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I have experienced ghosts during high school and I have never though that I will again experience it during my working life. I am working at an office in Makati. It was during my second week when this happened.

I was working as a receptionist at the 29th floor and one of our jobs is to assist clients to 25th floor office where meeting rooms are located. The elevators of the building are located in the middle of each floor, 3 elevators on each side and on the left and right sides are where you can pass to go to other offices. Only a part of the 25th floor is ours, beside it is another office facing the elevator hallway/lobby. Across this is an empty office.

After I have assisted the client to the assigned room, I went out to wait for the elevator to go back to 29th floor. I was alone and was facing the empty office when suddenly I heard someone say "Psst!" I turned around to see who called out and saw the office behind me was empty but the lights were on, the guard was just not around. The office was enclosed with a glass door so it can't possibly be someone inside. I thought maybe someone was making fun of me so I just continued to wait. When suddenly I heard another "Psst!"... I turned around again saw no one, I started to get scared and slightly panic. Finally I went back to 29th floor and eventually forgot what happened. I did not tell it to anyone until one day...

One of the oldest helpers, we call her Manang, went to our area. We were 3 receptionists there and two of my colleagues decided to have a small chat with Manang. She told them that someone in the office saw a ghost (again). She also told them that they should get used to this because there are ghosts in the building. I was just overhearing what they were talking about. What caught my attention was this, "Lalo na sa 25th floor, marami don, mayroong mahilig manutsot (the Psst! Gesture in tagalog) don lalo na sa mga bago dito sa building." (Especially at the 25th floor, there are many ghosts there and the ghosts usually do Psst! At new people in the building"

When I heard this, I instantly looked at them with my wide eyes and shouted "Ano? Nung nakaraan lang, may nanutsot sa akin sa 25th floor after ko maghatid ng client" (What? I just experienced days ago being called out by someone saying Psst! At the 25th floor right after assisting a client.)

We were all scared and since then, I have never waited for the elevator alone at the 25th floor.

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