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Before joining this site I had started going through a 'bad haunting' I guess you'd call it. By the time I joined it had escalated. I delayed submitting this story because I didn't want to think about it. It's because of this 'haunting' I wound up finding this site, so every cloud.

Started about a year ago with slight tapping sounds which I only noticed when it was quiet. For weeks I thought it was the house settling and/or animals in the walls. After about two months I started to wonder about it. Every time it happened I would feel intimidated and scared. This isn't like me. Still I put it down to rational explanations. At that time I guess I noticed it three times a week.

In 2014 (around early August) I was home alone one night and noticed tapping again, very faintly. I felt scared as soon as I noticed it.

This 'tapping' sounded like someone was lightly tapping the kitchen bench top with one finger and this matched the sound's direction. It occurred every 10 or so seconds. It reminded me of that old torture method where slow steady drips of water are dripped onto a victim's forehead. An extreme comparison to draw, but I kept thinking of this.

As I listened it moved to other surfaces in the kitchen; the microwave, a cupboard, the sink and another part of the bench. It also gained in volume a few times then quietened down again. Almost as if to recharge its energy. At least that's the context I placed on the velocity variations. I stood there listening for about twenty minutes. Probably a stupid thing to do in hindsight. I later tapped on surfaces to match the sounds I'd heard.

This is the night I told my husband. Before this I didn't want to believe something negative was happening and kept brushing it off. We're both spiritual and have a free flowing dialogue about ghost topics. With hindsight I'm open to the possibility this presence was isolating me, encouraging me to 'tell no one'. I regret not speaking up sooner.

My husband said he'd never heard any tapping noises. This concerned me as now it felt somehow personal. As we were talking about this in the lounge two loud knocks came from the kitchen. We checked the kitchen and found nothing out of place. This really scared me. Apart from those two loud knocks in the kitchen on that night, which was last year, my husband hasn't heard any more tapping or knocking.

After that night I noticed it every single day but only when I was alone. Sometimes it was loud knocks on a wall or surface other times slight tapping. But always in the same room I'm in.

But since then, whenever the tapping starts, a fatigue comes over me. But I'm not really tired. It's as if I don't want to deal with this and react by wanting to sleep. This isn't like me either.

We cleanse and protect our home and ourselves regularly and always have done. Yet this could still get through sometimes. However I believe without any protective barrier this would be A LOT worse.

Sometimes I call my husband into any room I'm in when there's taps or bangs so that he can confirm I'm not hearing things. But as soon as he gets within earshot it stops. Very frustrating. As months went on it got more and more relentless and the bouts of fatigue became more severe.

We play it by ear over Christmas, visit some family separately then meet up around New Years. The last couple of years we spent New Years in California and were doing the same this year. My husband's family are made up roughly 50/50 English and American.

Over Christmas I stayed at my mum's in Australia. Stupid tapping, knocks and bangs started up there. Much to my shock. I really started to question my sanity at this point. Told mum about it (she's open minded), mum said she'd keep her ears pealed. Then, just like when I told hubby about it, my mum and I heard two loud knocks coming from another room right when we were discussing it. Apart from when I told my husband and mum about this the taps and knocks seem to always be in the same room I'm in.

I kept an open mind, regardless of my fear, that perhaps this was someone or something who wanted my attention for well intended reasons and was expressing frustration. That possibility diminished when my beloved cat became frail and later passed. I call him 'my cat' but he was really mum's cat. This cat and I had a special bond and we were best buddies. I always asked mum how he was, just like I would a person.

He was very old between 17 and 20 (Mum got the cat as an adult cat and was never sure of his exact age). That cat was a best friend and big part of my life for 15 years. Love him, miss him.

Before he died he survived pneumonia (made a full recovery much to the vet's shock). When treating him for pneumonia we were prepared for the worst. I spent every speck of spare time taking care of him. When it was just me and my sick cat in the house the knocking was at its peak. I felt it was taunting me and I still can't believe how much it dragged me down.

Every day during that time I cried for the impending loss of my cat. The knocking was so relentless I questioned my own sanity. There's no doubt that it fed off what I was already feeling. I told it to 'F--- off' many times and it quietened down when I spoke without fear. I learned fearlessness was the key to overcome this.

