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The Evil Ghost from my Childhood


Greetings to you all. Kids all over the world live their lives as kids, they play, they study, and they enjoy their time, but my childhood was what I call "a disaster".

Before I started going to school I was living in Jordan, a country close to Israel. Later on when I turned 5 years old my dad had to move to a part in Saudi Arabia for work, and we, as his family, my mom, me, and my little sister, had to move with him.

Moving to a new country, with new life styles, and being just completely different than people living there made it harder for me as a shy, scared, and a quite kid to even try make any friends, as I did not have any friends when I was in Jordan, but I was happy of having my grand-mother around who was a second mother to me.

It broke my heart to leave, and it made me worse than the way I was before moving. My mom looked at me as we entered the place where we are going to live and said "it will all be ok, I'm right here with you, you can make friends I just believe in you". At that time a weird feeling of fear captured my heart. The neighborhood had a huge fence all around it, it had huge old buildings, and every building included many hallways. In each hallway there were 10 wooden doors beside each other, every apartment did not include normal windows, they included little windows over each and every door, and this way you can not actually see people walking unless you open the front door. I can describe the whole building as a huge square with no way to breathe from unless you get a chair and stand on it to open the 2 small windows above the front door, which I could not do because I was only 5.

As I expected I did not make any friends, because I was different, since being a kid from another country, who speaks differently, and above all I'm not talkative. One day after few months, right after I started going to school, I came back home with the usual quite face and attitude, sat down on my bed and started doing my homework.

I was a kid who did not have many toys, because my dad had nothing to do with me, and always told me that buying anything is a waste of money, and for that reason I cherished every little thing I had. One thing I had was a piano shaped note book that my grand-mother bought me from jordan. After I finished my homework I took out the note book and started writing my diaries, and as I continued writing I started crying saying to myself "no one loves you, no one wants to be your friend".

As I said that I heard knocks coming from inside my closet, I looked at it in fear, then it actually stopped, I continued writing and the knocking happened again, but this time it was louder, which made me scream and run out. My mom searched everywhere in the closet telling me that there is nothing in there, but still I was terrified.

The next night, I was watching TV with my little sister who was still 2 years old, enjoying the cartoons, I suddenly heard my mom's voice calling me from the kitchen, as I went in there I did not find my mom, but I found a kid, it was a girl. She stared at me for so long, and I did not realize what she is, I smiled at her and said hi, hoping to have a friend once in my life, but she did not answer back, that is when my mom came to the kitchen from behind me and said "here you are ! Did you eat your dinner?". I turned at her with a smile and said " mom I made a friend see? " while pointing at the little girl, my mom looked there and smiled and told me "where is your friend?". I turned my head back and she was gone.

I did not get bothered by it because I did not know what is going on, so I went back to watch TV, and I sat down, suddenly I said "ok", got up, and pushed the TV off the counter and broke it. My mom came running and with shock asked me what happened, that's when I told her my friend told me to.

My mom felt bad for me, thinking that I created an imaginary friend to fulfill my loneliness, but it was more than that. The next day as I was sitting on my bed writing what I feel in my piano note book, something started writing back to me on it, and it said "how are you?". I smiled and said " I'm ok ". My mom at that time passed by the room and heard that, still convinced that it is me playing with my imaginary friend. She wrote back to me " I'm 16, what about you?". I wrote to her "I'm 7", and that was the beginning of it all.

Later that day, when it turned around 8 p.m, I went to bed, my mom came to me and told me that she has to go to the grocery store with dad to buy groceries, and she will not be long, so she wants me to baby sit my little sister in case she wakes up. I nodded to her, and they sat down for a while waiting for us to sleep so they can go without scaring us, and indeed I slept.

I woke up after half an hour, with wide open eyes, completely terrified, and pointing at the wall in front of my bed, which I do not remember more about it. I got thirsty, got up, and went to the kitchen to get water after closing the door behind me to keep my little sister safe. My sister had frightening dolls, and they used to scare me too much, even until now I fear dolls, because I was forced to watch the movie "chucky" when I was 5 years old, with the next door kids tying me to a chair forcing me to watch it in a dark room, leaving me in there, which traumatized me for life. For this reason mom had to take all my sister's dolls and lock them in the storeroom, locking it every night in front of me.

I passed the door where the dolls all were, holding the cup, trying to run faster to get into my bed as soon as possible, and that's when I heard somebody knocking from inside the storeroom door. I started sweating from fear, my hands turned blue, and I could not swallow the water, but the knocks did not stop. A voice then talked to me and started calling my name in a tone as if we are playing hide and seek, she was talking from behind that door, it was the 16 year old girl, who I thought was my friend.

