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Baby Girl Is Sensitive


This is a very minor event that occurred last week, but I need to give the (slightly long) backstory so that you can understand my reaction to the event that occurred with my almost 1 ½ year old daughter.

I purchased my very first home on October 16th of 2015. I fell in love with my house the first time I saw the photos of it online and was instantly drawn to it. The price was way under budget and it was exactly what my little family needed as it was newly remodeled. I didn't want to purchase a fixer upper because I just had my first child in January of 2015 and we just didn't have the time or the ability to have to be putting together a house while taking care of an infant. We couldn't be tearing up the floors which are her stomping grounds or painting with hazardous fumes etc. But as I said, none of that was necessary; I found my dream house!

Upon the initial walk through there were no issues, I didn't "feel" anything. Mind you, I haven't been very sensitive I would say for the last 2-3 years though most of my teenage years into my early twenties I was. I could sense when there was something just beyond the eyes reach and sometimes I even saw things. Well, thankfully nothing was off for me. I put in an offer at asking price and a couple weeks later we closed on the house.

The west side of Jacksonville is considered to be a "bad part" of Jacksonville but honestly all of Jacksonville has its bad parts. My side of the road I live on is pretty normal middle class folks. About 2 miles down my road on the other end not so good. But, the kinds of criminal activity we have are generally isolated situations. If someone is shot, it's usually drug or gang related. If someone is assaulted it's usually domestic violence and they knew their assailant personally. What I am getting at is, if you are involved in illegal activities you will be more likely to be a victim of crime in a not so good part of town. If you mind your business and you're just a family living, generally you don't have an issue. There are always robberies and crazy folks and one offs here and there of course. Innocent people are not "safe" just because they mind their own business, I am just saying that the more into "those kinds of things" that you are, the more likely it is that you will find yourself in some trouble.

We have a friend that is a JSO (Jacksonville Sheriff's office) 911 dispatcher and we had him review the calls for the last 6 months in our zone and he was able to tell us that there was nothing serious or recurring issues that we should be concerned with; home burglaries, car-jacking etc. We felt comfortable with our decision.

Shortly after moving in though we learned of a suicide by cop incident on our street... One of the neighbors came to the front of the house where my husband was outside checking the mail or something. He asked if we were kin to "Mike." He of course said no, we purchased the home from the previous family but we were of no relation. He went on to explain that Mike perished right here in our front yard under the beautiful old shady tree we loved so much. He said that he was a very nice man whose only flaw was his love of beer.

I purchased the house from a woman in her mid-thirties who was living there with her husband and 4 kids taking care of her cancer ridden mother. The place was much too small for them, but she moved in with her mom after her "father died last year" to help take care of her... I didn't ask her, hey how did your dad die? Did he die here? Like, it didn't even dawn on me A, to ask how or B, to ask if it was here. Just common courtesy you know? But I was thinking, more along the lines of natural causes, not right outside the front door!

Well I was wrong. We always joked the first week that the only thing our house was missing was a white picket fence. Well, turns out we had one before the SWAT team broke it down the year before. Apparently, according to news stories online, Mike called the police told them he had a gun and he was going to hurt himself and others. He said, "Send the SWAT team, I want to get killed." When the cops pulled up, he went inside and came out with a gun. He pointed it at the cops and they shot and killed him on the spot.

"Did I buy a haunted house?!" First thing that crossed my mind... But I hadn't and still have yet to "feel" anything IN the house. So, I am under the impression that though it was sudden, the man was ready to go. We came to realize that the NASCAR posters and bikini woman poster, and the crushed beer cans in the walls of the shed in the backyard must have been his things. Probably why the daughter didn't take those things down and kind of just left them. I can tell that it was his "Man Cave." If anything, I get creepy vibes from the shed. Going in there at night, peering in to it will make my skin prickle, and it feels like someone is in there looking at me. It's not evil feeling, but there is definitely a presence in there of some kind and it's very strong.

Strong to the point that my aunt came over the beginning of May, and that woman has more experiences than I have ever had and much creepier, and she said, "Come here!" We were sitting in the backyard and the sun went down. She was calling me to the back corner of my yard where the shed is. She said, "Stand right here." As I did, I felt a coolness wrap around my legs and work itself up my body. I didn't say anything I just looked at her. She said, "You feel that? You feel the cold? I have goosebumps." She said, "It's coming from there," pointing at the shed that we were standing about 10 feet from. She said, "He's not bad, but he's there... And that's okay." At which point, I told her about Mike. Ugh... So I'm not the only one that feels the vibes from the shed. This was my first confirmation of him, but this is about my baby girl.