Because of my love for the cat this year I stayed at mum's over New Years. One evening with just me and my recovering cat, I was kneeling down giving him some water with an oral syringe to keep up his fluids. Behind me I heard footsteps approach. They stopped directly behind me and I felt a foot tapping heavily and slowly. It felt threatening, not like an impatient foot tap. My cat started cowering. I waved my arm in the direction of the foot tap and said something vulgar to it. This worked, my cat calmed down and the house was quiet for the rest of the night. Protecting my cat overcame any fearful inhibitions I may have normally about this presence.

I don't believe that this negativity (whatever it is) had anything to do with my cat. But I am so ANGRY at it for screwing with the bit of precious time we had together in this realm.

After this I asked my guardian for help and soon could feel his presence around mum's place. Nothing else negative happened while I was there. My cat recovered, rather miraculously, gained strength, energy and lived happily for a further three weeks. He slipped away peacefully in his sleep. That cat always astounded vets. He did this right up to the end. I'm so proud of him!

After returning home the tapping, banging and knocks started up. But now there was a new form of annoyance which I must admit makes me laugh because it's so completely clichΓ©. You ready for this? Bed shaking. I can't believe it. So lame.

Nonetheless if I go to bed before my husband sometimes the bed shakes. Things in the bedroom are tapped, I can hear the wardrobe door moving back and forth (it makes a distinct noise). Every time this happens, like with the knocking/tapping/banging I feel fatigued. It's a different kind of fatigue to pleasantly sleepy, it feels like I could just sleep from exhaustion. Again, this is not like me. I always meditate before going to sleep, all this activity makes it very difficult.

By now I'd found this website and learned the importance of keeping a journal. The next few paragraphs contain entries from the particularly bad days of my journal entries. I've elaborated in brackets here and there for context.

March 19th, early evening, I was alone, it was quiet, tapping started. Seconds after heard a male voice, behind me. It sounded like it was trying to speak but had trouble being heard, it sounded like a loud whisper. It spoke with long drawn out syllables. I felt threatened. It said: "I... I... Am... Going to..."

I interrupted saying "F--- off" it stopped and so did the fatigue. (The timing of my reaction amused me and I felt rather smug I'd completed its sentence with my own desire for it to leave.) The voice had an American accent.

Sunday March 22nd, late evening. When I walked into studio (studio door is usually kept shut, when I opened the door) the room smelled like death. (That terrible decaying smell.) This isn't good. Went outside to test smell, no smell outside. Came back, smell was still in studio. (I kept an open mind, it could have been something in the walls.)

(On Saturday, the day before, we had a party and didn't get to bed until around 5:30 am. We were both pretty tired and hubby went to bed early on Sunday. I wanted to as well but because of the strange male voice I'd heard, a couple days before, I stayed up a little later to research more on cleansing.)

Don't know if this thing knew what I was about to do or if it's coincidence. (Bearing in mind I was already tired and the studio is sound proofed.) I was reading for half hour and putting up with awful smell. I started feeling the most fatigued I'd ever felt (with the exception of the flu or something). I was fighting sleep with my eyes closing while reading.

Then the knocking started. This time it was very loud and aggressive, without many pauses in between. A strange whooshing sound started and grew louder. I put headphones on and drowned it out. Then it knocked on the studio door (which was open and beside where I was.) This scared me so bad. Stopped reading, did quick cleanse/protect of house and self. The whooshing left, knocking stopped, felt less fatigued and smell disappeared. Went to bed. (I don't know what the whooshing was. I was so tired I wonder if I imagined it.)

23rd March Finally did Rook's cleansing method, with few variations. Used dark blue candle and 'Vampire Blood' incense (silly name but I like using it for cleansing purposes.) This really worked!

(Resume normal story telling from here)

I put off using Rook's method for a while because I don't like sunlight or any bright light. I will certainly keep up Rook's cleansing method periodically. But won't change my default 'low light' ways (except during cleansing).

Sometimes I get visions, like premonitions in the form of dreams. A few days before I told my husband about the tapping (last year), I had a dream about a good acquaintance of ours. I'll call him T. I'm used to getting visions and had a gut feeling the tapping was connected to T, because of the dream. But still kept an open mind that the dream was unrelated. Shortly after this dream I had another different dream which my gut told me was connected to the fist one.

Quick summary on T:

He's a middle aged father. He's American, from Texas originally. He's the sort of person that always sees the funny side to things.

