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Dark Blob on my Ceiling


I have this issue with sleeping by myself, basically... I hate it. So sometimes as stupid as it sounds... I kind of lift my sister up from her bed and half carry, half drag her in my bed. She's used to it and is content with it when I tell her she came in my room at night. I scold her and tell her to stay in her own bed! So this particular night she was awake and came into my room.

Imagine my surprise. I gladly let her in. We got into this deep discussion about ghost and demons and things. As we were talking I notice this black shape on the ceiling. I actually really did not think anything about it though, until I shifted my eyes up. It started to bother me but I immediately thought that it was the shadow of my fan or tv. So I poked my sister and we both agreed we would find out what the blob thing was. We started moving this quietly as my mom was sleeping next door. I moved the fan, the blob stayed. I moved the Tv. The blob stayed. Basically... we moved everything except for my damn bed. Me and my sister looked at each other and ran in the bed. It was hilarious at the time. But now that I think about it it creeps me out.

So after seeing the blob shift towards the other corner, I actually got really scared. I prayed like a damn nun. And so did my sister. Then I couldn't believe it. A white blob showed up and the dark blob disappeared. The white thing stayed there all night. I believe in god and I'm christian, but wow. To see it really happening. And how good it feels to be protected. It's wonderful

You know I got on this site and started reading these things and I always get scared. I actually can't sleep now. I keep thinking something I did bad in my life is going to come for me in a demon form. I'm terrified. I really think I have a problem.

Somebody maybe you could help me. Hope you liked my little story.



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The following comments are submitted by users of this site and are not official positions by Please read our guidelines and the previous posts before posting. The author, juiicyj, has the following expectation about your feedback: I will participate in the discussion and I need help with what I have experienced.

ZiShu (281 posts)
13 years ago (2009-10-26)
The dark blob is actually a type of demon.
How do I know that?
Because I woke up one day, and saw the SAME thing on top of my ceiling. I blinked many times, and even rubbed my eyes to make sure I was not dreaming or seeing things. I was quite awake. I could even remember my sister and babies upstairs talking and making noise.
I was a little bit creep ed out. However I just ignored it and went back to sleep.
The blob moved extremely strange. Almost like waves hitting the beach.
That white blob you saw, is it a bright light in orb or aura form? Regardless, it was an Angel.
My friend checked out that wall the blob was near awhile after the experience. He felt a tingly presence near it. My dog loves to stare and "follow" with his head on that wall.
Keep praying and God Bless
Lex (1 stories) (8 posts)
14 years ago (2008-10-28)
I've had instances with these dark blobs myself as I have two of these things in my room that love to tear a paticular poster off of my wall, it has a picture or a dragon and a phoenix in ying-yang formation that a friend painted for me when I turned 19. For some reason what ever these things are they hate that picture with a passion, and no matter what I do to fix the poster to the wall if I'm gone longer than 2 days the poster is hanging or on my bed when I return.
I feel your pain on these damn pests
snowolb (guest)
15 years ago (2008-06-08)
the dark blob,
I'm not so sure if it really is
but it could be an orb
orbs are supposed to be good spirits that protects you or watch over you
i think you should research orbs
to see whether it could be an orb or not
juiicyj (1 stories) (4 posts)
15 years ago (2008-05-13)
Recently. I haven't Seen Anything. But Man I'm Scared. LOL. But Yes I do have a Light in the middle of my ceiling. The Light Bulb Wasn;t in it though.:)
P3PP3R (2 posts)
15 years ago (2008-05-08)
im glad I'm not the only one that sees those blobs 😁 I don't know what they are... They don't normally scare me... I have seen a lot worse than the have a question... Does your room have a light or some electrical thing in in the middle of your ceiling?
TheUnknown (1 stories) (192 posts)
15 years ago (2008-03-11)
So,did the blob come back for you Jasmine? Or it just been banished by GOD himself? Its good to be protected by GOD, so be nice to anyone you like and hate 😐...
jaque (2 stories) (11 posts)
15 years ago (2007-12-17)
wow! That is a really interesting story. I am afraid of the dark so I understand your not wanting to sleep alone!
puppy_posses_me96 (14 posts)
15 years ago (2007-12-15)
i think the dark blob represented a dark presence (such as saitin) and the white blob represented an act of god... I don't know if it felt cold or unusually chili that night only in your room then I was more than likely right
whitebuffalo (guest)
15 years ago (2007-12-14)
Alright then, juiicyj I will be on here for a while, if you feel you want to take me up on my offer, I would be glad to join you over there. If not, enjoy your day, dear.
whitebuffalo (guest)
15 years ago (2007-12-14)
juiicyj, tread very softly dear, very softly. Care to step over into the Chat Room with me over there to the left?
Shane (13 stories) (1258 posts)
15 years ago (2007-12-06)
Juiicyj, just because I am moving doesn't mean I won't be reading the comments now and again. I am a moderator and I am going to only warn you once about the language. I am going to start deleting your comments if your cursing doesn't stop. It doesn't help your cause one bit when you go around calling people names and cursing. No I don't believe your story, just like I do not believe you are 19, but once again that is just me and I am entitled to my opinion just like you are entitled to yours. Just like other readers and poster are entitled to come to this site and not be bombarded by foul language. So I am asking you to please refrain from using it. No hard feelings, as I believe in forgive and forget.

