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Spirit Entering my Body while Asleep and Vivid Dreams


I've all ways thought of myself as a regular guy, and did guy things. I go the work each day, and after work when I have time, I would play ball, and hang out with the fellows, and drink beer you know, normal stuff. At the end of the day from time to time I couldn't help, but to think about my nights...

I had fallen asleep one night like any other night, and almost immediately I found myself sitting in the back of a car. At the time it seemed so real to me, but there I was sitting in the passenger rear the car was moving and, there were three shadows in the car just sitting there motionless: I tried to make out who they were, their faces were unrecognizable, that is when sixth sense kicked in and, the only way for me to explain to you. It's like closing your eyes and, feeling a presence, if someone is standing next to you.

I felt the presences of my dead Grandfather at the wheel, and my dead Grandmother seating in front of me, and my dead Father was beside me in this car. As I looked around I could see that it was night and, a vividly clear night it was. It seemed that I could see for miles when my attention focused back on the three spirits that were setting in the car they were sitting there still, and motionless; Fear had sat in and, I panicked and, screamed out to them "LET ME OUT" and, the car pulled over, to a corner and, I jumped out.

Now as I stood there on the curb of the street I noticed something else, the streets were wet, and the smell of rain was in the air, as I walked toward a light pole the street gleaned like diamonds, I then felt a feeling of false security, or you can say that I was happy to be out of that car but, in the back of my mind I knew I was on the other side and could not get back on shear will alone. What I really thought was, I had died and, was alone in another world. Of all the thoughts that were racing through my mind I felt that I had to move on to find a way out of this living nightmare.

Turning toward a small shop that I had spotted on the opposite corner I walked in and, there was only one man inside, at the time not, knowing what to say to this guy, I started small talk asking him about the place as I looked around and, it appeared to by an antique store and, it smelled just like it looked OLD. As I started out the man asked me if I wanted to buy something for my home. I was thinking to myself at this point, I don't know where my home was and, It was like I had lost all memories of my life and, I surely did not know there I was. No! I said as I was walking out but, changed my mind when I saw two familiar figures standing at the other end of the store.

With an intense stare they were standing there motionless; and, left no doubt in my mind it was my Grandmother and Grandfather looking at me and, that man was trying to keep me in the store well... He was my dead Father's spirit. All I could think of, it was time to run so, I ran out the place and, I wasted no time to get back on the street. Now! Where will I go I thought to myself? There was a parking lot across the street so, I went back to where I had started. At a distance I saw a bar and, there were two maybe three people standing in front as, if they were waiting on me to walk over there. NO! I thought to myself I had to get out of this nightmare! So, I ran, again and found myself looking back at a man standing in front of this bar with that same intense look just like the others in the store. I then approached an alley! "I'm safe" I thought after cutting through the alley onto another street. Looking up then down this street "I'm safe, I'm safe thinking to myself as I looked up, and down this empty street. That's when I noticed there only apartments on this street,

I walked up to the nearest door that I had come to and, without knocking I walked in. Oh my God in Heaven where am I? The smell, the place smelled like an old, wool military blanket. There I stood waiting for my eyes to adjust to the poor lighting. Directly across from me was the living room and a very skinny old man lying on a sofa, he appeared to be lifeless at first. Then the old man suddenly jumping, from the sofa and ran at me saying "You don't know how to speak when you come into someone's house?" Scared I knocked the old man to the floor; he gotten up as quick as he went down and in my face before I could react. Maybe only six to eight inches from my face he stood. The face! He had NO face; and the eyes less sockets sent my mind into shock.

I was more frightened then I was scared and out of fear I dug deep inside myself for the courage to ask this corpse who he was? Standing in my face he said "I am your uncle" Then he stepped back in silence, my mind started racing again, I knew who he was, he was the spirit of my dead Father. Then I asked him. "How can you see me you haven't many eyes?" "How can you speak you haven't a mouth"? As I took two steps back the thoughts of running was on my mind once more.

Now! I'm thinking very hard at, this point nothing is making sense to me now. I'm dead for sure. Then out of the corner of my eye she just appeared. A little girl manifested out of nowhere and walked then stood between the corpse and myself, saying nothing, she just stood there for maybe a minute in silence. I then studied her very closely what she was wearing, and her face and, everything I could take in to give a clue of who she was. I looked into her pale white face and her eyes had shown, a lot of sadness and I felt sadness and I felt distress and the feeling of being trapped and helpless. This little girl was feeling all of these things and I felt sorrow.

My attention fell back on what she was wearing, she was clothed in a yellow dress with a big rounded white collar a dress that could that could have quite possibly came out of the forties or fifties era. The two blonde pony tails on the sides of her head swayed as, she turned, and quietly walked away right through the front door, literally.