With all that had happened I decided to trust the dreams. I opened up to some friends about the knocking and the voice and all that has happened so far. (Except the dreams.)

I intentionally did this in a group social setting when T was present. Despite his social graces and humour he's a very private person, as I am. I've known him for years and always shared a laugh with him but we've never been that close. The thought of dumping paranormal stuff on him seemed like a dead end idea.

Everyone started telling ghost stories afterwards. T pulled me aside and we went outside for a cigarette. He gave me the go ahead to share what he told me.

He said he'd experienced something very similar back in 2001. (Long before we met.) It happened where he was living in Texas. He described the same knocks and bangs, soft tapping, the fear associated with those sounds, the unexpected extreme fatigue, the voice and everything happening whenever he was alone.

We spoke at length about the voice. It sounds like the same voice, if not one very similar. T heard it say:

"I am going to make you pay." Which might have been what the voice I heard was going to say before I cut it off.

T didn't tell his wife about anything until he heard the voice. She thought he'd been working too hard and put it down to stress. He heard the voice a second time, saying the same thing but the second time it also said some 'ah, aahh, ah' sounds. He told me about all these horrible times alone in his house with the banging and fatigue, it all sounded very similar. Except for one thing.

Eventually the banging started coming from T and his wife's bedroom, not the same room he'd be in. Again, this only happened when he was alone. When it came from the bedroom he wasn't fatigued. (Because of one of the dreams I'd had I wasn't completely shocked by what he told me next. But I was shocked by his candour and openness to the paranormal.)

One evening, while alone with banging coming from their bedroom, he made himself "fight the fear", his words, and go into the bedroom. Soon as he turned the light on he saw a head (severed) pounding against the wall. He only glimpsed it because he turned and ran outside, but he's sure that's what it was.

I told him about the dreams I'd had and confessed about manipulating the group conversation to gauge his reaction. We had a good old natter about ghost stories after that, turns out T's really open minded, I never knew.

After this I thought there was no way I was going to get any banging head activity. Well I was wrong. Within about a week or so I did hear some banging coming from our bedroom. My husband wasn't home at the time. There was NO WAY I was going up to investigate. By now I'd got some Dragon Blood incense and use that for the 'deep cleanse' which is what my husband and I call Rook's method. We hadn't done the deep cleanse in a few weeks and it was night time when the banging started. I lit some dragons blood and placed it on the stairs near our bedroom. This did the trick and within a few minutes the banging stopped. Needless to say we started another deep cleanse the next day.

Since then there has been more banging from our room but only during that time we're due for another deep cleanse. Which always rids it away.

I forgot to enter this into my journal so I don't know the exact date. It was after the banging in the bedroom started happening. I was alone, of course, and it was daylight outside. I was in the lounge room listening to music. In this moment I was concentrating on some of the technical aspects of a song. When I do this I'm zoned out to the rest of the world, full attention on the song. The sun beams through the window in the afternoon and I'd closed the curtain because of this. There's the silhouette of some geranium outside on the curtain. I'm zoned out, listening away, then semi-notice a silhouette of a head outside. But it's floating and suspended in mid air. I watched it but my attention was still on the music.

Still in my zone I thought something like, "That's not a bird. That looks like a head. It's not an intruder, it's not attached to anything and the geranium isn't moving. How strange."

It was all very matter of fact and I immediately forgot all about it. The strangest part is I didn't think of the banging head at all. Not until later that night when my husband did something that reminded me and I had a huge 'ah huh' moment. We had a good laugh about it because as far as scary haunting attempts go it was such a fail on all conceivable levels.

Since then there's been a few bangs here and there and a few bouts of mild fatigue. This always happens when it's deep cleanse time. Which tells me we need to deep cleanse more often than our current once a month, for the time being at least.

Side note: When I bumped into my guardian from another story this is the direction he was looking from the window. The side of the house, toward the lounge room. On that day I had run out of the lounge to the front door.

Couple questions:

Why and how would a ghost single out two seemingly unrelated people over more than ten years in very different locations?

Should T be concerned it will return to him?

Or is this some 'standardised haunting' and really just separate ghosts pulling very similar stunts?

T, hubby and myself think it's the same ghost that harassed T years ago. But we can't find any logic to it. Maybe there isn't any to find.

Thanks for reading.

