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Baphomet Tattoo Gone Wrong/ Otherworldly Entities


About 2.5 years ago I got a tattoo of the baphomet on my arm. I'd always liked the symbolism and subscribed to the meaning of dualism and always took it as the most pure embodiment of the human condition.

A few months later I was diagnosed with kidney cancer and felt into a deep bout of alcoholism. Everything in my life crumbled around me for the most part. A few months after that I developed pretty awful sleep paralysis, very frequent. The more extreme visions were this terrible giant black cat that clawed my face (no real scratches) as well as "awaking" to 4 of 5 blacked hooded figures along my side of the bed, each about 4 feet tall. Somewhere around then I had a 3 day spell of horrible visions, images I've never seen in any book, but completely fleshed out gorey and demonic images. On the 3rd day I was harrassed, taunted, and terrified by these pure evil voices for close to 24 hours that no one but myself could hear. During this to I guess prove themselves they lifted my denim jacket straight up off my couch about 3 feet in the air. Just as if it was quickly tossed up and fell back down. I ended up being hospitalized because of my manic state for the torment and "hallucinations". Everything was quiet for a few months minus the obvious dread of something happening again.

Then it happened again, this time so very much more intense, this time the auditory terrorizing was coupled with horrific visions that stayed with me the entire time, multiple entities taunting me from within the rooms I was in and blocking exits. Obviously a lot more happened during these that would take ages to go through bit by bit. I ended up being hospitalized again because I completely lost it. I did not harm anyone and fortunately did not try to harm myself even though they told me it was the only way to make it stop.

It's about 6 months now of silence although I often feel weight upon my legs at night in bed. Some nights are harder than others because I feel that they can return at any time and I'm much more paranoid about bumps in the night. I'm not sure why I felt the need to share this now, I've never been able to discuss it with anyone because even I know how absolutely insane it sounds but for what it's worth, it happened. I know what I experienced was as real as looking at my hand in front of my face but sadly I'm forced to keep it inside.

Thank you for reading.

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BravelyKegger (2 stories) (19 posts)
1 year ago (2023-01-30)
Get the tattoo removed immediately. Never give satan a foothold in your life like that. Jesus is the answer my friend!
Bjonestown (1 stories) (2 posts)
5 years ago (2019-07-25)
Thank you for your replies. To those that have suggested, I have considered getting a symbol of protection as well as attempting to bless the house in which it first happened. Oddly enough there was already a small bottle of holy water in one of the cabinets from a previous tenant, go figure. I also used salt along doorways and entrances for awhile after just because I was willing to try anything.

As far as why I was drawn to it, I have always loved the image and when I eventually dove deeper into its origins I felt that it was a great illustration of what it means to be human, being bound by the moon and stars, the struggle of self versus those around me, a sort of yin yang if you will. Also the expression in the eyes has always hit me for some reason.

" in one hand it holds the sun, in the other the moon, joined to it by chains. This virile head is a beautiful allegory which attributes to thought alone, the first and creative cause. The head here represents mind, and the female body matter. The stars, bound to the human form and directed by that nature of which intelligence is the head, have also a sublime significance."

Sure it may come off a little silly to others and I can't deny that there may have been some act of rebellion going on. I do admire the 7 tenets of the church of satanism but have never previously dabbled in the occult. I do agree that it's possible that the negative imagery could invite evil whether I asked for it or not, Certainly a bit naive on my part if so but I'm hoping I'm not damned for eternity for it.
WisconsinLady (1 stories) (52 posts)
5 years ago (2019-07-19)
Maybe consider going to a priest, pastor or spiritual leader of some kind to get your tattoo blessed. This will further enhance the good intentions of your tattoo. Also maybe consider adding another positive symbol within or next to your tattoo. You have so many negative memories associated with your tattoo in its current state, so adding positivity to it as a way of refreshing your energy might be good. I'd do that after getting it blessed.
You should also talk to a therapist about your cancer diagnosis and changes in your mental state since then. Just talking about your emotions with someone can help lift negative energy. ❤
LuciaJacinta (8 stories) (291 posts)
5 years ago (2019-07-19)
Is this more like the sigil symbol or is this a very large full head/image. I also had no idea what this was so I googled it. Images can be very complex or simple like a small circle. So I'm wondering how elaborate?

Im also wondering how you even know of this symbol? Were you exposed to Satanism? Maybe through a relative of friend? It just seems the type of thing that people get when they dabble in particular things. Not mearly I liked it. There are lots of fun pretty or meaningful tattoos but this seems a bit intense in the imagery.

Also, are you on medicines for the cancer? Could it be a side effect of what you are taking? Or even just the stress of the situation. What did they say at the hospital?

I believe you saw what you saw. I'm just looking for reasons as to why you saw these things.

You could see about having it removed I guess if you think it's connected. But I'd try keeping it covered maybe first? Set your mind on positive things and reject all darkness in all forms to help bring you peace in your life.
Twilight1011 (9 stories) (322 posts)
5 years ago (2019-07-16)
Welcome to YGS Bjonestown 😊 I'm glad you shared your experience with us. After reading about your experience, I decided to look a little more into the Baphomet symbol. I've seen that symbol before, but never knew its name, but after reading up on it, my best guess is that perhaps the symbol itself is more of a bad omen, or something along those lines, that has attracted some pretty nasty energy, maybe even demonic in nature, as the symbol has been said to be worshipped by devil worshippers. Not implying that you yourself are one, but I am curious what this symbol meant to you exactly, as you said "you always liked it, and subscribed to the meaning of dualism, and always took it as the most pure embodiment of the human condition"? From what I read, it didn't seem that the symbol was necessarily a bad symbol, so that's why I ask what it means to you. I don't want to come off like I think the symbol is bad, and only devil worshippers use it. I know very little of this symbol, other than the little bit I read up on it, so I'm sure you have more knowledge on it. But with that said, and just taking a guess as to what I believe could be a possibility on what's happened, is if any bad was ever used through this symbol, perhaps it can draw evil towards it, especially if the negative energy can see a vulnerable person, meaning your illness could have been seen as you being vulnerable. It's just a theory though, so I could be way off, and my apologies if I came off rude or offensive in my comment, as I was not trying to be. If something negative was drawn to you though, you could look into getting yourself and even home cleansed, as their is a respected member on this site that has a cleansing ritual on his page here, that no religion is required. Or if you want to involve religion, you could talk to a priest to see if an exorcism is necessary, but that's only if that's apart of your beliefs, as I know we all have different kinds, and whatever yours is, is your business and right. I hope that I was helpful to you in some way, and really hope that I didn't cause any confusion or offense in what I've said. I want you to feel comfortable to share your experiences on this site, and ask for help when needed, as that's what we're here for. Hope to hear back from you soon 😊

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