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Are Ghosts Following Me?


I am writing this in hopes of somebody being able to explain it. I live in a rural area of northern Georgia, but this experience began about 6000 miles away, 26 years ago.

When I was a growing up, my dad was in the Navy. We moved to Hawaii when I was 11 years old, my sister was 14. While waiting for a house on base, my parents rented a townhouse in a small town called Temple Valley. All of our furniture and household stuff was being shipped over, and all we had were our clothes. The townhouse was furnished. This was during the summer of 1982. The school year hadn't started yet, so my sister and I were on summer vacation. We were all very excited to be living in Hawaii for the next three years. My dad, being a big football fan, had cable tv hooked up the first thing.

A few days went by without incident. Then, one Saturday morning, my sister and I got up early to go downstairs and watch cartoons. We discovered that the cable had been cut clean through, from inside the house. We had nothing to do this with, there was not even scissors or silverware. Plus, why would any of us do this? This was cable for cryin' out loud!

Then one night, I woke up and was staring at a small fan that was on a chair next to my bed. I realized I was about to stick my finger in the blades and was powerless to stop. I remember thinking this is going to hurt. It did, it almost cut off my pinky.

The people who owned this townhouse were living in Australia. They had a daughter who attempted suicide and was in a mental hospital somewhere. My sister had her old room. My mom and sister found a diary in my sister's closet. Being nosey, they decided to read it. It contained just normal teenage girl stuff, but the last page was written backwards and it looked like someone else wrote it. We, I mean they, had to hold it up to the mirror to read it. It contained very disturbing thoughts, her ideas on how to end her life. My dad took it to the dumpster which was for the entire complex. The next morning it was on our doorstep. I know this sounds crazy, but I swear it is true.

We were constantly mad at each other in that townhouse and we played really cruel, practical jokes on each other. Crossing the line of just having fun. There were other things too: lights turning on and off by themselves, doors slamming in the night, all the furniture was upside down one morning, all the cupboards were open one morning.

There was a huge cemetery down the street called Valley of the Temples. The local elders would tell us stories about the brutality of King Kamehameha. The Valley of the Temples was, according to Hawaiians, the resting place of the king's wives, children and servants. The locals would also tell us that where the townhouses were full of "kapu'akua," which means forbidden gods, or what Christians would call demons. We finally moved to our house on base and the strange things stopped and our normal personalities returned.

Now here I am in Georgia and things are starting again, 26 years later. I moved into a house that was built in the 90's. This neighborhood is the only development ever on this land, at least that's what Cherokee County claims, but we know for a fact that civil war battles were fought in this area.

My sister and her young daughter lived with me here when I first moved in. Her daughter's name is Lexi, and at that time she was about seven years old with long blonde hair. One morning, I was shaving and in the mirror I could've swore that I saw Lexi go running down the hall. I knew my sister was already at work, so I wondered what Lexi was doing home. I went to find her and ask why her mom didn't take her to school. I was the only one in the house. I called my sister and asked her if Lexi was at school, and she was. My dog was staring at the stairs one night and wouldn't look away. I thought, okay, he's just being a dog, who knows? A while later, I got up to get a soda and glanced at the stairs. For a split second, I saw what I thought was Lexi sitting on the stairs, then she was gone.

Frequently my dog looks like he is watching something move across the room, sometimes whimpering and/or growling. I woke up one night and thought I saw Lexi sitting at the foot of my bed with her back to me. Also, my dog was staring at me. I turned on the light and no one was there.

Other weird things are happening: the air conditioning vent in the floor is found out of its hole and upside down, my laptop plug literally flew out of the wall one night right before my eyes, clothing and small knick-knacks are missing.

There is a small storage room in the garage that my dog refuses to go into. I opened a pack of lunch meat (his favorite treat) and put the whole thing in the room once. He didn't want anything to do with that room. When I go in there, he totally freaks out, barking, growling, drooling, crying, jumping and pacing around. He is a yellow lab and usually very calm and easy going.

Sometimes, I get the same creepy feeling that I had in Temple Valley. It's a feeling that something is very wrong in the house. I've tried to research this area to see what was here during the civil war, but I come to a dead end every time.