(PS I have tried multiple times to include the two dreams within this story. However I omitted them here because they interrupted the flow and were unpleasantly jarring. I feared the reader would wind up with information overload. I don't mind sharing them in the comments if want arises.)

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Tweed (29 stories) (2362 posts)
4 years ago (2017-10-05)
Man, I didn't just type 'smile' at the end there haha. The emoticon thing didn't work. Must need a space in between. πŸ™„
Tweed (29 stories) (2362 posts)
4 years ago (2017-10-05)
Hi Aisyah, thanks for the info. I've read about many of the entities you referenced on this site from various members here. It's very freaky stuff.

Whatever this knocking thing was I don't think it was sent by anyone or that black magic played any part. I have a feeling it's drawn to people who are attuned to paranormal phenomena. Why it picked on me and T specifically I don't think I'll ever understand. But I'm confident it was the same entity. The head thing was something of a surreal moment, simply because I didn't react at all LOL. It was so unexpected and bizarre that I don't think I could comprehend what the heck it was.

I'm glad you and your family are over your bad haunt too.[smile]
aisyah1987 (2 stories) (31 posts)
4 years ago (2017-10-05)
Hi there, Tweed!

Greetings from Singapore!

OMG I read your story with WIDENED EYES!
Do you know, that here in Asia, we call the head ghost " Penanggal "?

I was shocked that you actually experienced this in Australia!

It is normally the result of someone sending evil things to destroy your marriage or family using extreme Black Magic.

I pray it is not what you are going through, as " normally " it is done by a very jealous person whom has seek help from a " Bomoh " aka Black Magic Man (smtg like that) and will not give up until the victim dies.

Symptoms include extreme exhaustion, fatigue, cold chills and the person will feel sickly and temper increases.

I hope you won't be laughing at my comment as it might seem so weird but it happened in my family a few months before my parents got divorced...

The thing followed my mom home after a night out with her friends, and my whole family had a huge fright cuz we couldn't see it, my mum can... But the whole household was hysteric... My brother started crying and I started feeling very very scared. My father went to a religious Ustaz (Islamic leader; non ISIS alright! Hehe...) and consulted him. Turns out, one of my mother's friend did the black magic thing and this evil spirit feeds on negativity and LOVES to stay put in dark corners of the home. Hence I feel the need to inform you, even if it's late in 2017 now.

I pray for the safety of your husband and your household and I hope the cleansing of your house be able to clear all these " nasties ".

Hope the reading below helps a bit!:

The Penanggal or 'Hantu Penanggal' is a ghost of Southeast Asian folk mythology. It is a variation of the vampire myth found in the Malay Peninsula, or as Balan-balan in Sabah. It is similar to the Manananggal, a similar creature of Filipino folklore. "Penanggal" or "Penanggalan" literally means "detach" or "remove". Both terms - Manananggal and Penanggal - may carry the same meaning due to both languages being grouped or having a common root under the Austronesian language family, though the two creatures are culturally distinct in appearance and behavior.

There are similar myths of creatures with almost exactly the same features. Among ethnic groups in Indonesia, the ghost is called Leyak among the Balinese, Kuyang by the Dayak people of Kalimantan, or Palasik (or Pelesit) by the Minangkabau people. In Thailand it is called the Krasue, in Laos it is the Kasu or Phi-Kasu and in Cambodia it is the Ap.

According to the folklore of that region, the Penanggalan is a detached female head capable of flying about on its own. As it flies, the stomach and entrails dangle below it, and these organs twinkle like fireflies as the Penanggalan moves through the night.

Due to the common theme of Penanggal being the result of active use of black magic or supernatural means, a Penanggal cannot be readily classified as a classical undead being. The creature is, for all intents and purposes, a living human being during daytime (much like the Japanese Nukekubi) or at any time when it does not detach itself from its body.
Tweed (29 stories) (2362 posts)
5 years ago (2016-05-19)
Aww, thanks Dan.

I must admit I thought I was immune to these types of haunts until it happened. It really does shake you up and is very exhausting. But, like I said, if it wasn't for this I probably would have never found YGS, so that's something I'm very thankful for. That, and learning a lot in the process. Playing mind games was very instrumental I feel too.

