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I've already told one ghost story but this is another slightly smaller one. When I was younger and still lived in the US in california, we lived in a town house. Personally I love the small home (except for the bugs) but sometimes it freaks me out.

When I was 7 my dad was reading to me in bed some story when suddenly my lamp started flickering on and off. I stared at it and asked my dad what it was. My dad (ever the christian) smiled and suggested "Maybe it's god". I believed him but still felt a bit freaked. A couple years later I had a friend over for a sleep over and it was maybe 9 at night when my lamp started flickering on and off. Elizabeth (my friend) asked if it was an old bulb. I said no, my dad had changed it the other day. We both got scared and giggling, ran downstairs parking ourselves in front of the tv.

A year later maybe I was home alone and going into my room when, guess what, my lamp started flickering off and on. I ignored it but on and off on and off it went for about 15 minutes. It was near dark and I was too freaked to stay in my room so I stayed in the living room until my parents came home.

Later when my friends and I were telling ghost stories to each other I told them my flickering light story. They thought it was creepy but said it was a coincidence. I don't believe it. Sometimes I feel that something was in my room... Even though I have moved now I still wonder why had my lamp gone all haywire towards night?

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ChrisB (6 stories) (1515 posts)
16 years ago (2008-05-07)
Well there may have been a spirit who was trying to let you know that he is ther. But this could be explained. Was the lights going on and of or was it just little light then bright light? I liked this story. I hope to hear from you soon and take care

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