End of last week, I was deep cleaning my car. She needed it bad! My husband was trying to cook dinner though and so I took the baby out with me. It was early evening, about 6:30 ish. The sun was still out, with daylight savings it's really not pitch black out until about 9 pm these days; I love it! I rolled all the windows down in the car and opened all the doors. I have a Dodge Caliber which sits pretty low to the ground. I sat Punky (her nickname) in the passenger seat and began sweeping out the car while she entertained herself with a random shoe of hers and the AUX cord that she found. She was happy to be out in the car where she could observe outside as we never did this before. (HENCE THE STATE OF MY CAR.)

Well, my car was pulled up practically to the front door facing it, top of my driveway. To the right of the car, if you're facing the house sitting in the passenger seat, is grass and the big shady tree and the other half of my front yard. Half is the paved driveway, half is grass and the big old tree. My neighbor in the house on the other side of the grass wasn't out this evening. I'm used to seeing him and his children out playing basketball but apparently they were in for the night. The street had a beautiful breeze but there were not many people out at all except across the street, parallel to us behind my car, there were two men sitting in lawn chairs. Punky can't see them.

Now, Punky is the friendliest little girl you will ever meet. She IS a bully to her 12 year old stepbrother, but she's truly a sweet girl. I love her to pieces. But man oh man did she freak me out. She looks out the door to the tree directly in her sight and I hear her say "Hi!" and she starts waving! This is one of the few words she knows besides Tank too (thank you) Mama, Dada, Day Cee (JC her brother), Cheche (Leche is Milk in Spanish), and OMMMM (how she let's us know she is hungry) just to name a few. She ALWAYS waves and says hi to people when we are out and about and if they wave back she loves it and starts laughing and gets more into it. If they don't wave back she just kind of stays there with her little hand up and I immediately say, "Hi Punky!" because I feel so bad they leave her hanging.

Well, she says, "Hi!" again and looks back at me smiling and excited. I am sitting in the driver's seat wiping my door down, and she's laughing and smiling at me because she obviously made a new friend. I look out her door to see who she's waving at, expecting to see my neighbor's kids and there is no one there... It slowly dawns on me, she's waving at the tree. And apparently it's waving back based on her reaction... I am not sure if she saw Mr. Mike there waving at her... But I know my daughter generally doesn't wave at inanimate objects. There was no one outside in her line of vision and she was staring very intently at the tree.

I think she may have seen him. Needless to say, she freaked mama out a little bit. I was originally going to post the story, but in the Google search bar I just typed in his first and last name and my street name and there was a link with my entire home address and that may not be the wisest information to give out, my apologies! Thanks for reading.

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valkricry (49 stories) (3273 posts) mod
8 years ago (2016-06-18)
I'm glad you enjoyed the article. The suicide by cop thing; apparently it isn't as uncommon as we'd like to think. "Suicide by Cop occurs when people want to die but do not want to kill themselves. So they put themselves in a position where a police officer is forced to shoot them." According to, "Researchers studied data from 1987 through 1997 and found that 11 percent of officer-involved shootings were suicide by cop incidents" (researchers analyzed data from the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department).
Evidently, Mr. Mike was 'ready to go', as you said, and for him it probably wasn't 'sudden' at all. Maybe he just couldn't take watching his wife suffering any more.
PunkysMama (4 stories) (62 posts)
8 years ago (2016-06-17)

Not sure why HIV/Aids was singled out on there but apparently that is one of the STD's people are most concerned with- enough so that it was tossed into the things you have to disclose as a seller list.