Thanks for reading.😊
DARKNESS (3 stories) (2022 posts)
5 years ago (2016-05-19)
Hi Tweed

Another fascinating account, a lot of what I wanted to say has already been summed up, but I must applaud you on your dedication to playing mind games with this entity, that must have been very hard to do mentally, like you said you would have only been able to keep that up for so long then having to drop the whole charade, mentally and physically exhausting I bet! The fearlessness is easier said then done but as you would know is a must when it comes to these situations combine that with your intent and cleansing's and you become quite formidable. Thank you again.

Tweed (29 stories) (2362 posts)
6 years ago (2015-08-28)
Nosida, thanks for reading.😊 I am SO GLAD this is over, it really stuffed me up for a while!

There's a lot of developments in the comments, if you're interested to read through them. On here we use our own stories to chat offtopic, which is what's happened with the comments on this story haha! In the older comments to this are what happened in the months after the story was posted, it got A LOT worse before it got better!😭 But we eventually managed to banish it, hell yeah! Mostly thanks to my guardian. The developments and an update on how we got rid of this are on the second page of the comments.
We've since become really good friends with T. 😊 We're certain this individual is the same one who harassed him. It turned out to be a non-human entity, I saw it towards the end, just before we managed to get rid of it. T and I have had communications with this type of entity before, which is what we believe the link was, in why this one came after both of us. However the individuals of this entity we've encountered are nice. This experience has made me think, just like with humans, all entities have the capacity to be good or horrible.
nosidaM (3 stories) (34 posts)
6 years ago (2015-08-28)
Wow! I cannot believe your friend T shared a similer experience to you! And maybe even the same ghost!

Fantastic writing, you kept me glued to my screen! 😊
Hecate0 (4 stories) (418 posts)
6 years ago (2015-08-08)
LadyDarke - WOW - that is such a cool idea. Brainstorming works! 😊
Tweed (29 stories) (2362 posts)
6 years ago (2015-08-08)

Thank you for butting in! I would have NEVER thought of this in a ka-zillion years!

I always say if I win lottery I'll buy Mum a house. I'm not that comfortable with accepting rent, or any money, from a loved one. That said, if something like this were possible then yeah it seems like a winning formula. I still wouldn't like accepting rent from her, but if it meant freedom from stress for her, well, that's better than the alternative.

I've just spent the last hour or so looking into crowd funding websites. Never been big on them personally, just not for me. I came up with a community based project idea that would be perfect for Mum, in the form of some type of animal welfare/shelter program. However all the crowd funding websites I viewed, just as you said, were more for artistic projects than community based ones. The real estate crowd funding seems to be investing in properties supplied by the websites. They actually seem like a scam eek, or the real estate funding sites I visited did at least.

But I'm definitely keeping an open mind to this all the same. Because you just never know!
ladydarke (102 posts)
6 years ago (2015-08-08)

Is there any chance you find yourself in need of an investment property with a dream tenant?

I don't really know you well enough to butt in, but it has occurred to me that if you were able to get together the down payment on the house, your mom could pay the monthly mortgage in lieu of rent. If she isn't prone to saving then spending the next twenty-five or thirty years paying off an investment property is basically your inheritance. She'd have to spend that money on rent anyway, but to benefit a stranger.

It's possible that if you approach the bank with a landlord's business plan which comes with a tenant already in residence, it might be different from getting a purely residential mortgage.

On the topic of self-sufficiency vs outside input, you might keep riding the community vibe by considering crowdfunding. Kickstarter is most well known, but I believe it focuses on artistic projects. I have seen someone remodeling an old hotel on Kickstarter and making it artistically relevant by having rooms designed by various artists and also reserving some suites for artist residencies. I did get hits on a quick google search for real estate crowdfunding, but I haven't looked into it in any detail. As per Kickstarter, if the house in question is big enough you may be able to partition off an area for an artist residency, maybe book a musician or artist for a month's creative retreat each for x number of months per year (wouldn't even have to be constant.) You could even offer it for free, billing the rest of the house as a rental which finances the residency: that would probably go over well on Kickstarter. You wouldn't need to raise the full value of the house, just enough of a down payment to keep the mortgage payments within your mom's price range plus enough to partition the residency studio. You would gain a charitable endeavor and a place for your mom to live, while your mother would gain the ability to leave you a legacy, and any number of artists would gain a space to create.

If this appeals to you, consider redirecting your magical efforts towards opening a means to acquire the house yourself. If not that house, then another better suited to your purpose and move your mom there. You and your mother both sound magically informed and not in need of help with that aspect. You seem like you're all over it.

