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I know that you have already heard a thousand stories just like, mine but if I don't soon get some answers I may have to move. Here are my facts. I live with my boyfriend in his house that is beside and across from a cemetery. Please know that there is a new graveyard and a real old one, but I have never been afraid of grave yards or death or ghost... That is until I started having these nightmares.

Andy (boyfriend) and I sleep in separate rooms (he snores) and I only have these dreams in my room and no other room in the house. Only two families have lived in this house and we have known the previous owners for years and nothing bad ever happened in this house. So with those facts, here is my dream. I am sleeping and I feel something pushing on my bed frame or mattress, when I open my eyes there is something in the room with me. Now I have never felt or seen a ghost my whole life so I'm not sure if I am just petrified when I wake up of what.

Last night I dreamed this thing was in my room and I kept trying to roll over and it was holding me down, I have even woke up feeling like it was sitting on top of me. Last night it woke me up and as soon as I opened my eyes it was sitting on the floor RIGHT in front of me starring at me then it just disappeared. I have said out loud several times that it has me scared s***less and to please let me sleep.

I am at my wits end... This has been happening now for about 6 months. Please tell me I'm not crazy and what I should do to get some sleep...

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vanlewie232711 (1 stories) (42 posts)
9 years ago (2013-11-30)
😳 I had a horrible nightmare/dream that I was being chased by this hideous thing that was green and black and just down right EVIL I was wearing my perfect white crystal on a platnum setting when I went to sleep this thing had finally got close enough to grab me by the back of my neck and pull this necklace off of me I finally managed to wake up when I heard my ex screaming my name and the police were called because he couldn't get in the room he heard me screaming and the door was shut so tight that it wouldn't open. When I did finally wake up I was so sweatty and salty and scared stiff my necklace was gone. When the police saw me they assumed me and my ex had got into a serious fight and he had beat me I swore to them it wasn't him and they left seeing that our bed was soaked we slept in the living room the next day I found my necklace and it was tarnished and had a few blood red cracks in the crystal. So I brought it back to the guy that I bought it from and he then told me to see a medicine man from Cherokee NC and seeing we were in Ashville I went and that man told me that I was in a spiritual nexius meaning my good self was fighting my evil side and my evil side took its token which was my necklace but not my soul. He also warned me from that day on to NOT wear any crystals because I may trigger my personal demon again and I am WAY to old to try to run from it again so I WILL NEVER wear another crystal again. Crystals are powerful if used the right way and I most likely used mine wrong but either way I just use my bible when needed and stay away from crystals, and pray when ever I feel the need and mainly when driving due to serious road rage issues 😊 but I wish you luck even though my comment is 6 years after you wrote this lol and sorry I forgot to say this when I did wake up my night gown was bloodied down the front and my chest was on fire and when I changed I had 4 very long and deep claw marks from my breast bone to my stomach it took me like 4 months to heal from them so even after 21 years after this I still remember the fear and the pain the feelings of dread and the foul smell of its breathe and the strength that it put off and those claws were 4-5 inchs long and solid black but felt more along the lines of an "empty" black you know? Thanks for letting me comment with my own night terror
Phyrren (6 posts)
14 years ago (2008-08-18)
whitebuffalo (guest)
14 years ago (2008-01-17)
Hello Browneyes.
First off, with the passing of time, I hope this problem has been resolved and I pray that you were strong enough to rid yourself of this menace to you. You have received many good comments and advice. I hope you were able to go on living in this home, as it sounds as if you did not want to leave.
If you still have the problem, I hope you are still using the lavender and possibly the quartz. As Spirits and dreams are different, I do not know if a dream catcher would help out at all, but it may be worth a try.
Thank you.
jdrknssflls420 (1 posts)
15 years ago (2007-12-14)
Dont feel bad I've dealt with that same experience before in my life and believe me if you let your dreams take over those are the type of dreams you get, but if you face your dream or your fears but you must be stronger on the inside and like the gentleman on top said a good luck charm I use a dream catcher they work on my dreams
Karyn (1 stories) (63 posts)
15 years ago (2007-11-27)
I have never read or heard of any "sleep paralysis/hag syndrome", lasting for 6 months. Definately not occuring on any regular basis. Try to sleep in another room as has been suggested. If this does not help, then do as Shane has suggested and acquire a clarity crystal. Maybe even do a cleansing with the traditional sage, white candle and naming The Lord as your Protector and to be gone in His name.
May your Higher Power be with you. ❤
Derek15 (3 stories) (16 posts)
15 years ago (2007-10-16)
I don't think your crazy. I totally believe you. Several of my friends at school have told me about their experiences with this. Me, myself have had experiences with this. Maybe say some kind of prayer before you sleep, depending on what religion you are, or sleep with something that is sacred to you, such as a luck charm, picture of a loved one, etc. Hope I was helpful. 😁
Shane (13 stories) (1258 posts)
15 years ago (2007-10-15)
Kim is refering to the cleansed charged clear quartz crystal that I had mentioned in my post to you. You can purchase one on line fairly cheap. You will have to cleanse it in a clear running stream or river saying a prayer or blessing over it, which ever your beliefs allow and place it in the sun during the day to charge it. Wear it at night to help repell and absorb any negative energies. Just remember to recharge it during the day. Hope this helped to answer your question.