Let me know what you guys think of this. Believe me I know this sounds weird but I swear its all true.

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ghostchickga (1 posts)
13 years ago (2009-11-19)
hi repo. I just read your story about the experiences you have had. Sometimes all the spirits are looking for is a way to cross over or just need someone to look after. I am an investigator and grew up in some haunted places myself. It can be very unnerving when you have no idea what the spirits are wanting.
flamewithin (57 posts)
13 years ago (2009-03-06)
i too live in north ga I have live in ringgold for the last 20 years and to be honest with you I have moved a total of four times in the 20 years I have lived here pretty much in the same area I wanted my kids to attend the same school their whole life. In 3 of the places I moved to seemed to have a spirit there. I think so much has happened here with the trail of tears and the civil war battle that spirits inhabit just about everywhere around here there are many places where battles took place if you didn't know about the area you wouldn't even know it happened. I too have been researching the area it is hard to find out anything but I have found out you can learn a lot through the history places like the battlfield in chicamaugga they have books you can buy on history of the area. Or maybe I could help if you tell me what county of ga you live in I lived in cohutta ringgold dalton tunnellhill varnell and dawnville all my life so I know a lot about what may be in the area love &peace
repo33 (1 stories) (7 posts)
14 years ago (2008-10-08)
Well it's been about a month since my quest for information began about my house. The contractor has gone out of business and had to turn all his records over to the county. He says the same thing the county says... It was just a field. I asked him to be more specific. He said there's nothing to be specific about, just a field. He did say that one of his workers was killed in a car crash on the way to work one day. That was the only account of anything out of the ordinary. However, when he closed shop, the county petitioned the court to order him to turn over all his records/plans. Not just for that project but ALL of them. Makes me think that is just normal procedure when a contractor goes under. The county has to maintain the records/plans now I guess. So another dead end in 'the field'. Hey, that would make a great title for the movie that could be made from all this!
whitebuffalo (guest)
14 years ago (2008-09-09)
Good form having the contractor get involved. That could show some positive leads, if not the actual cause. I do not think I would worry over much about the incense going out. Only because that has happened within my own home, with no paranormal causes in evidence.
It is just interesting to me that the incense dud and the offending aroma should happen in such quick succession.
I wonder if there are any land reports? In our city, those are the "odds and ends" that do not fit into another category concerning "open land". You can find news articles, points of interest (for instance, a much lower scale Woodstock took place on our cities court lawn in the fascinating 70's) a record of all emergency assistance calls made to the parcel and so on. Most of the reports go pretty far back, and are as recent as the first home built on the land.
I will look forward to updates.
Thank you.
repo33 (1 stories) (7 posts)
14 years ago (2008-09-08)
ok, check this out, the other night I set a lavender insense cone burning down there and left it to do its thing. Also there was one in the main part of the garage. After some time I went down there to see what was up. The cone in the garage burned all the way down. The one in the room did not, in fact it looks like it went out fairly soon after being lit. There was also a very bad odor in there unlike anything I've ever smelled before. It makes me want to throw up. Woody will not be any help because now he won't even down the stairs to the garage. Maybe he has more smarts than I do. The floor in the room and garage is cement. The walls are typical wood framing with drywall. However, you can easily tell that the room was built after the house was complete. It is a odd shape instead of square or rectangular. It is also obvious that a different type of cement was used. After inspecting for as long as I could take the smell, I decided it's time to call the contractor who built the house. I want to see the plot plan as well as the floor plan. Hopefully he will be able to offer some explaination of what was here before they built. The county will not help, they claim "it was just a field". A field can contain many things. Last year one the neighbors wives shot herself in the bedroom closet. This was a total shock to everyone because they were a seemingly happy couple. I'm wondering if this whole "field" is haunted and they don't want us here. A different neighbor says they can hear faint whispering sounds went their house quiet. They can't tell where its coming from but can definately hear it. I'll keep you posted.