Just a thought. Sorry if I intruded.

Hecate0 (4 stories) (418 posts)
6 years ago (2015-08-07)
Tweed, I am glad your Mum is open to making the list. E would make the list with me, and then just leave at aside. We are back to our cognitive/behavioral therapy again, eh? Control your thoughts... My rose quartz egg is firmly in place around my house. Rose quartz/birch broom, it all works.

I have wonderful friends, but not all are open to paranormal. It is nice to expand horizons... 😊
Tweed (29 stories) (2362 posts)
6 years ago (2015-08-07)
Val, haah! I don't know if that's why Mum has hers there, but I'd bet it's a reason like that! πŸ˜†
Funnily enough the list idea was how we got to talking about word usage and the importance of it.

Hecate, I've always prided myself on self sufficiency. But there are some times when you simply need outside input.
Hecate0 (4 stories) (418 posts)
6 years ago (2015-08-07)
I have always been pathologically independent. Not a good strategy. There is such strength in community. 😊 We all help remind each other, Tweed. I say as I sit here smiling at adventures of the last few days. ❀
valkricry (47 stories) (3168 posts) mod
6 years ago (2015-08-07)
Did I see 'birch broom'? That's funny, my mother's people always claimed a birch broom by the door kept unwanted visitors away.
I am glad your Mum's calmed down some Tweed. I also find it interesting that Trix's advise to "... Stay strong, wake up and open minded and most of all try not to be or speak negative words out loud because your words can have a big impact in your live and wellbeing. Words have more power than we realise," is directly inline with what Hecate had said about the " read this list every day, even visualizing them as you meditate..."
Tweed (29 stories) (2362 posts)
6 years ago (2015-08-07)
It's so funny seeing nay sayers bleat about Rook's method!
Rook, you said something in one of the comments to that story about people missing your house sometimes, driving straight past it. People do this a lot here! It's happened other places I've lived too, waay before I knew your method. I would never put this together with a shield, ha!

Ummm there was something else... Information overload with bugger all sleep ummmm. Oh yeah! I wish those people still posted!

Miracles it's a lovely story! It's so lovely how she focused on the positive outcome rather than the negative presence itself. Obviously a very wise lady. 😊 Her attitude is as tantamount as Rook's method.

Hecate, I was thinking the same 'rescue hour' when I typed this up at unwholesome o'clock.
I copy pasted Rook's method in an email to Mum and explained what it was. I COMPLETELY forgot about it while chatting because the method is so normal for me now I assumed she knew about it. Then realised how the heck could she?! I'll talk to her about it too, but it's one of those things it's best to have a written version of anyway. Stupidly enough we were talking about birch brooms. She's going to make one (I think for a cleansing reason as well as it's cool) I thought it was a birch broom she keeps at her front door but that turned out to be made of something else. Point is, HOW DID I NOT THINK OF ROOK'S METHOD THEN?! What with all that broom talk, doh! Stress and fatigue, does strange things!
Hecate0 (4 stories) (418 posts)
6 years ago (2015-08-07)
Glad your Mum is calmer, Tweed. This seems to be emotional rescue week here on YGS, with Rook as one of the primary rescuers! Will your Mum do cleansing, Tweed?

Miracles51031 (38 stories) (4982 posts) mod
6 years ago (2015-08-07)
Rook and Tweed (geesh the font is so small I can barely see what I'm typing LOL) - this is one of my favorite stories. Trix's account of their experience is just amazing and does a wonderful job validating Rook's Recipe for a Home Cleansing/Shielding. Maybe this will draw attention this story, and then branch out to others. We have so many good, older stories that have been forgotten. Thanks, Tweed, for bringing this one back 😊
rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
6 years ago (2015-08-07)

Thanks for posting the link... I went and re-read it and I am glad I did becasue I had a few of the details 'off'. However you were able to find it. If you think the experience is 'good' you should read the comments. πŸ˜‰


Tweed (29 stories) (2362 posts)
6 years ago (2015-08-07)
Whoah trippy fontness, everything's huge!

Rook, found that story, how utterly ASTONISHING about the bankers!

I was just running by some things with Mum, one of which was the importance of word usage in connection with attracting positive energy and outcomes. This is referenced in this lady's story! Here's a quote:

"You have to stay strong, wake up and open minded and most of all try not to be or speak negative words out loud because your words can have a big impact in your live and wellbeing. Words have more power than we realise."

