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Orb, Was It Dad?


A while back, I posted about a few experiences that I had at my parents' cabin, and thought I'd mentioned this night as well, but if I did it must have been in the comments. As always with my experiences, this is odder than what I've heard from others, this one almost bordering on the cliche in parts, but completely true.

My nephew was up from Pennsylvania, a very rare occurrence since the last time I'd seen him prior he was in pre-school, and now he was a senior in High School. Prior to going up North, we'd spent the night at home, and spent most of that night talking about odd things that've happened to us.

Among his, a chief one he talked about was a dream with Dad in it. In said dream, Taylor walked out from his bedroom to see Dad in the living room. Knowing, even in the dream, that Dad had never been to his house, and was in fact deceased, Taylor said he'd gone over to talk to him.

They'd had a good time talking when Dad said something along the lines of, "Well, I have to ask, what type of cancer do you want?"

Taylor said as he asked this, Dad began pulling on one of Dad's ears. The next day, perplexed, Taylor went in and got that ear examined. There was the very beginnings of skin cancer there, to the point it wasn't even visible to the naked eye.

The next day after Taylor had told me this, we went up to the cabin. Everything went fine the first night, and the next Taylor talked me into going outside of the cabin to see if we could have any encounters there, which I was more than game to do.

We walked out the front door and someone's TV was on extremely loud. It must have been a crime show or something, because we were greeted with, "I'LL KILL YOU!" or something to that effect.

Knowing the rules of the boat club, and not wanting someone to get in trouble we drove around with the windows down looking for said house. We did find it, but it was totally dark, and there didn't seem to be any cars around, nor in the light of the TV, did we see anyone in the chair that was illuminated.

We decided to just leave things alone as we weren't sure how to proceed when someone was obviously able to sleep through a full blast TV, we drove back to the house. We waited a bit, barely hearing the booms and thumps of the TV, and only went back out a couple hours later when that stopped.

We walked around, seeing something that looked for the world like a flag fluttering as a shadow in the street light's glow on the road directly below it. We looked around but couldn't find anything that could have caused it.

Finally that night, and this is the part that I wonder now, a couple years later, if it could have been Dad. There's a walkway that I'm not sure if it was even completely built or not. It's wooden, and got a couple streetlights alongside it.

We decided we'd walk on it and see exactly where it led, as even I'd never done so. Everything was fine, with us teasing each other, and generally goofing around, when we heard a thump further up ahead. It sounded as if something had thunked into the wood, so not wanting my nephew to get hurt, I told him to stay there and I'd go see what it was.

This happened two or three times when on the final time, as I was walking back, I saw an orb underneath a streetlight, which was dimming, directly behind Taylor. I coaxed Taylor over to me, not wanting to freak him out, and pointed once he got there. The orb was green, and I'd estimate about the size of a volleyball. Meanwhile, there was also one in the air doing what looked like a figure eight or infinity symbol.

He also saw the orb, and we started running, adrenaline helping me to keep up with Taylor despite there being a severe physical condition difference between the two of us. As I got to the car, I realized that Taylor was saying something over and over, but couldn't quite make it out until we got to the car. What he was saying was, "This is so cool".

Now, what makes me wonder if it is Dad is the following, I've mentioned I have been upset with Dad that he hadn't come back after passing (I've said so on this site in fact), asking around I heard a theory that green is a healing color, and Taylor and I had never really had a chance to say goodbye to him.

This does raise the question of course, if the orb we ran through was Dad, what was the one in the sky?

As a final aside, I later walked the full length of the walkway with a neighbor that went up with me, and for some odd reason, it ends at a farmer's field. Extremely odd since this is really close to the lake, and I hadn't even known there were farmers in the area.

My question to you all is, what are the odds this was Dad? If not, does anyone else have any possible interpretations of what we experienced? I honestly don't think the prior things had anything to do with the walkway.

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silverwalker (2 posts)
11 years ago (2013-08-04)
That's interesting, I mean, when your father asked what type of cancer your cousin or something wanted, why would he do that? I mean, he's your father, was he a bad person in life? Was he ever malevolent in any way? And about the Green orb, If you say you went through it, and green is a healing colour, could that possibly mean that your cousin/nephew, whatever, was healed by skin cancer? Just wondering, that could be a possibility.

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