Peace, Love, and Luck be with you.
zena1129 (5 posts)
15 years ago (2007-10-15)
You seem to be having sleep paralysis, I have also had this in the past and it was very frightening. Do some research on it, it will make you feel a lot better.
Browneyes (1 stories) (3 posts)
15 years ago (2007-10-15)
Hi Kim and thank you... I hope this isn't a dumb question... But you mentioned wearing a crystal? What is a crystal? Here I am 35 and I need to get on this computer that I spend all day on anyway LOL and start looking up this stuff :)
KimSouthO (27 stories) (1960 posts)
15 years ago (2007-10-15)
It is quite possible your sleep patterns are being disturbed by something paranormal. Living near a graveyard (both new and old) can put off a lot of energy spiritualy.
Try wearing the crystal. Say prayers, ask them to leave in the name of God. Place a Bible near your bed and at least one cross in your room. Read passages from the Bible aloud.

God Bless!
Browneyes (1 stories) (3 posts)
15 years ago (2007-10-15)
Hi Everyone, Thank you all so much for the advice. I went for several days without any bad dreams. I have started watching funny cartoons before I go to bed and I haven't had one in several days. Heres the weird part. I haven't told Andy about this because I don't want him to think I'm some kind of baby or weirdo... But last night he came and woke me up because he had a dream that someone was in the house and wouldn't let him get out of the room, he dreamed that he could hear me yelling for him but he couldn't open the door. I spent Friday night with my sister and had no dreams at all but Saturday night I dreamed that I was locked out of my house and Andy was away for the weekend so when I called the locksmith to get me in the house and when he opened the door there were no walls in the house, everything was there but absolutly no walls at all... The locksmith wouldn't go in the house and was yelling at me to call the police. I woke up and was shacking my head and laughed because it was just such a STRANGE dream. Shane I did take your advice and bought some lavander oil and just dropped it all over my room. The bad part is Halloween is comming up and I think now my mind is starting to get the best of me... LOL... I laid in the bed last night and spoke out loud " I'm not affraid but you need to move on and please let me sleep tonight" I'm not sure what I should oo shouldnt say to it. OH by the way Vicki, "it" is human but I can't tell if it is man or woman...
jailarson (2 stories) (21 posts)
15 years ago (2007-10-14)
You are not crazy. This is a common occurrance. Do as Bell and scarlett suggest first. It happened to me. I said the Lords Prayer while it was happening and that made it end. If you don't know the Lord's Prayer, just google it. The "Sinner's Prayer" also works. I will attest to this first hand. God WILL help. You just have to ask. Mean it, and BELIEVE when you ask. God likes faith. Allpowerfull omniescient entities are quirky like that.
Shane (13 stories) (1258 posts)
15 years ago (2007-10-14)
Hello Browneyes,

I too at one time suffered from having my sleep interupted by spirits. Mine had a little different out come than yours. I recommend you try burning some lavender incense in your room before going to sleep each night. Also wearing a cleansed charged clear quartz crystal should help. Please do keep us informed of the results should you choose to use them.

Peace, Love, and Luck be with you.
scarlettwitch (2 stories) (20 posts)
15 years ago (2007-10-14)
I've heard stories of people being able to feel paralysis after waking up from nightmares, in japan is where they say it's most common because of a commonly shared legend about a girl who holds a lantern and comes to you at night to steal your soul, they say... In the legend... That when you wake up and see her, you're paralyzed, and some people have claimed experiencing that sensation, but studies have suggested it's the power of the mind.
You do live near graveyards, and there has to be a lot of spiritual energy flowing around your house. If you sleep with your windows open at night, you might opt not to do so anymore, typical feng shui suggests that energies that come into a room through a window and don't have a proper outlet, such as a directly opposite window or open door, will become trapped and remain in the area they have entered to. Try having a medium come to your house and figure out what kind of spirit this may be, if it is a spirit, and see if you need to have blessings or such done on your house to ward away those spirits seeking a helper. Best of luck! Keep us informed!
vickifigueroa (5 stories) (34 posts)
15 years ago (2007-10-14)
What does this "it" actually look like? Is it human or an animal maybe? Sounds like something must be going on if you say it only happens in that particular room. If I were you, I would seriously stop sleeping in that room.
Bellissima (12 stories) (792 posts)
15 years ago (2007-10-13)
Hi, Browneyes. Maybe something has attached itself to you. Ask it to move on and leave you alone. Tell it it needs to go to the other side, that you don't want it to bother you. I don't know what else to tell you since it seems it never occurred before. I wish you the best, maybe someone else here has a better answer for you. Good luck.

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