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Mysterious Footprint


This is my 7th post on this site. Hope many of you have read my previous posts. This post about a "mysterious footprint" is about my granny.

So, this incident took place in the year 2001-2002, when I must have been about 4-5 years old. My mom narrated this incident to me last year.

Coming back to the incident, it took place at my granny's house. They were living in a nearly isolated area then (same area from my previous post "Strange Chanting from the Light House"). That area is mainly industrial and indeed spooky, especially during the night-time.

My granny and family were living in a 2-BHK flat, which had some kind of negative vibes and was always very dark and eerie. Never did anyone feel peaceful. So, when they first came to live in there, they never observed anything unusual; my granny used to everyday sweep her bedroom floor as it was her daily routine.

Once, after many months or maybe after an year or so, while sweeping the floor, she noticed a little footprint literally embossed on the floor of her bedroom and it was of a human child. She guessed that it was like a toddler's (2-3 years old). And there were no kids then, as my elder cousin was about 6-7 years old.

My granny initially ignored it, but as days passed, it started to appear more clearer and prominent. She was spooked and so she told this to other family members as it was really very odd, and then they called some priest to ask about it.

The priest didn't get any clue as in how it appeared but he told my granny to worship it everyday (performing a sacred ritual by cleaning it and putting some flowers, known as 'puja' in India) and as she started doing the needful, the footprint slowly vanished.

Till now, no one has the idea of what was it and how it appeared and whose 'mysterious footprint' was it. My mom said that years back, the area belonged to some rich community who became involved in murders and suicides and so the footprint must have been of any innocent toddler, who was murdered.

After the ritual, the toddler must have attained peace and travelled its way to the other world.

Hope you all like my story and comments are most welcome. I apologize for mistakes in my typing or language, if any.

Thank you!:)

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RedWolf (31 stories) (1292 posts)
9 years ago (2015-08-21)
Love Paranormal
I enjoyed you're story very much, it was very interesting. I loved how your grandmother got rid of the foot print.

I love how you called things like this paranormal zits 😆.

valkricry (49 stories) (3275 posts) mod
9 years ago (2015-08-19)
I found this very interesting. Another wee glimpse into your culture's way of handling the paranormal. 😊 Did they experience anything else during that time that could be contributed to a child-spirit?
I really hope the babe did find its way to peace.
Goggzy (guest)
9 years ago (2015-08-18)
I have a partner in my paranormal society who had the same experience but she had it with 4 footprints after a little bit of research and a long time looking for any records as her house was built in 1842, we found out that in 1867 a woman hung herself and if you followed the four steps it led to a old attic door that had been boarded up to become part of the roof. This door was the door where the woman killed herself and threw a few investigations over 2 years she no longer has the footsteps. What must have brought the spirit out was the renovations she did in the house. So I think the spirit must be at peace now.

I liked this story due to the similarities with what experience I have. Thanks Goggzy
ZulaGirl (50 posts)
9 years ago (2015-08-18)
I've heard about this sort of thing before - painted walls that continue to emanate with colors or marks that should be covered, stains that refuse to go away, etc. Glad what your Granny did worked.

These occurrences are like paranormal zits. Eventually, the energy (crud) just builds to a point where it either has to be popped or gently massaged back to normalcy. Good story, though.
sheetal (6 stories) (771 posts)
9 years ago (2015-08-18)
Hi, LoveParanormal... Really an interesting story I loved this... Beyond the belief... May that small kid have got salvation... I've never heard any story like this... Thanks for sharing...

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