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A Mysterious Night


I lived in a small town in Indonesia. I lived there with my grandparents, my uncle and his wife and their newly born baby boy.

When the baby was 5 months old, he used to cry so hard at night at exactly 12 AM in the middle of the night. Always like that, every night at the exact same time.

So, one day my uncle and his wife decided to switch rooms with me. You see, their bedroom was in the second floor and mine was downstairs right next to the end of the stairs. So at that particular night we switched rooms.

And so it happened that one night my cousin was having a sleepover with me and so I moved to the second floor room with my cousin. At night I just could not sleep, but it was ordinary because I rarely sleep well in new environment. Time passed by but I just could not drift to sleep and then I heard a footstep walking back and forth behind the door. I thought it was my uncle coming to the room to take one of his baby pants or whatever so I waited for him to knock on the door, but he never did. But the sound of the footstep just there behind the door just walking back and forth. I didn't know how long it last but I thought it was between 30-45 minutes until finally I heard loud bang on the door as if someone was mad that the door wouldn't open. I saw the curtain moved a little bit and the doorknob shaking. Feeling so scared and shocked, I hid under my blanket in fear and somehow fell asleep.

In the morning I told the story to my cousin that at the time was sleeping beside me and she said she knew what was happening that night as she actually did not sleep as well. She just laid sideways of me so I thought she was sleeping but she wasn't. And she heard and saw the door and the curtain that moved and shake.

We just ran from the room to downstairs where we found my uncle and his wife who were having a morning tea. So we told him what had happened last night and apparently it happened to him quite many times in the past that it did not surprise him.

But my uncle story I would share another time.

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ihavemysticalstories (2 stories) (3 posts)
8 years ago (2014-11-13)
You think so? I just remembered that before the mysterious night I often had a dream about a lady in white dress walking back and forth in front of my uncle's room. You think I could possibly saw the ghost in front of my uncle's room in a dream?
sushantkar (16 stories) (530 posts)
8 years ago (2014-11-13)
I would also agree with what elnoraemily had mentioned in her post.

elnoraemily (11 stories) (1051 posts)
8 years ago (2014-11-13)
It sounds like a residual experience, if it happens all the time. Leftover energy patterns repeating themselves at a certain time and place.

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