I started screaming, ran to the phone and called mom's friend who was a next door neighbour, she answered the phone and I could not speak, she kept saying hello until I started screaming " HELP ME ! I WILL DIE ! PLEASE HELP ME!". She started telling me to calm down, asking me where my mom is and what is happening, and that is when I hung up, almost had a heart attack as I heard somebody breaking plates in the kitchen. I ran to the front door not able to feel my legs from fear I tried to open it but it was locked. Shaking and out of breath, I heard the neighbour trying to open the door from the other side telling me to try with her while she was hearing me cry and scream with noises around me, and suddenly I heard the storeroom door opening, that is when I passed out from fear next to the door.

I am 22 years old now, and back to jordan since I was 12, I do know that she is still around, because I feel her, dream about her, and hear her humming most of the time, but why is she still stuck to me? And what did I do wrong? Was I an easy target since I was with no friends? Am I still an easy target? I wonder why she still wants to hurt me...

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Selfridge (2 posts)
12 years ago (2012-07-02)
Creepy story, like if it was getting your worst nightmares to life.
I agree, you should pray, and send it away very strictly.
But (sorry for saying this, and don't get me wrong) the funny part is, I think the most of the commentors, are trying to sell Jesus for a Jew:) )
Pray to God, that's for sure:) Have nice thoughts, have faith, and remember, the good is always stronger than evil, only its often much silent. And be prepared it will try to scare the living shiat out of you, they feed on negative emotions, and it can controll you by fear. But it can't really heart you.
God bless you!
Raffy786 (5 posts)
13 years ago (2011-06-06)
This is not a ghost of person, it is an evil being, which has latched onto to you. They are devious and when it suits them, as in most cases they pretend to be loved lost ones who have died or spirits of other people who have passed on. It is not a girl, it is not 16 years old, it does not have long black hair or hazel eyes, that is what it presets itself to you as. It is an evil spirit. A nasty insidious one as well. Muslim, Christian or jew, you need to pray to get rid of this one. You can't have it hounding you all your life.
JesusIStheSOLUTION (1 posts)
13 years ago (2011-02-26)
ok,firstly no matter what the problem is there has to be a reason that made it happen for example when I lived I aqaba (in jordan) my mum and uncle have witnessed and experienced very strange things and the reason turned out to be that the people that used to live in the same house used to make strange things (as in communicating with spirits) now I live in amman in jordan I'd like to have your number so we can talk more about it because what I am going to say cannot be typed (too long) and you have to know that jesus is always the answer because if it wasn't for him I'd be dead now (another long story) so please don't hesitate to give me your number
jesus-is-the-light (2 posts)
13 years ago (2011-02-26)
look...all whitebuffalo is saying wrong if you believe in god and our relegion there is no such thing as ghost... They are evil spirits...EVIL...just pray either muslim or christian... EVIL spirits can appear good sometimes as (shebeh malak noor (yes I'm jordanian)) but their only purpose is evil! Better becarefull I see them all the time but I pray they just fade away! They are scared from me... Not me:P in one way or another you choose your own way!...
Divine4 (8 posts)
14 years ago (2010-08-05)
Oh my gosh! Why sould they leave you in a dark room watching chukie! The first time I ever watched it I got scared! I hated dolls after that because mine always seem to come alive! I would find my dolls with different close on! 😭 I would have cried... I would of screamed if I were left alone in a dark room! Why didn't you close your eyes or scream! I'm sorry that had to happen to you 😳
looney85 (3 stories) (188 posts)
16 years ago (2008-02-12)
Hello there! And Thank you! You just made my day! 😁 ❀
I hope everything is going well and if you ever need anything: advise or just need to talk to someone here is my email ok πŸ˜‰ is looney1185 [at]
take care and I look forward hearing from you!
ShAdOwEd4LiFe (2 stories) (12 posts)
16 years ago (2008-02-11)
hey looney85:
i actually don't know if it has to do with anything, but it could be ! Maybe since she was my only friend I got used to having unreal friends. I would love to be your friend 😊 thank you 😊
looney85 (3 stories) (188 posts)
16 years ago (2008-02-08)
I want to thank you for your comment on my story!
I've actually try to be around her even with other people with me, but when I look into her eyes I still see the entity in her and I can't stand it 😨 so I don't visit her as much as I used to! There's so much more to the story so I will try to post more of it as soon as I can ok! Once again, Thank you for your advise.
Also do you think that the fact the people try to help you get rid of her and she threaten them is the reason why you don't seem to find a close friend? I would like to be your friend if you don't mind. 😊
ShAdOwEd4LiFe (2 stories) (12 posts)
16 years ago (2008-02-08)
that is actually freaky. Something happened with one of my sister's dolls that you will read in another story which I'm going to post.

