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The Pale Face


This story is going to be short there isn't much to it, but I'm not sure what I was seeing. This happened several times and they were all pretty much the same. So I'll describe just one of the times because I only remember (that's how much similar they all were), but I know it happened more than once.

I was in the kitchen, not sure why, I was probably eating lunch or something. Most of the time when I go in the kitchen I usually look out the windows (I'm a very curious person, so I always look out windows just to see what's going on outside). So I looked out the window and across the street I saw a pale face looking out the window of the middle apartment in the apartment building across the street. It disappeared after a bit. Every time it happened it was a pale blank face looking out the window but it was never in the same window. This only happened when no one was home in that building.

I knew the people who lived there at the time. I told them and they laughed and said they had never seen anything in the house, and there wasn't anything wrong with it. The only mysterious thing that happened to their apartment, they told me morning after it happened. It was that when they (3 kids/teens) where in their room which was upstairs in the back of the apartment, it was night and a snowball was thrown at there smaller window where the bedroom extends out a bit. When they looked there was no one and no footprints or anything.

How would you guys explain this, what was it, what was I seeing.

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Sam222 (8 stories) (461 posts)
8 years ago (2014-10-31)
A t first I did think it was the suns reflection, but then I got rid of that idea because it just disappeared, and every time it happen it was always in the top half of the window, and from the looks of it I swear it looked like it was inside, and each time the reflection looked the same but in a different windrow on a diffrent day, and I should probably mention that the second time it happened I do remember it was a rainy day so there was no sun though it was not raining at the moment. Also, you may remember I mentioned this in the storie, Evry time it happened no one was home, I don't no if that's. A coincidence or not, but I have thought about the reflections and I'm not so sure they were reflections. Thank you for commenting man.
Wish-Not (16 stories) (534 posts)
8 years ago (2014-10-31)
Sam222- What you described could be reflections from the sun, clouds, condensation,...there are numerous variables that could cause this. Even the way windows are made can cause variations to what you saw.
One really needs to go to the logical options first.
You very well may have seen something para but I've learned to try to Debunk everything first. Then try again.
Thanks for sharing.

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