My attention fell back on the old man I guess it was time for jokes, the old man asked me for a glass of water. To me there was nothing funny about the situation I was in as, I stood there for maybe a few seconds or more when I decided to find the kitchen. Before I reached the kitchen I noticed a curtain covering a closet pulled, back the curtain and looked inside and the smell, wow! It was like those cloths, they had appeared to be there for a very long time maybe fifty years. Someone then gently grabbed me by the shoulder. First I thought it was the old man when I turned to look a woman in a soft voice. "You're not supposed to look in there" She could have been around sixty years old. "The Glasses are in the sink" she said.

That was the very last of this ordeal before awakening. I've tried to make heads or tails of all this and I'm quite sure that this is called dream interruption and it is caused by a spirit that has entered the body and mind through the soul while the person is sleeping and, in a semi-subconscious state.

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sagemizu (30 posts)
16 years ago (2008-06-12)
Lets see hm you said you felt the presences of your family members so maybe just maybe it is a way of them saying they're still around keeping watch over you. The other spirits are probably related to you. Depending on the situation it could be family related or just a random thing. One thing for sure is that be safe no matter what.
davidparker (guest)
17 years ago (2007-10-14)
Sorry, I hope I haven't interupted your conversation! I wa just going over some of the comments and though I may give some advice if it's okay with you. 😊 A thought just came to me now. It might be a succubus... But then in most cases it is a demon who suduces people not like in your dreams at all. You may want to have your house blessed. Especialy your bedroom. You could also have a croos around your neck when you sleep. It also wouldn't hurt to have holy water at hand. (sorry if that comment offended anyone!) Just some helpful suggestions from a friend! 😉
Bellissima (12 stories) (792 posts)
17 years ago (2007-09-21)
Hey sammyd, I definitely don't need any type of apology! You are a gentleman to offer (at least I hope I'm right in assuming 'sammy' isn't short for samantha! If so please forgive me). I just offered one idea but I really didn't mean for you to think I didn't believe! It sounds like you've had some very vivid nightmares/terrors which sound absolutely horrid. If it was as simple as stress related then I think that would be some kind of relief, but you go through something different than what I have. My stress dreams have been short and scary as heck but they're gone when whatever stress is over with. I wish I could come up with something to help you out with this, unfortunately the stress theory was all I could think of. Since I don't know you or your situation, maybe it wasn't fair of me to be so casual with my offered solution. I meant no disbelief or disrespect to your troubles, or to offend, honestly. Please don't apologize, you know what you go through better than anyone else. ❤
sammyd (3 stories) (10 posts)
17 years ago (2007-09-19)
Dear, Bellissima First of all I want apologize to you, I’m sorry. Yes I get a little stressed out, but not all the time, only when I look back on my notes. I hope you understand, all I want is to get an uninterrupted night of sleep. I don’t want you and my follow writers to get the wrong impression about me. You had asked me a very good question. Sometime I do have parts of what I call dreams happens, but not often and when I do, it is exactly same as before. Thank you! And I hope to hear from you soon. 😊
Bellissima (12 stories) (792 posts)
17 years ago (2007-09-18)
Sorry sammyd, I wasn't trying to discount your experience in any way. I just thought maybe stress might have been the cause of these scary dreams. I re-read your story and found it to be so extremely detailed and with a lot of underlying tension. It certainly doesn't seem to be like the anxiety dreams I had been thinking about. They were just quick and intense. There's a lot more to what you experienced. Other than my 'anxiety' theory I can't come up with anything else that could bring you any closer to helping you figure it out. I wonder if you have the same or similar dream very often?
sammyd (3 stories) (10 posts)
17 years ago (2007-09-14)
Hello Bellissima, I do understand what you are saying, I have Sister's and Brother's they can't remember most of there dreams also. Understand me these aren't dreams they are spirit related. Sorry I can't go into great detail with all of you about this, but I can assure you that all my stories are true. The reasons; and it's just my thought's, most poeple over the world can't remember there is because there dreams are not spirit related. Thank God.
Bellissima (12 stories) (792 posts)
17 years ago (2007-09-12)
sammyd, that is one heck of a dream/nightmare! I rarely remember my dreams but the couple I do remember are really detailed and clear in my memory, even though they were years ago. My dreams/nightmares were caused by anxiety and the content touched on what was making me anxious. Could it be something along those lines that you have going on?
sammyd (3 stories) (10 posts)
17 years ago (2007-09-09)
Hello, David I surly hope you’ve enjoyed that story and, yes I do have many true stories to tell. Some people think that ghost is exiting; well I don’t. There are very few people like myself that’s haunted on daily basic that feel the same way I do. Take care, David.
davidparker (guest)
17 years ago (2007-09-08)
WOW! I don't know what to say... It sounds as if it was really terrifying. Have you had any other dreams like this one? I don't think I've ever heard o story like this one before, incredible! 😲

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