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I'm a female and the youngest out of me and my brother. I have lived in the same house for about 18 years now. I would like to say that I'm a pretty religious person, I go to church and even go to a Catholic school. But I'm not the kind to shove my religion or beliefs down your throat. So naturally I believe in the paranormal and the supernatural.

I was about 12-13 years old when my first paranormal occurrence happened. I have always had a messy room and you know what they says"cleanliness is next to Godliness." Well I was the opposite and had a messy room all the time. Finally something clicked in me that I didn't want a dirty room anymore. So I cleaned my room top to bottom. I threw things out I swept I even rearranged my room. My room is a medium size room. In a square like shape. From the door off to the left is where I originally had my bed. I moved it clear across my room to have it in a completely different spot. So now it was right across from my door and I always slept with my door open to the hallway light would come into my room.

So later that night when I went to bed the hallway light would shine into my room making it hard for me to sleep. Finally I was able to fall asleep with the light shining in my face. Well I always had a thing when I was little that I would wake up in the middle of the night to change my position. I always slept on my stomach or my sides.

Like every other night I woke up to switch from my stomach to my side. Well when I turned around to lay on my side in the darkness I saw this thing. Now I don't know if you guys have ever read the childhood scary book series called Scary Stories to tell in the dark. Well in the first edition there is a small song called the slithery dee (might have spelt wrong). Well in this song page there on the bottom is a creature with a head too big for its body, completely round and it's covered in hair or fur from head to toe. It had a tail and of course claws. Well the thing looked just like it besides it's legs.

In the dark I could see it. It was darker than the night sky. It was looking right at me and it was crawling onto my bed to my legs. But I could tell that when I looked at it it was just as scared of me as I was to it. It froze and stared at me. I freaked out and like any other kid I jumped under my blankets and put a pillow over my head. I didn't feel the thing anymore nor did I hear it. I was debating on whether I scream for my dad or just go back to sleep. I choose to fall back asleep. I couldn't tell if it had left or if it was still on my bed, I couldn't feel it or hear it so as I waited for a half hour, I was in complete horror.

I woke the next day to no clue if the thing was still there or if it was gone. But there was no place for it to hide. I had no underbed and no closet. The only thing I had was messy bedroom for things to hide in but my room was clean and my room stays clean so things like that can't hide.

I don't know what it was and I know for a fact it was not a dream or a shadow. It was real!

As I get older and learn more about things I try and connect it to something, so far all I can think of is that it was a shadow person. Was it there it hurt me? I doubt it. It wouldn't have froze when I looked at it. It would have jumped to the chance. Was it there just to watch me? I don't know. I don't know what it was there for.

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DeliverDawn (5 stories) (45 posts)
4 years ago (2018-10-23)
You said that "something clicked" for you about your room. Obviously I'm not you, so feel free to tell me if I'm wrong in interpreting this, but it sounds more than anything like that was intuition, or possibly angelic guidance (or by God / Jesus / Holy Spirit / Mother Mary--whatever you prefer). Perhaps that idea came to you because a guiding spirit and / or your Higher Self sensed something approaching, and THAT'S what pushed you to clean your room.

Anyway, that wasn't a shadow person--BUT it sounds similar to an experience I've had in the past. Do you think you could tell me what it felt like when it crawled on the bed? Do you remember if it was sort of heavy, sort of light, somewhere in between, etc?
CuriousDee (8 stories) (631 posts)
4 years ago (2018-10-20)
Hi there Ashharp,

I agree with Lady-glow, what you described doesn't sound like a shadow figure and I'm sure cleaning your room didn't encourage a paranormal encounter.

A few ideas... You mentioned that you had just woken up. You may have experienced something called a Hypnagogic or Hypnopompic hallucination. It's something the brain produces just prior to falling asleep or immediately upon waking. I've experienced it and while scary, it's important to remember that what you see/hear/feel isn't real. It's akin to a dream figment. If you're interested, you can easily Google this phenomenon.

Another idea... Going by your description, perhaps you encountered a nature spirit? I'm not well versed on this, so I would recommend researching this too. Or hopefully, one of our knowledgeable members can chime in.

Looking forward to your response. Thanks for sharing.
lady-glow (13 stories) (2930 posts)
4 years ago (2018-10-20)
Hello Ashharp - though I have never seen one, as far as I know, shadow people look like a person made of darkness, nothing to do with the 'thing' described in your narrative.

Would it be possible that what you saw was a shadow casted by a passing vehicle that, given your half asleep state and the new location of your bed, your mind misinterpreted as something else? 🤔

Did you experience anything else in your room before/after cleaning up?

Personally, I don't think the cleanliness or messiness of a room would attract nor scare away a paranormal entity if there's no previous activity in a place... If that's the case, my husband's shop would be the more haunted place on Earth. 😨

Thanks for sharing.

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