Word to that!
Mum's calmed down a lot. She said she had a message from one of her ghosties that... Urgh now I can't remember. It was something about this only being a change in landlord, and won't develop into much else. She also had a vision of the new landlord, a kind nice person, I told her to keep meditating on that person. We also talked a lot about spells and she has a plan in that department too. (She's an old hand at spell casting)
Thanks you guys so much for, (quoting the Stones), coming to my emotional rescue!
It's still a wait and watch situation but it *feels* better today.


Rook that recipe is legendary!
rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
6 years ago (2015-08-07)

There is an experience here on site that seems to show that the Cleansing and Shielding Method I use works for ALL NEGATIVE energies...

The Family had preformed the Cleans and Shield 2, or 3 times and then while Hubby was out doing yard work a man from the bank approached and asked where xxxx 'street name' was. 'Hubby' looked at the man oddly, then pointed to HIS mail box... The man from the bank then delivered... I think it was a bank card for the Family...

Now the deleivery was 'good' for the Family, but if the man from the bank had some 'negitive energy or emotions' attached to him it stands to reason the 'shield' kept him from finding the home.

Cripes, I think that was one of the first 'validations' of 'Rook's Cleansing Receipe' here on the site...

While I can't see my method causeing a Landlord to 'forget' where his property is, I have a funny feeling he won't come around as often.

Calling all 'old timers' can anyone provide a link? The O/P was from South Africa...Thanks...


Tweed (29 stories) (2362 posts)
6 years ago (2015-08-07)
Thanks Val, yeah *that* question mark is something not enough people in this world understand I fear. I've started going through all her options. I've offered to cover her expenses should it come to that. I can't actually afford to but urgh it's better than her being stressed. Unfortunately the market is 'good' and her area is becoming more sought after. I might take you up on that spell offer, thanks! I know I've got a spell book somewhere, I think I know where it is. Well you might get an email from me at some stage, thanks again for understanding. 😊
valkricry (47 stories) (3168 posts) mod
6 years ago (2015-08-07)
Tweed, your poor mom! I know too well what that question mark feels like.
First, before you hit the panic button, what is the market like out there? If the market is poor, then the house may not sell. However, now would be the time to look around and see what other options are open for her. Don't jump into anything -unless 'perfect' happens along. But, knowing you have options can go a long way to soothing those jangled nerves.
Hecate's suggestion seems fairly sound to me. I know there are spells and the like you can do too. But, I don't think it's appropriate for me to put those here. If you want them, I'll share. My email is on my profile.
Tweed (29 stories) (2362 posts)
6 years ago (2015-08-07)
Thanks Hecate, that actually makes a lot of sense. I'll definitely talk to her about a list. Insomnia sucks big time, urgh I hate it when she stresses.
I'll start working it into meditation too, must have had that vision for a reason.

Thanks again. ❀
Hecate0 (4 stories) (418 posts)
6 years ago (2015-08-07)
Tweed, make a list of all the qualities you want in a new buyer for the house. Visualize your mother protected as you do, but keep imagining these new people coming and being enchanted with the 'older style' and 'wonderful tenant'. Both of you should read this list every day, even visualizing them as you meditate... Just a thought. I am no stranger to insomnia. Hope you slept better after getting this out. 😊

I really hope things work out for your Mum.

Hecate ❀
Tweed (29 stories) (2362 posts)
6 years ago (2015-08-07)
Hi all,

I hope it's ok to spill my guts here I'm looking for suggestions about a potential crap storm.

Earlier today (technically yesterday) I got a call from my Mum, she told me her landlord is selling the home she rents. She's only just received a letter about this. I often joke that my Mum is allergic to money, that is she's a spend thrift, therefore can't save and as a result has never owned a home, she's always rented.
Well, she's the best tenant anyone could ask for, complete and utter model citizen. Regardless of her money allergy she's never missed a rent payment and is completely in control of her finances in that regard. She's always been a long term tenant, staying in a home for as long as is possible. However the threat of moving REALLY stresses her out.
I had her read the letter she received while I transcribed it verbatim. I've always had a knack for understanding wording, red tape, etc with these kinds of situations. I then did some research into her rights and obligations for her location.
The situation currently is it could all be no big deal, a simple change of landlord. She's not on a fixed term lease, which is worrying her. It seems to me that her home will be marketed/sold as an 'investment property with tenant'. Which is an attractive thing to some investment buyers, and anyone would strike gold if they had my Mum as their paying tenant.
Or it could go the other way and they could turf her out because someone stipulated a 'vacant upon sale' agreement.