Some people are really weird about things like that. For example, my inspector who did the home inspection prior to me moving in did the inspection while the current owners were home and I was also present. As I had mentioned in the story her mother was ill with cancer at that time/fighting cancer etc. Well they mentioned that in front of the inspector. Not sure if you have purchased a home but it is protocol for the homeowner (if they are wise) to walk around with the inspector to ensure a thorough inspection and point out any concerns. ANYWAY, we get to the hall bathroom by the mother's room and he said, "You have children and the mother is very ill, (he was like from the middle east I believe, nice guy for the most part) make sure you clean everything very well with bleach. Looks clean to me but you must be careful." Insinuating what?! That we were going to catch the cancer from the mom? SO MY POINT some people are really concerned with things they should have no real concern for, or at least not for the reasons they are worried about, based off of pure ignorance on the matter. 😕
Tweed (35 stories) (2501 posts)
8 years ago (2016-06-17)
eeek, Miracles that is scary! Sorry you had to find that, I would have freaked out for sure.😢 Shame on whoever left all that behind.
Miracles51031 (39 stories) (4999 posts) mod
8 years ago (2016-06-17)
Tweed - I'm not going to disagree with your statement but want to share something with you. I bought our mobile home 7 years ago. When it was set up and I was doing a deep, thorough cleaning (it's a 1995 model), I found 2 used needles on top of our wooden bathroom medicine cabinets. I'm well acquainted with insulin needles. That is not what these were. It's a wonder they hadn't fallen when it was being transported. I also found bullets ontop of the kitchen cabinets. Some boxed, some loose.

My point is, you never know what you're going to find. Especially if it is a home that is not newly built for you. And even then I wouldn't guarantee you 100% that there couldn't be something hidden in it.
Tweed (35 stories) (2501 posts)
8 years ago (2016-06-17)
What the heck? Why does HIV/AIDS need to be disclosed to anyone? That's insane, it's not like it's easy to 'catch' and is in no way a health risk to anyone living there in the future. Unless you're having unprotected sex with an infected person, sharing needles, or pouring copious amounts of blood into an open wound, no one will ever be in danger of contracting HIV from a house.😐

Dear America, update your state laws to include health and safety facts, and advice on cleansing/shielding against ghosts gone bad instead of fueling petty misinformation and senseless fear.

The suicide showdown on your front lawn, I completely agree, you should have been informed about. Because that's the kind of thing which *could*, in some cases, lead to future trouble from whomever may have been involved in a serious crime. In your case it seems this doesn't apply, that's great news. But still, on principle, I think you should have been informed.
PunkysMama (4 stories) (62 posts)
8 years ago (2016-06-17)
*Update Valkricry*

Just looked up Florida and found the following: Do not have to disclose- that the property has been inhabited by a person infected with HIV or AIDS, or that a murder or suicide has occurred or is suspected to have occurred on the property.

This is interesting because many states require AIDS/HIV Disclosure and also Murder or Suicide. Apparently NOT the sunshine state! 😐
PunkysMama (4 stories) (62 posts)
8 years ago (2016-06-17)
Hello Valkricry,

Thank you for sharing the article very interesting and some good information there. Based on what I have experienced "inside" the home I wouldn't say that it was haunted. Whether or not they felt their loved one there while they were residing there, who knows. The part that I felt should have been disclosed was that there was a suicide on the property only a year prior to me purchasing the home. I think it would be courteous to let someone know that something so serious happened in the place they are thinking of making their home for many year to come you know?

That's just my opinion though. I am curious about the laws specific to Florida now and I am going to see if I can't find something more on it. I love my house. I am not leaving. But I am curious to see if this is something that should have been disclosed to me prior in the state of Florida.

Thank you for your input! 😁
valkricry (49 stories) (3273 posts) mod
8 years ago (2016-06-16)
You know, it's possible the family didn't know the place was haunted, and I'm not sure feelings/vibes would qualify as a must disclose. In many states the 'must disclose' is regulated to material defects. However, according to Legal Match; "in some states, a buyer must inform a seller that a house is haunted, because a reasonably prudent buyer could not be expected to take this possibility into consideration. " It's really an interesting article. You can read more at

If you're still concerned, a cleansing certainly wouldn't hurt.
PunkysMama (4 stories) (62 posts)
8 years ago (2016-06-13)
Hello Biblio,

First off, your mother's story is crazy! 😲 I can't believe they didn't have to disclose something like that to her! That is insane! I feel that it's not soooo bad in my situation because technically it was outside but it still would have been nice to know upfront if that is something I wanted to live with. I mean does it really affect me? Maybe, maybe not, but let me make that decision you know? Imagine if I would have jokingly asked, "This house isn't haunted is it!?" How awkward unbeknownst to me that would have been!