she has a very dark black long hair, kind of reaches half of her back, she is skinny, too white, she has hazel eyes, shes shorter than me which means shes not too short since I'm tall. Her looks shows that she had low self esteem as her eyes are always sad.
whitebuffalo (guest)
16 years ago (2008-02-08)
Uh, Knighn, that sounds like a story opening up... 😊

I certainly do not think she is in love with you, Shadower. I think she is CONNECTED to you. Perhaps, with the help of your childhood, you were the only one open enough to be able to see her. Perhaps that is what drew her to you. We may never know the connection the Unknown have with us, but sometimes when the bond forms it is rather difficult to "shake it off".
Please tell me, is she about five foot, maybe a few inches taller, shoulder length hair, sometimes tied back, medium build (not plump, but certainly not a size 1) with a bluish white haze about her?
knighn (1 stories) (16 posts)
16 years ago (2008-02-08)
hi shadowed4life...

i also agree with the dolls...hehe...

i love dolls, I have many of them, but when I reached the age of 9, I started to fear them... They scared me. I have this experienced when my mom gave me and my sister a walking doll. You have to put 5 batteries at the back of the doll for it to walk. One afternoon, I saw my doll (I called her kyla) walking in the living room, I thought my sister were playing on it. It gets me irritated beacuse she didn't return it in my room. When I get Kyla and put her on my room, I noticed that there is no batteries on her back. How did she walk without batteries on it?

it freaks me out!
looney85 (3 stories) (188 posts)
16 years ago (2008-02-07)
πŸ˜† Ok thanks, and you don't have to read it now just whenever you have time ok! I still have a lot more stories to post from when I was a lot younger and even now!
And I agree about the dolls... Whoever invented them should be punish lol! Jk.
My mom played a cruel joke on me for my 15th birthday, she gave me a doll for fun and left it on my bedroom table for me to wake up and see it seating and starting at me. How mean! Then she laughs about it... And made fun of me for a month.
Ok well take care and hope to hear from you soon!
See ya!...looney ❀
ShAdOwEd4LiFe (2 stories) (12 posts)
16 years ago (2008-02-07)
i actually don't know! She could have 2 names ! That is weird! I knew her name as alexandra from a dream I once had, but she never actually said it to me face to face. You know what I hate the most? That ignorant people call me crazy and for that they keep making stupid comments such as "she is in love with you ". It hurts me to see people that ignorant and at the same time turning me into some crazy person...
whitebuffalo (guest)
16 years ago (2008-02-07)
Do you know a Sharon? Every time I come back to your page I hear in my head that Sharon wants to go home.

ShAdOwEd4LiFe (2 stories) (12 posts)
16 years ago (2008-02-07)
sure I will check the article, it sounds like a good idea. Her name is alexandra not sharon.
whitebuffalo (guest)
16 years ago (2008-02-07)
Everyone feels the empty space when loosing something they are comfortable with. You may not be comfortable with the way she acts at times (Is her name Sharon, by chance?) but you HAVE grown accustomed to her company.
I have another thought. In the article section on this site, (see it up there at the top?) is an excellent article on the Native American Smudging ceremony. It may be worth your while to check that out. In the event that you can not convince her that this would be best (and I have a feeling she knows that, or she would not be asking for your help) you could use the ceremony. It does work wonders. Sometimes you will have to do the ceremony more than once, but if there are any other ghosts present, they could accompany her there too.
ShAdOwEd4LiFe (2 stories) (12 posts)
16 years ago (2008-02-07)
you are right about what you said... She needs her family and I'm sure she misses them... I will try to help her out and lead her to the light... I don't know why I feel empty already but I think it is for the best.

