08-19)
It was a strange time and it's nice to be believed. I hope one day he will come back!
I still feel weird for posting this story, but less so now other people have submitted their celebrity experiences!
Miracles51031 (39 stories) (4999 posts) mod
7 years ago (2017-08-18)
ladycastlemaine - I am so glad you submitted this 😊 We all know coincidences happen (although I don't believe in coincidences), but you seem to have a lot of coincidences. Too many for it not to be something else.

I believe your celebrity was letting you know all those times that he was there. I hate, for you, that it died down 😟

Thank you for sharing this with us ❤

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