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My Experiences With Disembodied Voices And Shadow People


For as long and as young as I can remember I've always had some paranormal experience, the most prominent being hearing voices and seeing shadows. I would (especially when I was alone) hear a voice calling out my name, loud and clear as day. One time my cousin had come to stay over, and that night we were both in my room when she herself heard it, it sounded like my mother calling me loudly (mum was asleep in the opposite direction of this "voice") needless to say we were both freaked out.

The "shadow people" started after my dad had passed away and we moved into my uncles house. I remember the very first incident, my entire family and I had gone to the beach for a day and on returning home mum, my brother and I were sitting in the lounge area talking, when suddenly all the kitchen cupboards opened and slammed shut, all three of us heard it. Also the shadows were quite frequent especially the passage, light would reflect onto my room door from the passage light and I'd see the shadows reflection would fall onto the door. I thought maybe I'm going crazy but fortunately my mum and aunt witnessed it, one day at my uncles house while sitting in the lounge and listening to music. I saw it full view, from where I was sitting I had a direct and clear view of the passage way and the rooms n kitchen.

Opposite my room was the kitchen where I saw a glowing white shadow with a blackish outline of a man (I assume its a man because it didn't have hair) walk from my room into the kitchen, I wasn't scared I actually got up to see what that was, but as I got there there wasn't anything.

The shadows and voices had stopped for quite a good few years until fairly recently (December 2016 to January 2017) when I was at my brothers house and standing at his front door when I heard his girlfriend call my name (it sounded like her but in an audible whisper) and I was about to answer back when one major detail came to me... She's NOT a soft spoken person! In fact she's loud and brash and does not know how to whisper, so I walk up to her and ask her if she had called me and she said no she hadn't. The second time again at bro's house few days after new years I'm in the lounge when I heard "his girlfriends voice" again calling me but what freaked me out was that it sounded almost childish and a bit menacing, like something evil trying to sound playful and childish. Of course I ignored it. One bit of advice I can give fellow readers is if you ever experience disembodied voices calling out to you don't answer. If you unsure wait and see if its an actual person calling out to you before you respond.

I'm sorry for this long narrative about all my random experiences with the unknown, Thank you for reading.

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JennyB83 (12 posts)
7 years ago (2017-03-27)
Thanks for sharing! Interesting story. I've also had experiences like this. I agree with you, don't answer unless you know its a real person. Good luck!

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