whitebuffalo (guest)
14 years ago (2008-09-07)
I find it most interesting that YOU have no problems in this garage room, and yet Woody has a HUGE problem with it. Tell me, have you ever gone through inch by inch the room and looked for ANYTHING out of the ordinary?
If there is carpeting, look under it for wet spots or mold. If you have wood flooring check about for flaws, scratches or loose boards (if I found a loose board, I think I would be pulling it up to check what was underneath). Check all of the walls for imperfections (within reason, I think you know what I mean), the ceiling for flaws. There has to be SOME reason that he does not want anything to do with the room.
I think I would "use" Woody. Try going at the room from different angles. Is there only one door? Try going at the walls (from outside the room) with him to see if there is a particular area that he is more anxious about.
I had a friend who had activity in his house. His CAT was very set against a particular room. Once it was discovered that she REALLY did not like the east wall, my friend sent in his wife to clean the wall. Within the wall (I am not exactly sure how CLEANING the wall turned into having to put a HOLE in it, but...) was a wild animal graveyard. It was insulated so well, that the scent was not detectable by people, but the cat sure smelled it.
Just some more thoughts for you.
Thank you.
repo33 (1 stories) (7 posts)
14 years ago (2008-09-06)
hey whitebuffalo, I really appreciate your input. The strangest thing about the storage room is nothing ever happens down there, other than it is always cold. But it really freaks out Woody (my dog). I first noticed that shortly after moving in. Woody never wants to be more than 10 feet away from me AT ALL TIMES. He's been like this since he was a puppy. I rescued him from a certain freezing death one winter. He was abandoned on the side of the road. He was about 8-10 weeks old. I watched the person stop and toss him out on a back country road. That infuriated me, I scooped him up and put him in the backseat. Then I caught up to that guy and made him pay for it with a black eye. I am not normally a violent person even in my job. But he deserved it big time, that's totally unacceptable. Woody is about 4 years old now and very protective and a good watchdog. He is a BIG dog but isn't mean or viscous. When someone comes to the door he let's out a good solid bark and then looks at me. When I tell him 'it's ok' he relaxes. But when it comes to that room, I can order him to 'stop and sit' and say 'it's ok' over and over and he absolutely will not listen to me. I've trained him well and he is usually obedient. He will follow me all over the house (again, never being more than 10 feet away) except when it comes to that room. I think if the house was on fire and that was the only way to survive he would prefer to burn to death. That is how bad this room is to him. Yet I've never felt anything in there and nothing ever happens in there. Very Strange. Trying to research the history in this area is very difficult. Some counties here in northern Georgia don't even use computers yet. This area is extremely 'back woods'. As for the insense, I have a lavender cone burning down there right now, as well as one in the main part of the garage. The garage is the ground level of the house, everything else is upstairs. I lit it just before 8pm, it is 9:15pm right now. After I finish this I will go down there and see what's going on and keep you posted.
whitebuffalo (guest)
14 years ago (2008-09-06)
See, and that is why I really do not think you are haunted. I think you are part of the lucky few who are able to get a glimpse of the other side.
I would start the insence in the room in the garage. If there is nothing "bad" there, the lavendar will not harm a thing. I would definately check into the reasonings behind that being the hub for your dog.
Do you know anything about the full history of the house, the land, or the materials used to build the home?
Thank you.
repo33 (1 stories) (7 posts)
14 years ago (2008-09-05)
To Forgotten_Angel: What did you mean about me being an exploding ball of energy and fear? I'm not angry, just confused. I am a Recovery Agent and a long time student of the martial art of Aikido. I fear no man and voluntarily place myself in dangerous situations for a living. A ball of energy I can understand and agree to... But fear? Please explain.
Forgotten_angel (2 stories) (33 posts)
14 years ago (2008-09-05)
of course it's going to go after you! Geez! Your just a ball of exploding energy and fear! You ignore, the spirit will understand the boundries. Lay some rules. They are beings just like you but not tangeable. Thanks.
repo33 (1 stories) (7 posts)
14 years ago (2008-09-05)
No I never see the 'little girl's' face. This is how I have come to refer to it (eg. The little girl did it). I never feel physically threatened, almost the opposite. It 'feels' like she is just being playful and laughing at me. But it sure does freak out my dog. Specifically the room in the garage!

