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Walking Shadow And Standing Smiling Shadow


These encounters took place during my childhood, in my town of Kaiapoi a small but growing Riverside town with great history of trade and culture of the old but gone swamp that once was there but now long drained and built on. The Town is based in the South Island of NZ roughlu in the middle to the east coast.

The 1st encounter took place when I was 5-8 my father was out on a work trip for the week and it was only me my bro and my mother. Well from memory it was either a school week or either a school holidays minds bit hazy. So when my father was away I sleep in the same bed as my mother as it was a water bed which I loved at the time even tho I got stuck in the side gap few times.

One night I was sleeping peacefully then all sudden I got the urged to look towards the door (can't remember why tho) when I looked towards the door I saw in the pitch black of the door frame a dark figure standing staring at me. Couldn't see the face but it seemed like it was smiling at me. After that I went back to sleep and didn't mentioned it to anyone. But when I thought of it at the time it couldn't be anyone from my family as my brother was short and was 9-11 and my dad was away and considering that the dark figure was almost touching the roof of the door frame and took the whole space up.

The other encounter took place when I was 10-14. It started off with my dad seeing someone walked past the kitchen window. Now the window is something different here as its not like a normal window its similar to the ones you have in bathrooms with the etches on them so you can't look out or in but can see of someone walked pass by their clothing.

So my dad saw someone walked past and said who that, opens door looks and sees nothing. He was confused to what he saw.

Fast forwarded a few months later I was standing in the kitchen making lunch or a snack of some sort and saw a tall figure in blue shirt walk pass casually by the window so since the door was open I went outside and looked towards the location it walked in. I saw nothing and there was no way for it to go so quick if it was a real person because we have a long driveway and gates at the end to be open to get out and they make a lot of noises if you do so.

So I scratch my head and wonder HUH what was that so I shrug it off. From my understanding my brother also witnessed this a few times.

Those are the 2 encounters I had in my youth days and to this day I'm still thinking who or what was it and why would they suddenly appear pass the window. Now there another window before that window it walked pass that's crystal clear and didn't see it go pass that one but saw it at the next window which is few steps apart.

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sheld999 (14 stories) (74 posts)
6 years ago (2017-12-12)
Toby. Yeah considering the property I live at. The direction it came from was backyard (roughly 5-45meters to the window. Back of section is empty but fence line outlining the property. Then two neighbours houses over the fence (shared driveway.)

Shadow person haven't seen one since or can't remember to have seen one been awhile
Toby (2 stories) (14 posts)
6 years ago (2017-12-08)
The first one seems like a shadow person and seemed to interact with you. The second seems like a residual haunting, a ghost that relives something they did in the past, because it did not seem to notice you or your dad. They are harmless. But with the shadow person I would be careful, they can sometimes be violent especially since it noticed you. 🤔

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