As far as your suggestion for a medium, I don't have the faintest idea how to go about finding a reliable "true" medium. I would be so skeptical. I just saw something online the other day about couples who have had a child abducted, and how immediately they are contacted by tons of people claiming to have psychic abilities and CAN help them find their child... For the low fee of $400 etc. They had one "Medium" contacted and the fake client showed the medium a photo of his "abducted sister" from 30 years prior. She was then interviewed by a journalist I believe and the photo was actually of her as a child. The medium had said that the child was abducted and now dead and that it was a violent death and that she knew this for a fact but she was quite surprised (and angry) to find that she was being called on her bluff... This woman claimed to have been helping the police for the last 30 years and many families... Helping them lose money! 😠

Anyway! I don't feel currently that Mr. Mike poses a threat. Other than the super creepy shed, which doesn't give off any negative or angry vibes just creepy vibes because I'm a scaredy-cat, I don't feel like my house is under attack or weighted down in any way on an emotional level. I kind of get the feeling he was ready to go perhaps... 😕 I will file your advice away though in case the opportunity arises that something starts feeling off inside the house vs. Staying outside.

Thank you so much for your insight and advice.
Bibliothecarius (9 stories) (1091 posts)
8 years ago (2016-06-12)
Greetings, Punkys!

I know that American real estate law differs from state to state. I think that the New York State requirement which Red mentioned was probably very well intended; however disclosure of haunting events in the home when there's just as much likelihood that the paranormal phenomena is attached to a piece of furniture or to a person could be misleading. In the case of a house sale, answering "yes" to "have there been peculiar, inexplicable, or paranormal phenomena in your home?" could be a "false positive" response, as the furniture and the people who own it would be leaving the property and taking the haunting with them.

[A related side note: my mother has several illnesses, so when she returned to Massachusetts from California, she spent several weeks cleaning her apartment of any residual allergens which could make her sick; three months after she'd settled in, the police called --very politely-- to inform her that she'd have to leave the house for about 4 hours on the next Wednesday afternoon, as three officers, a few lawyers, and the members of the jury would need to examine the scene of the double-homicide (a drug-related stabbing) in the master bedroom. You'd think that someone should have been required to disclose that tidbit before renting it out; nope! It's no wonder the place had a smell of bleach, fresh paint, and new carpets giving her migraine headaches!]

As for Mr. Mike, he seems to have been pleasantly sociable with Punky; I'll agree both with Red's suggestions about "Welcome" mats and Tweed's suggestions about doing a cleansing of the house. However, if Mr. Mike is content to be left alone in his shed, I'd give serious consideration to seeking out a medium --usually, the mediums who have strong abilities work for free or ask that you reimburse their gasoline costs-- to sit in the yard *near* the shed and to have a chat with him. Reveal NOTHING in detail before this person arrives. "Suicide by cop" causes a lot of tension, sometimes P.T.S.D., for the officers involved; despite the trigger-happy depictions on t.v., most cops do not want to shoot at anyone, let alone hit them (in most cases there's paperwork, an official inquiry, a psych evaluation, etc., *before* they're allowed back on their regular duties of keeping people safe). The cops' tension, and Mr. Mike's depression/isolation, would be a level of negative energy which may have trapped Mr. Mike in place. To be unhappy/depressed enough to wish to commit suicide, but to lack the willfulness to overcome the primal drive to continue living, is *also* a trapped feeling. Mr. Mike may have finished his earthly business through a traumatic series of decisions and actions, but he was irresolute; he may be hanging around the property still debating whether or not he should go through with his suicide attempt. A medium who listens to his concerns may be able to show him that he has taken those actions, and that he has the ability to 'move on' to the next life. Clearly, on some level, he already had the intention to leave his life behind; a medium may be able to help him do just that in a peaceful and non-confrontational manner. (Odd thought: he may respond best to a male medium, especially a masculine "average joe" type who'd sit down with anyone and say "Hey, buddy. What's up?") If the medium is able to get him to let go of his anger and agitation, and he moves on, then a cleansing of the shed would be a very good idea anyway, just to shake loose any lingering attachments to the structure, but without the need for confronting Mr. Mike to cleanse him from his shed.

Please, let us know how you get on; even if you disregard my advice and go with one of the others' suggestions, I'd like to know how you resolve the situation.

