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My Origin Of The Paranormal


I wasn't sure where to begin and because I will be posting all my experiences on this website I wanted to make sort of like a "background" post explaining my most earliest experience so those that may have more insight can see what could be called the start of my paranormal experiences and those who read my other entries could come back to this to get an idea of where it all started according to my earliest memory.

So to explain a little about myself, I have parents of Cuban and Spanish descent who migrated to the U.S. I have been told by my mom that my grandfather from my dads' side was very much into what is called Santeria. My father, I suspect has also been involved in darker things since he was young based off of my experiences when I was living with him. I will touch on that further into the post. I feel I have always had a 'knack' for these things and I always thought perhaps because of the things my dad did I became sensitive to them or attracted them. However growing up with a devout Christian mother she has always told me to ignore it or its the devil and all that. I however always found things to not be so black and white. According to my mom when I was little (maybe 3-5) I would be alone in my room and would talk by myself and have fits of laughter randomly. She would ask who I was talking to and she said I would say these little angels were making me laugh. She figured if it was making me happy it's ok. That's the earliest that I know of.

My next earliest is when I was 6-7 years old. My parents divorced when I was 4 years old and I had to take turns living with them. Living with my dad is where most of my early experiences happened that I could remember, although I primarily lived with my mom I don't remember too much when I was living with her except that I sleepwalked quite a bit, but she always tossed that to the distress a divorce can have on a child and on top of that my dad did what he could to hurt my mom. Not physically, but in other ways and I was sort of like the bait he would use against her. I know my mom had her own paranormal experiences where we lived, but I don't remember much. Anyway, so I lived with my 2nd oldest brother and my dad. My dad was intensely into whatever dark stuff he was doing, he had an older man who would do stuff for him. I remember he once took me to this man's house and upon walking in there was a sort of altar with bloody chicken heads and skulls of some kind with candles and herbs. He was wearing the same colorful-beaded necklaces my dad wore. As a kid that was really scary for me so I stuck close to my dad. We entered the house and the man led us to his backyard where there were chicken heads lying around. I know there is more to this memory, but I just can't be completely sure so I'm writing what I DO remember. After this memory, I remember seeing black shadows around my dads' house and things moving like this porcelain figure I had in my room where I saw them move their heads towards me when my dads' girlfriend locked me in my room for something I did, but I don't remember what.

On another occasion, I went to sleep with my brother because he and I were close since he looked after me a lot growing up and his door was cracked open enough to see if someone was at the door. You could see the blue light from my dad watching tv in the living room with his girlfriend. My brother and I were talking (he is 18 years older than I) and I remember looking at the door and seeing this figure standing at the door. Its head had spikes and it was dark and shadowy. I remember being terrified and feeling like something evil was outside the door. I told my brother someone was at the door and he said he didn't see anything. I asked him if he thought my dad was listening and he got up and asked my dad if he had been at the door, but he was lying down on the couch and said he hadn't gotten up at all.

Another experience with my dad was after my brother moved out. My dad brought an old man and his daughter who I think was a teenager. The dad would do stuff around the house like put an egg yolk in cups of water by the windows and pass incense while chanting. The daughter was more like my babysitter in a way. I think she was supposed to keep me distracted while the dad did his things around the house. I remember her braiding my hair and chanting something as well. I didn't understand her, but I remember she was always very nice to me so I didn't feel threatened or scared. I suspect the old man, my dad had to do stuff for him, had sent them.

After that I don't remember much else until my teenage years where everything was much more heightened I guess you could say. I think I have always had sort of like a guardian entity and it was more prominent when I was little. However, I would love to hear what anyone else thinks about this. I will write about my experiences when I was teenager up until now in separate posts. Now that I'm older and married things have intensified and I just wanted to have a space to sort of document my experiences.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story.

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Jubeele (26 stories) (886 posts)
6 years ago (2017-11-28)
Hi ethereal_friend,

It is disturbing to hear how your childhood was touched by the darkness from your father's actions. Divorce is always painful and even more so when children are used as a weapon to hurt the other partner.

I read up a little on Santeria, the Way of the Saints or "santos". It is a religion that combines Caribbean traditions, Yoruba spirituality from West Africa and elements of Catholicism. It is a tribal belief, in that the practice is inherited and in turn passed on to others in the community, so as to serve the greater whole. I've attached a link for those who might be interested:

My personal belief is that no religion in its purity is intended to wilfully cause harm to others. What lies within a person's soul is what shapes the form of worship. It is an individual's choice how such powers are used, whether for "good" or for "evil".

You appear to have inherited a measure of sensitivity to such spiritual matters. I know that sometimes when memories are too unpleasant to handle, our minds will block them from our consciousness. That could be one of the reasons why you have so few clear memories of your earliest childhood.

I wish I could call on the Wisewoman knowledge of my Thai great-grandmother to offer you advice, but I don't have any familiarity in such matters. But I do send you my well wishes and thank you for choosing to share your experiences with us.

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