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My Personal Experience With The Paranormal


My experience started months back, when I had decided to go do some cemeteries investigations with another Paranormal Team. What we never did was pray for protection not before or after leaving any investigation cemetery or dwelling. I actually never thought about it. When I would get home my wife would tell me that I was acting very strange and mean towards her and the rest of my family. I never realized I had changed.

So always pray for protection before and after any investigation if you are still a paranormal investigator after reading my testimony. The next part of my story is where things started getting strange.

I was home on the couch around 4:30 a.m. One morning several months ago watching TV and I must have dozed off and woke back up at 4:45 a.m. And to my surprise I saw a grey fluffy cat he jumped up on the back of the couch that I was lying on and meowed at me (we do not own or have a cat.) I tried to sit up and I couldn't move almost as if I was paralysed. No matter how hard I tried I just couldn't get up. I tried to scream to the kids to give me a hand and I couldn't even move my mouth, it was as if my mouth was sealed shut. I was completely freaking out by this time. I was finally able (after struggling for some time) to sit up and he was still on the back of the couch and he glared at me. Then he jumped off the couch and he was gone it was like he disappeared. I woke up my son who is 14 and said get up and help me find this cat, after I told him what he looked like, he looked at me like "Dad, your crazy there is no cat." We never found the cat. All this happened after I went on an investigation to another cemetery.

The Saturday before the cat thing happened I had went to another cemetery and did not pray before or after visiting there. My wife told me later in the week that something was wrong and that she felt as if I was mean and that she felt hate from me. She also said hat I was changing and I told her she was crazy and that nothing was wrong with me. At the end of the week we had another investigation to go to and this was going to be a home one. We did pray when we went in and after we left.

Monday morning I woke up along with my wife at 4:00 a.m. I looked into her eyes and saw what I couldn't believe, an evil look that was piercing right thorough me. I got a feeling like was wanting to do one of those evil laughs at me. I told my wife let's get up and get me your anointing oil. So we started in our bedroom praying and anointing every corner and all doors, windows and bed she then opened the backdoor and out the corner of my eye I saw a flash of light going out the door. I told her to close it; the thickness and heaviness seemed to have left our bedroom.

I felt so happy that it worked or it at least it seemed to me that it did. I told her that we needed to do the rest of the house.

The whole time I was thinking "This can't be happening, I am a paranormal investigator, I go places to help people out with these things, why is this happening to me?"

We got through the whole house and when we got to the living room, I told my wife there's something evil in here. I told her to open the door so it could leave and I commanded the evil to leave again with authority in Jesus name. We heard it go out and something hit the door. I told her it was gone and to close the door. We sat down and I told her I needed to smoke after all that. So we went out on the front porch and looked across the street and we saw a cat. It was across the street and it looked at me in the eyes and it shook it's head in the weirdest way I ever saw. It arched up all bushy like and hissed like we never heard a cat hiss, you felt pure evil from the hiss alone. After that it fell to the ground, I picked up a rock to throw at it and it didn't budge. My wife picked up a rock and walked towards it and it took off and we didn't see where it went.

The next day I was still having trouble with it all and was having a hard time sleeping, or understanding what was happening. So I called a family member and told them what was going on and they said I needed to call a preacher because I was still a sinner and not saved, even though I believed in God. I said, "Yeah, okay whatever." Later in the day I got calls from 4 different people all saying the same thing. So I then figured God is trying to tell me something and that I better obey him. But I was still thinking on my time and not his (God). I also talked to a friend/founder of a team and told him the story and he said I needed to be prayed up and he sent me prayers that he uses when doing investigations and a binding prayer to be done on the outside of your home. So my family went outside and we did the prayer. After we did it everything felt good and everything was all right.

The following day I went to my one of my family's home and before I left we had an argument, I was told by this family member " I hope the spirit don't come back tonight to get you again." I was pretty mad at that comment being made to me. I told my wife about it because it really upset me. We came to the decision to call a minister and have him come by. So we called him and told him the story and he said, "something needs to be done now, can I come?" And we both said "yes". But I was thinking to myself I have already done this we don't really need him.

So we waited and he came. He went into our bedroom and said "there is more than one in this room and he is on your side of the room, Paul" and that we needed to get rid of them now. He put anointing oil on our foreheads before starting anything. He told my wife to get her oil and to put crosses over every door and window in the house and a cross in the middle of our bed. I told him I already did this and he said" you are not saved and that Jesus has to be in you or the spirits can come back." So he and my wife stood in the kitchen and then did a prayer to sweep the home. He told me" when I tell you open the door" so they prayed and I opened the door. He told my wife to go back in our bedroom and sit on the bed and she did and she said, " it's gone.

We went back in our kitchen and the preacher looked at me and said to my wife, "Look at his eyes". I said, "yeah, they feel really heavy and I'm exhausted." I then received Jesus back into my heart and my wife rededicated her life back along with two of our children. Then after that the preacher and my wife told me my eyes were pure black before the prayer and my eyes are normally blue. And that after the prayer they turned right back to my natural blue colour. I totally believed them. I believed that the demons had gotten a hold of me and was causing me to have so many health problems, including back pains and blood clots in my legs as well as causing me to be hateful, nasty and distant towards my wife.

I woke up this morning and my back is 80% better than it has been. I think one of those demons had attached itself to my back. The preacher told me that those demons where why my wife was having problems in her back as well. I know now that if anyone is involved in any type of paranormal stuff, those sprits are familiar spirits they're not your loved ones! If you must continue stay prayed up before and during any investigation, and that you will put on the whole armour of God. As far as cemeteries go I won't be doing anymore, there are too many spirits out there and I don't want to put myself or my family back into the predicament again.

My advice to everyone who does this type of investigation is to be saved and prayed up, you cannot fight these things alone without the whole armour of God and God. They can follow you home. You can listen to this story and you can decide for yourself but I am telling you what happened to my family and me. I felt I needed to do this to warn of the dangers. Thanks for letting me share this with you. Please be careful if you feel you must be an investigator, I am now available for performing Deliverance in your home and for yourself, to rid those "familiar spirits" from destroying your life.

Paul Vigna

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waterspirit (1 posts)
13 years ago (2009-09-30)
I loved your story and would love to hear more about it. Can you email me at:slydog3565 [at]
Moongrim (2 stories) (871 posts)
13 years ago (2009-05-23)
Oh here we go with the sermons again. It's amazing, how a simple ghost story always ends up into a sermon to worship god.
Surya (39 stories) (867 posts)
13 years ago (2009-04-15)
Unfortunately spirits can attach themselves to you whenever they like, you don't necessarily have to visit a cemetery. I suppose it would depend on how open you are to the other side.
lovedaniel (1 stories) (15 posts)
13 years ago (2009-04-15)
very interesting I hope you have peace always now!
I wonder do spirits attach themselves to you even if your just going to the cemeteries at night, to see loved ones graves? Or do you have to seek the spirits out first?
thank you and may god bless you and your family... 😁

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