thank you
whitebuffalo (guest)
16 years ago (2008-02-07)
Sometimes ghosts are reluctant to go willingly as they do not know what is waiting for them on the Other Side. Are you able to communicate with her in your dream state?
In my home, when a ghost visits in my dreams, I ask them what they want, do they need my help, is there something else that they need me to do (contact someone, find something, answer a question)? I ask questions, they answer them.
If that is possible for you, I think I would have a "sit down" with her. Explain that you do enjoy her company while she is behaving herself, but that her family and friends are waiting for her. Tell her they miss her too, and all she would have to do is to walk into their waiting arms.
I will not pretend to know what ghosts feel and experience. I am not gifted. But I can imagine, if I were still sixteen and I had NO ONE around me that I knew or remembered I would be rather distraught. To say the least. I would be angry, sad, frightened, confused and so very alone. Yes, she has you, but she does not have family. She has nothing in common with anyone about her. She has lost her very BODY. Can you IMAGINE what she may be feeling?
What is not so easy to remember is that they once were enveloped in love. In at least one point of their life they felt absolute joy. At one point, they were able to communicate with ANYONE. They were able to go where they wanted to go, and not just where they are allowed. How much more lonely than that could anyone feel?
(Sorry, I have a passion for lost Beings and I can not seem to intercede enough on their behalf.)
Try to think of it like this. If you were shipwrecked in the middle of the ocean with just a parcel of land that was an island to keep you out of the water, but on that bit of land was faux land (you could not walk across it, could not veer around it, could not swim it's distance) that kept you in one little circle, how despairing would that be for you?
There is a vast space out there for her to roam, things to see, people that KNOW her. Think of her comfort, Hun. That is the important thing here.
ShAdOwEd4LiFe (2 stories) (12 posts)
16 years ago (2008-02-07)
Dear whitebuffalo:
the problem is that she is not willing to listen, she either frightens me or appear in my dreams or as a shadow around me (you might now know where my nickname comes from). Do you think she will come back as being good ?...i don't know I just feel that she is my only friend and one way or another I fear her going but I fear her staying as she ruins my life !.thank you so much for wanting to be a friend of mine, I really apreciate people when they tell me that I'm a good person so how you think I feel when somebody tells me that he/she wants to be my friend? That makes me try to leave my darkness and try for once in my life to hold on to human beings and not ghosts. Thank you and god bless you
ShAdOwEd4LiFe (2 stories) (12 posts)
16 years ago (2008-02-07)
thank you so much for your comment, I do feel too lonely at times that I would actually be able to handle my fear and be around somebody who keeps frightening me, especially appearing in a mirror as a shadow from time to time, I would speak to her and tell her to not try to scare me because I'm willing to talk to her because I have no one to talk to, I apreciate you being my friend, I really do. God bless you
whitebuffalo (guest)
16 years ago (2008-02-07)
Whoa, whoa, whoa, hang on a second, THAT was an important fact that I do not think I read previously. She is ASKING for your help? In what? Have you asked her that?
Honey, if she is asking for your help, you must help her. It is our obligation to do so.
I understand the missing her (when she is being a friend) when she is not about. I do not so much miss the entity in their absence, but I do sometimes miss the activity. It is almost TOO quiet, you know?
If she has come to you for help, in fact crying out for it, it is your moral obligation to help her to Peace. She is TRAPPED, and needs to be released.
The GREAT thing about the act of Crossing Over, is that sometimes the Spirits do come to visit. What she is right now is a ghost as she has not been able to Cross Over for some reason. Once she Crosses Over, she will become a Spirit form.
If she does choose to visit after that, she will be peaceful, no longer sad, and would not intentionally frighten you.
You will more than likely become friends with people on this site, merely by being here. We tend to get a bit rowdy at times, and Happy Hour can be a bit interesting, but, hey... Give it a try.
Thank you.
Ramzey (9 stories) (130 posts)
16 years ago (2008-02-07)
God Bless you, hon. I do hope she leaves you alone. I'm sure she will once you believe in yourself that she's gone. I agree with everyone's comments on telling here to go ~ pray for her. Best wishes to you. You have lots of friends here. I know I'll be your friend!
ShAdOwEd4LiFe (2 stories) (12 posts)
16 years ago (2008-02-07)
i haven't read your story yet but I will very soon 😊. It is a fobia and not an easy one also, but I wouldn't say I fear dark because I got used to it. As for dolls I don't know why they exist lol. Thanks for your comment and I will comment on your story very soon as well.