Currently her situation is up in the air. Her current landlord is a word I cannot use here for I will get banned. You would not believe the stress this man has caused my Mum nor would you believe the things he has done. He has an insatiable hunger for power, misery and control.

My question to everyone here is this; as there are many shielding methods to keep negative ghosts away, do the same techniques work on the living? Or is there something akin to this which would help attract the right kind of buyers (new landlords) to Mum's home? (the kind that don't want to turf her out and simply want an instant paying tenant) Is there something that she can do, or I can do in a shielding/protecting kind of way that could make a difference or influence the outcome?
I always envision a white light cleansing my Mum's home and a shield protecting it, I do this daily. Mum does her own shield/protect methods, and she does them on my home the same as I do for her (aww).

Another worry for her is that her home is extremely old fashioned, which she loves. I'm sure it will be marketed as a 'renovators dream' and crap like that. I know the majority of buyers will be viewing her property in that light and then bump the rent up on her.

If you're a landlord reading, understand this;
Your 'rent income', (such is the use of the word 'income'), is somebody's wage.
Your tenants are paying your mortgage. Morally, you are more indebted to them than you realise.

Last weekend I was making a cup of tea and had a clear vision of Mum's landlord talking about selling. I tried to stifle the vision, told myself it wasn't true, but it seems I really am opening up on that front.
Sorry if this has rambled on and and on, thanks for listening. I'll probably read this tomorrow and wonder what I was thinking. Couldn't sleep because of this and thought I'd try my luck getting a more ethereal perspective on this crap.
Tweed (29 stories) (2362 posts)
6 years ago (2015-07-05)
ha! Karma points? More like Drama points!

Biblio and Miracles so glad I'm not the only one who does this! When I first joined I was FOREVER hitting the wrong button. Don't know why but the red button always looked positive to me. πŸ˜• These days I consciously note which button I'm pressing *wait for it* to change to '+' just to be sure, then I relax.
Yeup you can still change a blundered point, I think there's a few seconds to reverse it or something. I know this because I have a silly habit of pausing a game, returning to desktop, selecting an opened browser by grabbing the middle of an opened web page. If YGS is open I sometimes inadvertently click on a drama point whilst selecting said browser. It's thanks to YGS, and the drama points of it all, that I now select opened browsers by the actual top browser frame and NOT the middle of a webpage. Which is a good habit to get into anyway.

So I feel both your pain! πŸ˜†
Bibliothecarius (8 stories) (1067 posts)
6 years ago (2015-07-05)
Thanks, Miracles!
When I returned to the narrative after leaving the message for Tweed, my downvote had disappeared, so I upvoted it. Now my rant makes even less sense, but I'm guessing that both you and Tweed have become accustomed to my peculiar trains of thought by now...

Thanks again,
Miracles51031 (38 stories) (4982 posts) mod
6 years ago (2015-07-05)
Biblio - we (mods) can't change the points but I've done the same many times before and was able to change it. (Before and after being a mod.) Anyway, I clicked on the negative again and it took away the -pt and then I clicked on the positive and it gave the point. Don't know if that works anymore but it has worked for me several times. (I'm notorious for hitting the wrong button, especially on my phone LOL)
Bibliothecarius (8 stories) (1067 posts)
6 years ago (2015-07-05)
Aaaargh! I tried to upvote your last comment as an expression if appreciation, and it downvoted you instead! Sorry! (Damn chubby fingertips!).
Can a Mod undo a downvote?
(I think I downvoted Miracles by accident, once, too.)
I'll go back to not screwing up websites any time now.

Of course, all I was trying to do was say "you're welcome!"

Tweed (29 stories) (2362 posts)
6 years ago (2015-07-02)
hahaha Biblio, the stupid votey thing annoys the crap out of me too! But it appears to be working fine this end at this particular moment.

I get so agitated when people run away from their troubles: 'YOU'RE RUNNING THE WRONG WAY!' I have to stop myself from saying all too often.

Thanks for the well wishes and for all your support in general, you've been a great help!

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