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Spirits Passing By


I moved to my third (that I remember) home back in the seventh grade, so about the spring of 2003. Our neighbors (and landlords) had said I could cut through their backyard to get home faster. The bus stop was at the end of a alley which we had to walk up to get to our street and respective homes. So I began using his backyard as a short cut, it saved some time. Now there was two instances that. So l'll just tell both, although I don't remember the first. My grandmother did.

As I was cutting through the yard one spring day, I seen this one boy coming towards me. I'm naturally friendly, and immediately said hello when he was in talking distance. I had stopped in the middle of the neighbor's yard. (No one was home.) He did say hello back, but kept moving past me. I kept trying to make conversion, but aside from my hello I was ignored. So letting out a huff at this "rude" boy, I made the rest of the trek home where I immediately complained of the rude boy I met that day. Only to be met with a blank look by my grandmother who asked "what boy?"

I pointed out the window. Still able to see him apparently and replied "Him!" My Grandmother nods, then makes up a silly story of how maybe he didn't know how to talk to girls. Which seemed to settle me. Years later she admitted she seen no one out there while I was adamant that someone was there. That was my first (and only so far) apparition.

Now for the second.

Another trip through the neighbouring back yard (they moved out, but I still used that shortcut), has over again proven eventful. I was turning to move through the yard when I heard my name be whispered urgently. I immediately turned in a circle, to see none of the other kids out. I was always the last one up the hill, partly because I wasn't popular with the other kids. So I didn't make an effort to keep up with them when I wasn't wanted. Either way, I see. No one outside. Not even an adult. Shrugging it off, I walked home and informed my grandmother about the voice. She asked for specifics, approximate age, gender, if it had a lisp, things like that. I looked at her and replied "It sounded like a ten year old girl."

Now for the spooky part. My Aunt Dorleen, who passed away many years ago, was 10 when she passed on from a heart condition. A visit from my aunt? Who knows.

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