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Through the Pali with the Help of Pele


My mother is a very spiritual women. She believes in the good and the bad spirits and the powers they have. We are Hawaiian and come from a family of healers, now and days we would be called witches. Within our family certain members were given the gift of preminisions or the ability to sense or see things that mot cant. Recentally My mother, step-father, my 2 brothers and I had flown to Waimanalo to visit my family for 11 days. Towards the end of our trip we decided to visit the big island. Where my mother explained more about our culture by visiting sites such as the chain of craters and the refuge. One thing my mother mentioned was "Pele does not like it when you take apart of her..." i.e. Rocks or leaves "if you take it from where ever you are, even to another islan, bad luck will follow you and the rest of our family. So DONT take anything". Not because it was a long day, but anyone who takes a plane ride or even attempts to go near an airport is exhausted. Since we were the 1st plane to the big island and the last plane back to Oahu all in the same day I'm sure you could assume just how tired we were.

My step-father is a great man. He tries so hard and we love him for it. Being a kid he didn't have good experiences, it was like he wasn't allowed to have fun (I was told by my mother) so sometimes its not his fault when he acts the way he does. He's sometimes a Mr. Know-it-all and even when hes wrong he doesn't like to admit it. Like most men. :) and he can sometimes be "butthead"; we (my brothers and i, even sometimes my mom) call him a boob. Being that he married my mother he became very accustomed to the hawaiian culture and was very well accepted by the rest of my family. He's visited hawaii in general maybe about 3 times in all so its not like he really knows his way around.

On our way back from the airport headed towards waimanalo he got onto the wrong freeway headed towards waikiki. The completely wrong way. My mother tried to tell him and he got so flusterd he got off at the next exit to turn around and go back the way we came from, but when he did it wasn't headed back the way he wanted to go. It was a completely different street. So here we are in the middle of downtown waikiki lost. My mother and step-dad are arguing about which way to go and how to get back home. When we finally get back onto the freeway (still going the wrong way) my step-dad finally says to my mom "WELL IF YOU KNOW WHERE WERE GOING DO YOU WANT TO DRIVE?!" my mother said she can't because of all the medication she is on beacuse of her being sick with lupus. When we see the exit for the Pali the car is sient. My brothers are quietly making fun of my step-dad in the back seat and my mother is looking out the window.

My mother says that as we were driving when the lights lining the highway shown on my step-dad it was him but when it was dark out of the corner of her eye she saw and old women, with long white hair, and what looked to be a head lei and a sash. She said she saw this from the bottom of the Pali to the end. She said the figure wasn't a frightening or mean presence but she looked to be very attentive, almost as if she was trying to get somewhere. My mother said it was like she was helping my step-dad find our way back on the right road after being lost.

When my mother mentioned this to my Uncle (a very spiritual and well educated man) he said with no hesitation "It was Pele guiding you". He continued to explain Pele has many different forms but always white. Such as a white dog, a women with White hair, or a women with a white dog, a white owl..."

Maybe my mother was tired. Maybe not. But I would like to believe it WAS Pele.

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Lenalaney (2 stories) (13 posts)
17 years ago (2007-08-16)
Interesting account and I likewise know little of the Hawaaiin culture, but have read much about legends from many diverse cultures. There always seems to be a prototype that manifests in different ways. Indeed your family is spiritual and remember: Like attracts like. In Peter Pan one of the characters says, "Magic is believing..."
Athena (9 stories) (222 posts)
17 years ago (2007-08-16)
I love the part about in the dark Pele showing herself within your step-dad. That is amazing. Your mom and step dad must be very sensitive (in their own ways) to have picked up on her presence. 😁
CearysAwesome (guest)
17 years ago (2007-08-15)
Hmm. Interesting story. Thank you for sharing it. It's good to share things like that because it shows other cultures to people. Like I never really knew much about the Hawaiian culture. SO now I do. Thanks. 😁

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