PunkysMama (4 stories) (62 posts)
8 years ago (2016-06-12)
Hello RedWolf,

Thank you for the advice. Now that I am thinking about it (sitting at work) I am trying to remember if the front door's mat says welcome on it OR if it is decorative! I can't remember lol 😳

Either way my husband is from NY and if we are not expecting company, especially at night the door doesn't get answered. 😆 He's *that* guy!

Punky didn't seem scared at all by whoever/whatever it was that was giving her attention and I haven't had any creepy experiences in the house so I am not too concerned about the baby.

As far as disclosure laws here I'm still not 100% clear on the technicalities but I do think it was pretty Not Cool of them to totally leave that information out beings that it was the year before. 😐

Thank you for your input! And Hugs for Punky?! Sure!
RedWolf (31 stories) (1292 posts)
8 years ago (2016-06-10)

I would like to give you a piece of advice. If you hear someone knock on your door especially at night don't just open the door. Ask who is there and if you don't get an answer don't open the door as Mr. Mike may see it as an invitation to enter the house. If you have a Welcome mat either turn it around so the Welcome is facing the door not the walkway. OR get rid of the Welcome mat and put a mat that is plain for people to wipe their feet or a decorative one. I once had a mat that had the cartoon Tasmanian devil that said GO AWAY, everyone thought that was amusing.

In New York there is a very old law on the books that says you must be informed if the house or any building on the property is haunted, but I don't know if that includes property too.

I wouldn't worry about Punky seeing this man. Babies and young children can see spirits but *usually* outgrow this.

When you do the cleansing/shielding on your house don't forget to do this to the shed too. Give Punky big hugs

Red 😊
PunkysMama (4 stories) (62 posts)
8 years ago (2016-06-09)
Hey Tweed,

I feel like there may have been more to this guy then the way he was portrayed considering the kinds of firearms he owned, not saying owning guns makes you a bad person. But he had the handgun he brought out and pointed at the cops, they found an assault rifle inside after he was taken out... I wonder about that... 😐

When I told a friend or two about this new information they all said the same thing, shouldn't they have disclosed this? I am not sure what the law is exactly or if him dying outside the house vs. Inside the actual home gave them any lee-way in having to disclose that information. I certainly had no idea and it did not occur to me to do research on the house in that way before purchasing believe it or not. She told me her family had resided in the home for over 20 years I had no reason to think of foul play... Sigh 😐

And I understand, I should keep an eye out for strange occurrences but he seems to be okay... I have a small bathroom in my room that faces the front of the house and has a small window. Right outside the window is where the tree is. It's funny because I never put it together but any time I walk into the room and the bathroom door is open, I see the shadow of a person walk in front of the window. I always told myself it was a car passing causing the shadows but I am not so sure anymore.

Thank you for your input I will look into cleansing. 😊
PunkysMama (4 stories) (62 posts)
8 years ago (2016-06-09)

Whether or not he is still around I am not sure. Shortly after posting this story I went on Vacation and I have only been home now a few days. We haven't had any other experiences as of yet. Most of the time though as I said it's only outside of the house where strange things seem to happen; nothing happens in the house and I am hoping it stays that way!

Thank you for reading.
Tweed (35 stories) (2501 posts)
8 years ago (2016-06-08)
Hi Punkys,

With the information you have, use the internet to find out anything you can about this Mike fellow. Based on what you've said about Punky's reaction, this seems harmless, and it may not have even been Mike she was waving at, could've been anyone, ghost or entity.
I don't like the feeling you get around that shed. Also my gut is screaming there's way more to that suicide than you know. Typically people (usually always men) don't choose death by cop on a whim. There's more often than not a murky revenge motive for this type of decision.
Doesn't a seller have to declare this kind of thing in America?

This could all be very innocent and nothing to worry about, so don't worry about it. But do look into cleansing/sheilding. Because how many times have you heard of people describing total wackos like 'He was always such a nice quiet man', yeah.😐

Here's Rook's cleansing method
Be sure to do inside your shed.

You're right to be concerned, but hopefully there's no need for it, if that makes sense. 😊
MysticFrance (5 stories) (95 posts)
8 years ago (2016-06-08)
Oh. I hope he is harmless. Is "he" still around? Did Punky had any other encounter with Mr. Mike?

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