Peace, Love, and Luck be with you.
whitebuffalo (guest)
15 years ago (2007-12-06)
Juiicyj, HONEY! You DO have more to tell! (Oh, by the way, thanks for the kudoos on my stories) In your comment that was just posted, see? Down there? You-had-a-monster-sit-on-your-chest. Get it OFF your chest (so to speak) and tell us! Some of the things that we think are not important (to ourselves) are of much import. Sometimes just talking (or in this case typing) about something puts it in better perspective and releases the angry beast within to go to the place where it NEEDS to be, and not stuck inside.
juiicyj (1 stories) (4 posts)
15 years ago (2007-12-06)
Shane, I don't care for you. I'm 19 years old. Believe it or not.
i aplogize however for the anger. This is my first real experience.
And I was kind of shockeed that This DID happen to me
i just told it how it happened.
But anyways,
THank you Shelby And white Buffalo. I LOVE YOOUR stories.
And Thanks luvParanormal. Ill take your adivce.
And if I missed anyone eles Thank you to,
OH. Also to anwser your guy's questions why I'm so scared of demons is because when I was little some monster sat on my chest and I couldn't breath.
Ever since then I have been terrified.
I pray nightly.
And I have faith. But I'm still terrified
And the blob thing just kind of Set it off.
If I have any experiences I will Write them.
And I will Continue to read all your stories.
Ill just have to suck it up.
And be a soilder


luvparanormal (12 stories) (268 posts)
15 years ago (2007-12-05)
Don't take to personal every post on the site. If you are coming into this site and posting your story you are bound to have one or two people that don't believe it or that think you are just bluffing, your imagination is acting too much or whatever; the thing is that when you tell a story allthough it may be very true! Regardless you will have comments on it weather they are good or bad you cannot control it, and trust me cursing or showing your anger towards that person or persons is not going to help. With this being said take every comment and advise with a grain of salt. No one in this site is here to hurt you. The people that posted those comments that you did not like have been on the website pretty much since it started and they have a lot of experiences a lot scarrier that yours, I'm not saying yours are not but, compared to yours unfortunatly because of your age you migh not be able to narrate the story as descriptive as someone else would and that might cause it to sound not so credible.
Please don't make an abrupt decision to not tell your story or to leave the site. You came here looking for help and that is what we are trying to do you just have to make sure that what you say and describe does not sound to good to be true.
I ask that you take this as good advise from a good friend and not as critisism.

