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Flickering Flame


The incident which I am going to share with you this time happened 17 years ago, in the year 2001. My only elder Brother passed away in a car crash. We all were injured, but my Brother didn't make it. My Father was grievously injured. After being treated in the hospital for over a month, he was finally discharged. He was recuperating slowly at home, but all this process was really slow as we all were heartbroken after my brother's death.

After a week one night, suddenly due to a thunderstorm there was powercut in the colony. Whole area was plunged into darkness. We did not have an inverter at that time so we lit candles in order to provide ourselves with some light. Now there was an attached bathroom between two rooms. In the first room my Father slept, and me and my mother slept I the other room. In order to go to my Father's room we had to walk through the passage in which the bathroom was.

My Father was sitting on the bed and Mom had gone to her room to fetch candles. I was in the kitchen, talking with my aunt. Suddenly they saw a silhouette, very short heighted, of about four feet tall, holding something in its hand, probably a candle with a very flickering flame as if someone had just put out the candle's flame with a very thin line of smoke accompanying it. My Mom and my Father saw it at the same time. Both of them thought that it was me bringing a candle to them, but they quickly realized that I was not short. But to be sure my Mother checked on me and found me in the kitchen with my aunt. My Parents kept the matter to themselves, did not tell me anything as I was small at that time, and had not come to terms with my brother's death.

Again after 15 days, one evening after powercut, they again saw the same silhouette with the same weakened flickering flame in its hand. They only saw a silhouette and could not make out that whether it was a male or female. But now they were sure that it was not a human being but a paranormal entity. No one in our entire family is so short heighted. Slowly they explained it to me that whenever darkness fell or a powercut happened I should stay close to them and should not roam around the whole house. At first I didn't understand, that's when they explained the two incidents to me and I was absolutely terrified. But the second time was the last time my parents saw it cause the silhouette was never seen again. My parents saw it two times and that too together. Both of them saw the same thing together but could not make out what was it.

At a point of time three of us thought about Bhaiya (my brother), but it was not possible as he was the tallest in our family. He was six feet tall when he passed away, so it was not possible. Till date we wonder what was it. God Almighty only knows it was ghost or an angel as it did no harm to us. It did not appear for a third time neither did it give us any negative vibes to any of us. Why did it appear whenever there was a powercut that too with a weakened flame in its hand? If it was a ghost why didn't it harm us? Why didn't we feel any negative vibrations from it? It appeared at such a time when we were really depressed due to my Brother's death. Some questions will always remain unanswered.

Sometimes I wonder that it could be a passing spirit, sometimes I think it was a guardian angel trying to show us some light in our depressed darkened life or maybe a deceased ancestor paying us a visit in our trying times. God only knows what it was, but it didn't give us any botheration and until date has not been seen again. Thanks to the almighty. God bless all. Sorry for the mistakes and Thank you.

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ajonverge (6 stories) (84 posts)
5 years ago (2018-06-14)
Sorry for the loss of your brother. I know how losing someone so close to you passing away feels. Peace.
Rashmibandana (6 stories) (20 posts)
5 years ago (2018-06-05)
Hey Darkfox. Of course I remember you. As it was a silhouette, it was difficult for my parents to make out its body stature. But yes its height was of a kid. It will always remain a mystery. Thanks for your opinion and Thank u so much for reading.
Darkfox (guest)
5 years ago (2018-06-05)
Hey rashmi,

Hope you remember me, as you mentioned that the silhouette was very short, but atleast how much you would say, does it's height was like a short grown-up or it more like a kid,.

From these details I believe it's some playful spirit who was passing by and just tried to play a prank in your depressed time, maybe it just wanted to lift your mood, and when it realized everyone got terrified by his act he decided to leave.
Its only a personal belief;).
Rashmibandana (6 stories) (20 posts)
5 years ago (2018-06-01)
Hi slim shady. This is our ancestral house, our own house where we stay. There is nothing to enquire. Like I had said earlier, it might be an deceased ancestor about whom we don't have any information.
slim_shady (5 stories) (11 posts)
5 years ago (2018-06-01)
Hi rashmibandana... The silhouette might be that of someone who used to live there. Did you inquire about this to your neighbours or landlords (if), whether a kid died there before you arrived at the house, or the particular area?

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