may god bless you too my friend
looney85 (3 stories) (188 posts)
16 years ago (2008-02-07)
Hey there! 😊
I enjoy reading your story, I must say you and I went through the same problems as children I see (you know! With scary entities and all). If you read my story "My Aunt's Possession", you'll understand why.
Im sorry for what happen to you at such young age, I'm also 22yrs old and I'm terrefied of Dolls and the dark! Is like a fobia you can say. I agree with the other, you should really tell her that she needs to go and move on... Find your strengh and you'll see it will work ok πŸ˜‰
God bless... Looney 😁
ShAdOwEd4LiFe (2 stories) (12 posts)
16 years ago (2008-02-07)
hello whitebuffalo, ohiowatha and kimsoutho:
you are all right about telling her to go to the light and all that. I'm actually a believer in god but I do not hold on to one religion which could be an easy way to evil spirits to come along. My family are very much religious though. I am just tired of her chasing me wherever I go, and wherever I go I feel her humming or holding on to me. The problem with me is still not having friends, maybe that is why I somehow want her to stay but at the same time wants her to leave. Whitebuffalo, I was actually writing with a pencil on that note book when suddenly the words appeared and it was weird because I didn't get frightened at that time since I was desperate to have friends. Could she be somehow lonely too? That's why she is still around?. Ohiowatha, yes evil kids actually exists and I found them more evil than the ghost back then. I am actually still terrified of dolls. I dream of that young girl a lot telling me to help her while she sobs without stopping, so could it be that she wants me to help her cross over?...i don't know why but I somehow miss her when she is not frightening me, does anyone of you feel this way?. Thank you all
whitebuffalo (guest)
16 years ago (2008-02-07)
Hello Shadower,
Your second real encounter with this young lady was when she wrote in your piano notebook? Were you using automatic writing or did the words just appear with no "tools"? (i.e. Pencil, pen, chalk, crayon, you get the idea) Did you SPEAK the words, or did you write them?

NO! You did absolutely nothing wrong. From the way I read your story, I would have to say that those in charge of you were perhaps the ones in the wrong, but who am I to pass judgement? I am not perfect either.
When we are very young, whether we know it when we are in our twenties or not, is that we are so close to the Other Side that we have vacated for the short period of time that we are in our human forms, that we still see the others there. We also are able to pick up ghosts and other entities. As we get older, depending on the opinions of the elders around us, we either close ourselves off to the possibility that these Beings exist, or we keep on being able to communicate with them.
For some reason, this young lady has been bound to the earth. I say it that was as you have since moved and she still is around you. Just because you can not see her, does not mean that she is not there. You feel her often, and for some reason, she enjoys frightening you.
Ghosts need fear to stay "alive" in their energy. Fear is actually a type of generator. When the power gets shut off, (death) the generator sometimes kicks in and we see ghosts. Not all people who pass on have a working generator, and in that case, those people seem to be able to Cross Over. I know, kind of a lame explanation, but we are talking about the Unexplained and it is quite difficult to put into words.
You will have to tell her to go. When you became her friend way back when you were much younger, you invited her to stay with you, knowingly or not. It is not your fault she is there, she was there well before you ever saw her.
Tell her to go in peace and good journey, you are no longer in need of her services. Ask her to head toward the Light and send her to the Other Side. Let her know that those who have gone before her and who still very much love her are there with open arms awaiting her arrival.
Thank you.
Ohiowatha (11 stories) (415 posts)
16 years ago (2008-02-07)
Kids tied you to a chair and left you in a dark room with a TV and made you watch "Chucky?" Wow, mean kids. It's a terrible movie and most likely scarred you because it's such a load of tripe. Ever seen "A Clockwork Orange?" Do dolls make you throw-up now? Ahaaha, just kidding, but that's a pretty crazy story.

Hope you're feeling better these days.
KimSouthO (27 stories) (1960 posts)
16 years ago (2008-02-07)
I do not think you were an easy target because of no friends, how ever, children are often more sensitive and susceptible to the surroundings, especially the paranormal. She was able to get a response from you from the beginning... So she hangs around. Not saying that it is right, that is just my opinion.

You are no longer a frightened child, and, you should not have to bear the burden of childhood any longer. When you feel her next (doesn't matter that you do not see her or hear her) tell her that she is not longer needed. Tell her that you are an adult and she should go to the other side to find the peace she desperately needs to find. Tell her that in the name of the Lord she is to leave you alone, go and not come back. Take back some of the fear, be firm! A lot of theories are based on that 'entities' take the energy from fear and use it to maintain or manifest. Take that power back for her! She has bothered you for far to long!

Stop being the victim that she can intimidate. Place a cross in each of your rooms, especially the bed rooms. Wearing a crucifix is even better, preferabbly a blessed one. If this does not fit within your belief system, find what is spiritual and fulfilling in your culture and grasp onto that.

I do believe that good always triumphs over evil!

It sounds to me from your writing that you are still very shy and unsure of yourself. Take assurance in the fact that YOU DID NOTHING WRONG TO ATTRACT THIS ACTIVITY! Take this assurance and tell her to go packing!

Keep us posted!
God Bless! 😊

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