Now in Hawaii, we all felt VERY physically threatened. Especially whenever I or my family looked at the stitches around my pinky finger. I forgot to mention in my story that in Hawaii I had a bird that commited suicide. It was a cockatiel and his cage was a convertable. He would normally just stand on his cage and watch tv and the family. One day, he let out a weird shriek and flew full throttle into the wall and died.

By the way, so there is no confusion, Lexi is still alive and well (strange kid actually... Hates candy/loves veggies!).
whitebuffalo (guest)
14 years ago (2008-09-05)
I am wondering, do you ever get a full faced vision of your niece? Is she ever looking straight at you? From what I read in this story, the only one that sounded as if you may have is when she was sitting on the stairwell. The reason that I ask is that I am wondering where the similarities end.
I would suggest to you, as you took a 26 year break in your activity, that YOU are not haunted. Those that I have been in contact with that MOST would consider haunted do not have the luxury of time off. It is a constant bombardment of visits and communications.
I would burn a lavender insense. It does not really sound as if she wants to harm you (unless there is something else going on that you have not said yet) and that she is just sharing your living space. If her presence makes you uncomfortable, you can always just ask her to leave, or instruct her to walk to The White Light.
Thank you.
rstahley (3 stories) (102 posts)
14 years ago (2008-09-03)
I also believe that you are haunted. It seems like the same things are happening, as far as objects being upside down. I think it's very creepy also that they use an image of Lexi to get your attention. These kind of mind games (putting your finger in the fan) make me think that demons are tormenting you. I don't know though.
Rebelboy1987 (9 stories) (186 posts)
14 years ago (2008-09-03)
That was very interesting. I thought you had the same situation as me at first when I read the title, but that sounds very different. I think people can be haunted, not just the place. I think I am haunted. I'm not sure what to tell you. But if you are religious, you should bless the house and pray for God's protection if you fear the entities
repo33 (1 stories) (7 posts)
14 years ago (2008-09-02)
I really appreciate everyones help. Thank you all for being supportive. I was a little leary to tell my story. The few people who I have confided in prior to this thought I was crazy or lying. I'm relieved to know some people take this seriously and are willing to offer real help. Thank you all very much! 😁
Tonith (1136 posts)
14 years ago (2008-09-02)
I don't know what to make of this story other than you may be a sensitive. It may have been dormant for years but being in another haunted house brought it back into being. I know there are stories about bi-location abilities and it makes me wonder if Lexi is able to do this without realizing she is doing it. Another explanation would be that whatever is in this house now may be using what your neice looks like to get your attention. I don't know if it has anything to do with what you experience as a child other than you were sensitive then and you still are now.
Grox6 (2 stories) (51 posts)
14 years ago (2008-09-02)
Creepy, but very interesting. I like your story, and I believe you. And I agree with gary11872, maybe it does want the diary. And on the other hand, since your father burned the diary, it has a chance of coming back. 😐
Kisho (2 stories) (60 posts)
14 years ago (2008-09-02)
Also, burning lavender or sage, sprinkling salt around the rooms you have problems with, putting up religious symbols of your choice in those rooms, are a few other possibilities.

I'm guessing that the spirits you're dealing with now are not the same as the ones you were dealing with in Hawaii, you just happened to pick another house to live in on top of or around a site where a lot of spiritual energy has become entrapped.
repo33 (1 stories) (7 posts)
14 years ago (2008-09-02)
When the diary came back my father burned it. As far as a religeous symbol goes, I have been wearing a pentacle since the days of Hawaii.
Demonbinder (66 posts)
14 years ago (2008-09-02)
This could very well be a demon that has followed you from the old house, was dormant and probably inactive for awhile (or probably was active to an extent but you were oblivious to is). It's there to do nothing more than disturb your life, and most often cause harm. Tell the spirits in the house you bind them in the name of Jesus, and not to come near your home again. It won't be easy, it seems like there is more than one there.
gary11872 (1 stories) (60 posts)
14 years ago (2008-09-02)
my suggestion would be...

Burn incense

Wear a religous symbol on you

Pray regularly

If your not the religous type you can also...

Dont fear this entitiy

Whenever you get the "feeling" (you know what I mean) tell it to leave.

Make your home presented in a nice manner, keep it tidy, etc.

Know that as a living being you have precedence to live wherever you want.

I'd also suggest, the diary, do you still have it? Maybe that's what it wants.

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