whitebuffalo (guest)
15 years ago (2007-12-05)
I have a question, imagine that, right? 😉 Do Shadow people only come in the form of a person? Like a silhouette? Or can they be in an odd shape, like a "blob"? And do they appear in a variety of places, like a ceiling maybe? I do not know about the white blob beating out the dark one, that would pose more questions yet, I guess I'm just wondering out loud here. I just do not know anything about Shadow people. Thanks again juiicyj
oh, and uh, sorry. That was more than A question, wasn't it?
mustang (5 stories) (749 posts)
15 years ago (2007-12-04)
Thanks Amanda for explaining that. I kind of figured that's what it was all about! 😊 ~Shelby ❤
Qtgrly111 (2 stories) (58 posts)
15 years ago (2007-12-04)
Oh and I agree with Shelby some people are offensive on this site, they really shouldn't be, you shouldn't leave, I would love to try and help in the best way I can if you have any questions... 😁
Qtgrly111 (2 stories) (58 posts)
15 years ago (2007-12-04)
Thanks Shelby I totally blanked and typed in the wrong name, and I was just saying that you should be veeeeerrrryyyy careful when talking about demons, I have heard of SCARY thing about demons I hope I steer clear of them...
mustang (5 stories) (749 posts)
15 years ago (2007-12-04)
Excuse me Jasmine.
Qtgrly111, what are you talking about? That post was a bit confusing to me. How does that comment relate to Jasmine's experience/story or to anything else for that matter. It seems like I'm being a bit rude but I just want to know what your talking about. Thanks! ~Shelby 😊
Qtgrly111 (2 stories) (58 posts)
15 years ago (2007-12-04)
Ok Emma I think that is pretty cool, not at all your imagination, and I have talked about Demons before and the flashlight I was using went out, I changed the batteries and the light bulb, the dumb thing will never work, I have also had some weird things happen just watching a show about things like that and weird and creepy things happen to me so I tend to say away from the topic.
mustang (5 stories) (749 posts)
15 years ago (2007-12-04)
Hi juiicyj. I know, from some of the comments I read, that they were DEFINITELY offensive. I can't apologize for the others but I would like to say that I DO believe you. I was just making some other suggestions as to what it could be since it has happened to me before. I hope I didn't offend you or hurt your feelings and if I did, "I'm sorry!" 😊Please don't leave this site. I would like to continue reading your stories/experiences. ~Shelby ❤
juiicyj (1 stories) (4 posts)
15 years ago (2007-12-04)
First of all. I'm trying not to take all the Shit you just said to me to heart.
But Bellissima (I'm 19 years old you idiot), Shane And kim how dare you try to tell me it was my imagination And if you people read the story I told you guys that I was terrified but wasn't sure that it was a demon or ghost or whatever the hell it was. I just did not want it on my ceiling. So thank you for your comments but I think this is the last time I try and tell my stories on the internet. Thanks for the nice people tho. I haven't seen the blob thing of a jig on my ceiling. But the white blob sometimes shows up. Oh and shelby that's exactly my problem. I hate reading these stories but love them at the same time. I guess I have to deal with it.
:) and Emma thanks for the GOOD advice. And to anwser your question Emma dearest. I wasn't sure what the hell it was as I don't just think of demons and ghost as I got to bed. I Assumed it was a shadow until I started moving my furniture around and noticed it still wasn't moving. I then got scared.
Anna12 (1 stories) (44 posts)
15 years ago (2007-12-02)
The black blob was definetly an evil spirit. Ways to figure that out is if it stays there and it doesn't move. The white blob was definetly your guardian angel. Guardian angels appear as white lights (or blobs in your case!) and will not stay. It repelled the evil spirit from your room. Good story 😊
whitebuffalo (guest)
15 years ago (2007-11-30)
I DO believe you saw something, but I also equally believe that it was a self inflicted vision. Please do not think that I am trying to offend you, I am not. You admitted that the stories prevent you from sleeping as you are too scared to, correct? When you close your eyes do you see the things you read of, or do you see things that were formed in your imagination after reading them? Cut out the stories for about a week and see if that helps. Just a thought. Thanks for the story.
chunkygut1 (13 stories) (73 posts)
15 years ago (2007-11-30)
Dont worry about it I often get really paranoid about noises in my house after reading things on this site and I also have to put my T.V on the sleep timer when I go to sleep.
Lunar_fox (2 stories) (7 posts)
15 years ago (2007-11-29)
This reminds me of something that happened to me but my experience was less scary than yours. For a while I had been seeing a shadow on my ceiling of my room(this was above my hip and it was a slanted wall/ceiling so it was always close to my bed), and it would move around at night and like you I had tried to find the source of this shadow that would constantly dance on my ceiling every night. Sometimes it was almost like they would keep me awake. One night I was very tired and it was again keeping me up so I yelled at it to let me sleep and it hasn't moved since 😊
Emma (3 stories) (39 posts)
15 years ago (2007-11-29)
Jasmine – I think you have a problem too. How can you go from having a blob encounter to thinking that a demon is coming for you? You’re talking apples and oranges here. I seriously believe that you’re wanting to empathize with the stories that are on this site. You’re getting creeped out by reading these stories and thinking about them before going to bed. Hey, it’s happened to me. So, to fix it, I don’t read any stories or watch anything scary on TV before going to bed. Keep a light on, it helps. I also wonder why if you were scared of the blob, that you would take the time to move furniture around and investigate what the cause of it was. It’s just not a typical action of a person encountering something truly paranormal. Most others would freeze or just run like hell away from there. Perhaps you only encountered some sort of optical illusion, shadow from another object, or a hallucination. You should keep an open mind and remain as rational as possible.
Emma (3 stories) (39 posts)
15 years ago (2007-11-29)
Ramzey – Where do you get off telling this girl not to be scared? You’re advising her that just as long as she doesn’t provoke it, that it won’t harm her. That is very ill advice if I ever heard any. Just in case you haven’t been reading the stories on this site (I’ve taken the time over several months to read them all, including yours) it’s difficult to tell what sparks a ghost sighting or haunting. I doubt that everyone who’s had an experience is guilty of provoking it. Most people on the site don’t ask for their encounters, whereas you go out of your way to experience them as a “ghost hunter”. I believe that your perspective differs greatly from theirs and you should really be careful about what you say in the form of advice to the people on this site. Sometimes it takes a lot more than faith to get you through a difficult time.
mustang (5 stories) (749 posts)
15 years ago (2007-11-29)
Hi juicyj. I believe that you saw the black blob and then the white blob! However, I also think that if you are so scared to sleep alone and are scared after reading ghost stories on this site, it is highly likely that your imagination is getting the best of you. You seem very young and at a very impressionable age. This could be the cause of the frightening thing you experienced. If I were you I wouldn't read any more stories on this sight. BUT, if you were like me, you couldn't help but read them no matter how scared they made you! 😊 Thank you for sharing your experience and don't be so scared, nothing bad is going to happen. ~Shelby ❤
Ramzey (9 stories) (130 posts)
15 years ago (2007-11-29)
Hey ~ Don't be scared, please, don't be scared. I am a ghost hunter. I have had horrible things happen to me (Not that I want them too)~ I am not frightened. I say again, please don't be scared! There's not a DAMN thing ever going to curse you or attempt to unless you provoke it there. Have no fear in these things, keep your faith - you will be protected.

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