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So it's been a long time since I last posted a story and a fair few things have happened to me since. There are several stories I'd like to share with you so this submission might be a bit long.

The first I'm going to tell you takes place not long after my friend died. In the area I used to live (I've recently moved house) there's an old turn of the the century mental asylum. It supposedly had lots of stories of hauntings. So one day my partner and myself decided to take a walk up there during the day. It's roughly 3 miles from the town. It's set back from the main road and hidden among the trees. Unless you were local you wouldn't have known it was there just passing through. When we got there we realised it was at some stage of being partly knocked down. So we decided to take a look around while we still could.

As soon as we walked further into the grounds we could see hard hats, safety glasses and clip boards that looked like they'd just been abandoned, as if everyone had left the site in a hurry. Now, I must tell you right now that I don't necessarily 'see' things as I do get a sense of a place or sense a spirit. Walking around the old asylum I got a feeling of real grief. It definitely was not a happy place to be.

As we're walking around this beautiful old building I'm talking in the architecture inside. There were a lot of what looked like single cells, I think possibly padded at one time. We came to one massive room and as soon as I set foot in the room I was scared! Very unlike me! I felt as though we were in danger of someone physically hurting us! My heart began to race and all the hair on the back of my neck stood up. I said to my boyfriend "we need to get out of this room now!" He asked "Why?" Then all of a sudden his camcorder cut out, the camera refused to turn back on and our mobile phones signal went dead. Just like that we we're cut off from the rest of the world. I just looked at my boyfriend and we hurried through the room. As soon as we left the room everything started working again. Weird in itself right? We went back the following two days and the same thing happened in the same room! We never did come up with an answer as to why. He's a very logical man and even he couldn't come up with a reason why all our technology just cut out!

The next experience I had was in the local cathedral. I was reading an information stand while my boyfriend was looking at what looked like part of a plane engine which had been placed in there as an art piece. (What on earth a plane engine has to do with religion or art I'll never know!). I was using a walking aid at the time due to a medical problem I have. I was leaned right over to the right putting all my weight on to the aid to try and rest my leg a bit. I felt someone put their hand on my hip. It didn't feel threatening or harmful in any way so I though it was my boyfriend. I turned to kiss him only to find he was in the same place I'd left him 5 minutes before! There was no one else around and when I told him what happened he laughed and said it must have been my imagination. Cheeky sod! I told him in no uncertain terms that it was not my imagination that I know what I felt. He just gave me the yeah right look.

Next I went to an old RAF hospital with a couple of friends. This place is said to be so haunted people have seen lights come on etc, the hospital hasn't been open since the 60's and there's no power there at all. So we were walking around the hospital in the dark I felt like we were being watched. We had EMF meters with us, cameras the lot! Me and a friend we're stood in a corridor with enough room between us for someone to easily walk past. Suddenly the EMFs went crazy then settled down again. Someone had literally walked between us! We carried on walking for a bit then decided to stop for a quick cigarette. I said the the other two that I felt as though we were being watched from the direction we'd come from and that I could feel someone burning a hole in the side of my face. I wouldn't look back down that corridor! One of the others said he felt it too. So we moved on and one of the guys decided he wanted to go into the old canteen. The other point blank refused to go in. So we waited for him outside. The next thing we know, he's come running out face pale white saying "f*** that!" He later told us that he saw a pair of red demonic looking eyes appear and just legged it! They told me before he went in that last time they'd gone in something attacked them and the guy who wouldn't go in had had his legs taken out from beneath him. The other guy that went in wanted to know what the problem was. On the EVP you hear him ask "come on then, what's your problem with me?" Then you hear someone growl, (the closest I can describe it as) "f*** off!" This sounded demonic. Definitely not a living person and it creeped us all out.

The next one happened only last week while I was at work. I work in a meat packing factory. When we have too many people working on a line we have little tables to work off which you put a basket of meat. I was using one of these tables when all of a sudden it moved sideways, just like someone had grabbed one of the legs and pulled. My colleague working next to me laughed and asked why I pushed the table into her. I said I hadn't I thought she had pulled it with her foot, she said she hadn't. I checked how close it was to the line to see if the line could possibly have caught it and moved it. No where near close enough, there was a good 6 inch gap. This had me excited for the rest of the night!

I hope you have enjoyed reading my stories and I look forward to your comments.

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