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That's Out Of Line


I have fair share of brushes with the spirit world or whatever terms suited. This is the only time I was physically touched by our invisible friends.

My fiancé was hopping from job to job after graduation and it really took a toll on our relationship as I had no problem with my career at all (great salary but I decided to go back to grad school). So when he finally landed a job as an assistant plantation manager for a pretty reputable company, I was beyond relieved. The job entails living in the oil palm plantation wherever the company decide to post the employees. Each employees is provided a house as housing in the plantation. It's a huge plantation. Due to my studies, we are in a sort of long distance relationship (almost 4 hours' drive from my campus to his work place). Our arrangement was I'll drive down whenever I have semester break or a few days off.

The first time I stepped into the house, I felt a very off sense of unease. More accurate description was like a heavy sense of discontent and unhappiness. I said nothing to my fiancé. There are 3 rooms and two toilets in that house. I do not like the kitchen at all.

Whenever I cook or pass through the kitchen to go to the toilet, I kept feeling as if I'm in a crowded room. The feeling similar to being in a party? A few times when I was cooking lunch I actually felt someone tugged my shorts. I wore pretty tight shorts, the tugs literally slide it a bit off my hip. And every time I turn around expecting a playful fiancé, no one was there.

The master bedroom was no better, after my fiancé went to work 6.30 in the morning I'll have trouble going back to sleep because whoever were in there won't stop their babbling. It's like a group of people decided it's fun to hold their weekly meeting in there. And the living room? Not nice at all, junk food like sweets and cookies kept missing and turn up randomly. No signs of rats not even a single droppings.

All these I kept quiet from my fiancé as I didn't want him worried. Until one day when I was on a long distance call with my mother. The signals in the master bedroom was not great so I open the main door and stand at the main door talking to her when I felt a firm pair of hands pushed me out, totally skipping the two steps down the house and landed around 3 to 4 meters from where I was standing. Of course I was shaken, I gather my wits and walked back into the master bedroom just in time to feel something slightly more solid than a gust of wind went/knocked through me. Yup, went straight through me. The sensation was like someone threw a bucket of ice water at me while I was having a brain freeze?

That was it! I called my fiancé and told him to get someone to cleanse the house or I never come back again. He did as told but seeing how pissed I was at the house, he applied to change to another newer house and surprising they assigned another house to him immediately without asking any question.

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notjustme (19 stories) (852 posts)
9 years ago (2015-03-17)
Hey there! Thanks for sharing. I liked how you described the thing going through you, made it very easy to imagine. Very cool. Glad you guys are ok!
kathleen16 (1 stories) (7 posts)
9 years ago (2015-03-16)
hey, greetings from Sabah!

Wow, that was scary, I don't think I have the guts to even step a foot, after being pushed like that. I would probably just sit outside like an idiot (seriously tho, I would). Thumbs up to your bravery girl! Make sure to cleanse the new house too, JUST IN CASE. 😊 😊 take care!
valkricry (49 stories) (3268 posts) mod
9 years ago (2015-03-16)
Since they moved him to another dwelling without any questions, it causes me to wonder if you were not the only one to have experiences there.
I agree, definitely out of line to tug your shorts like that, not to mention shoving you! Glad you were not seriously hurt though.

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