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The Presence, The Dream And The Coloured Lights


I used to live in a small flat in Harlow, Essex. When I was young, (under 7) I used to leave my bed in the dark and run to my mum's bed most nights. As I lay awake, little coloured dots used to fly around the room, up by the ceiling and then they would swirl around the bed. They would always start red and blue, then change to green and yellow, then to white, where they would form a web-like pattern. It would start from the beginning, repeating the sequence, then disappear again. One could assume it was just normal patterns you get in your eyes in the dark, however, it had already been dark some hours before this occurred and it only happened in my mum's room and never again after I moved out aged 7.

There were other spooky aspects to this flat. My room was always freezing, even on a hot day and there seemed to be a presence between the two bedrooms and the bathroom. I felt this was slightly menacing. I hated having my door open at night, especially with the light on as I sensed someone staring at me from the shadows of mum's doorway and sometimes the light outside the rooms used to dim to an orange glow.

Later, when we moved out, my mum asked me if I thought there was anything spooky about our flat. I said "yes, by the landing light." My mum seemed relieved - she had felt it too. There was many a time she came from the bedrooms down the hall and felt as if someone was going to chase her. She would never stay in the kitchen with the door open. I always used to have tantrums when my mum told me to get ready for bed, not because I didn't want to go to bed but because it meant I would have to walk though the spooky bit alone.

My mum's best friend also asked if the flat was haunted. One time, my mum was dying her friend's hair and went down the hall to the kitchen to get cigarettes. Her friend later confessed: "I was sh*tting myself because I sensed someone was looking at me in the dark hall and I couldn't wait for you to get back."

This isn't so much ghostly, but my mum and I later found out we'd experienced the same dreams there. It involved coming out of the bedroom in the dark, flicking the light on, which would dim to just a tiny glow in the filament. Then we would go to the next light in the hallway, which would dim too. Then we would run to the living room where both those lights would do the same, then finally we would shoot awake with our hearts beating. Strange coincidence.

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stephyw2001 (guest)
10 years ago (2012-08-17)
very cool! Its always interesting when so many differnt people feel something. AND once you realize you're sharing dreams.

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