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She Talked To Me Through My Partner


Both my partner and myself have been living in a small property in Western Australia for about a year now. The house was built in the 1970s, but other then that we haven't looked into any details of previous owners.

This happened one night about 3 months after we first moved in. I came home from work at about 11.30, had late shift at work as I work as a carer. Anyway when I got home my partner was asleep in our room, so I thought I'd watch TV on the couch in the lounge room.

The couch I was laying on is against the wall with the TV cabinet in front on the opposite wall. The hallway door is on the right hand side of the TV which leads to our bedroom, etc.

So I fell asleep shortly after laying down. When I woke up again it was early morning around 2.30. As soon as I woke up to hearing footsteps, I had assumed it was my partner but at the same time I had this horrible feeling of being watched, so naturally I looked around. There was a woman standing just outside the hallway, she wasn't doing anything just standing there. I couldn't make out a face but it definitely was a woman, she was slender and had a long dress. It seemed like forever she stood there but I was frozen in shock. I looked away momentarily and when I looked back she was gone.

This was the first time in a few years that I had a paranormal experience, so afterwards I was not tired at all. I watched TV for probably about another hour and thought I had better go to sleep.

I always leave the toilet light on at night so I can see if I wake up during the night so after turning everything off except the light, I walked into our room where I found my partner asleep on his back, which he never does. He always sleeps on his side so I thought that was strange enough.

After being in the room for a second, I heard a woman's voice. I couldn't make out what she was saying, but just after it had started I saw my partner's mouth moving and speaking as if he was the one talking but it was not his voice! He has a very masculine voice which I would never mistake for a woman's so it was definitely not him talking in his sleep. She only said a sentence or two through him which I never made out what she was saying. I must have been to scared to even process any words so I just stood there in shock again. But it was the most frightening thing I have ever experienced! She sounded middle aged, although I couldn't understand what she had said I got this heavy, sad feeling from her presence and voice. I don't know if it was evil but it was certainly not a happy ghost.

Also in the morning I told my partner what happened and he shrugged it off as my imagination as he doesn't believe in such things, but I know this was supernatural. I woke up to a very different voice to what I heard that night.

Nothing much has happened since except the occasional hearing footsteps, but she has never manifested her voice into my partner since.

I have tried researching about ghosts talking through people but have found nothing. It would be great if someone could give me some insight into what this could have been because I think about it a lot and I'm always scared at night because I think she might come back. Please comment and let me know what you think this woman was or why she talked through my partner!

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damion57 (4 posts)
11 years ago (2013-11-21)
I had a very similar experience several years ago, id like to post it but they aren't taking any more stories for a couple of days. I answered and asked questions of the bizar voice coming from my girl while she slept, thinking she was dreaming, I got in over my head when I realized it could not be even a part of her subconscious telling me things that she couldn't have known about me at the time! Too many details in the full account, hopefully I can share my experience soon! Be careful...
DontLookBehindYou (17 posts)
11 years ago (2013-11-19)
If she ever does talk to you through your partner again, maybe you should try to talk to her.
It is possible that she is a miserable spirit and wants nothing but someone to listen to her story.
I can deduce the above theory since in your account she hasn't done anything that cause even remote harm to you or your partner.
Hope this helps:)
aussiedaz (19 stories) (1565 posts)
11 years ago (2013-11-18)
I find your account interesting and I had a similar one myself some years ago of which I ended up knowing the reasons behind it... Can I ask you, this women you saw standing there, was she an apparition? Or was she in body form? Excuse me for going into my own account here, as this thread and comments should be directed only at yours, but I think if I do share in part one of my own accounts, it may make some sense as to what is behind yours?...I saw a women too in full body form just standing there looking at me and like you, I couldn't make out her face?... A few days later, in more of a vision state as I just sunk into a sleep only by a matter of seconds, this women, through what perhaps was a momentary shared state of consciousness probably similar to as what your boyfriend experienced?... Ran a knife straight through my chest as I'd simultaneously felt the blade go in... And yes, it wasn't a pleasant experience but no, it wasn't a demon or ghost out to get me, it ended up that this poor women, who's name was Kirsty, was murdered recently around that time and was seeking my help to find her body of which was mutilated and dumped in a creek not far from where I lived, she was showing me how she was murdered thus the reason behind the vision... And I feel in your account, something similar may have occurred? This women was/is seeking your help for some reason? And sub consciously controlled your boyfriends own state of consciousness for you to receive that message, don't be frighten by it, although easy said,lol... You may do some research on the home or look up on the net at any tragedy's that may have occurred at that time in your area if your interested in knowing the purpose/reason behind her visit?

Regards Daz.

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