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What Happened At My Friend's House


This is my first story and it is also my first personal experience with the paranormal. However, my family members have many stories that I hope to eventually post here. This happened at my friend Maria's house when I was 13 (I'm 21 now). We live in a rural part of NC and her family's house was on a fairly large, wooded property.

I was spending the day at my friend Maria's house and her parents went to the grocery store, so we were left at home alone. She was trying out for cheerleading and wanted to practice tumbling and I did not, so I told her that I would watch her and tell her how she was doing. It was a spring day and pretty chilly to be outside if you weren't moving around so I decided to watch from inside. I sat on the couch right across from the front door (it was one solid sheet of glass, more like a window than a door, so it was easy to see through) to watch.

The couch that I was sitting on was against a wall with a doorway to the dining room, kitchen, and back door (so all of this was directly behind me). Well I was sitting there and I heard the back door open and Maria's parents come in. I could hear their voices and both of them stomping off their feet. I thought that I would help them carry in the groceries so I got up and asked them if they needed any help. As I rounded the corner I saw that no one was there, but the back door was wide open!

I walked out on the back porch to look in the driveway for cars and it was empty. I went back inside and LOCKED the back door. I was really freaked out and didn't want to be in the house alone so I decided that I would go sit outside with Maria.

When she was tired of tumbling she sat down to rest and I told her what had happened. She told me that strange things happened in her house and that her parents had told her about several of their paranormal experiences. She also said that there was a small graveyard on their property with three unmarked graves.

Naturally she was thirsty after all that exercise, so when we were through talking we got up and went inside to get some water. We went around the corner to the dining room and the back door was wide open again! After I had locked it! We were both so freaked out that we went and sat in the driveway and waited for her parents to come home from the store.

I can't explain what happened that day for sure, but I do know that that experience is still as clear in my mind as it was the day that it happened. I am really no longer friends with this girl (time, interests, and college has separated us), but I know that her house burned down a few years ago.

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bm77136 (1 stories) (17 posts)
13 years ago (2009-05-31)
I'm sorry that you find my story weird. As I said it was cold and I didn't want to sit outside (not until I was afraid and had no choice). There wasn't a long span of time between my joining her outside and when she finished up. During that time I was sitting there in shock, processing what happened.

Its funny that you should mentioned getting in contact with Maria because I ran into her mother the day after I posted my story. She gave me her contact info so hopefully I can get in touch.
troyarn (5 stories) (479 posts)
13 years ago (2009-05-31)
Everyone has their thing, but the first odd thing I saw in this story is how you offered to watch her tumble outside while sitting inside. Also, it's weird you should wait to tell her such a story only after she was finished with her thing.
silverlemons (1 stories) (7 posts)
13 years ago (2009-05-29)
thats kind of what happened to me when my friend was over, only not all the same. Hopefully I can post the story when I can submit it. 😊
Hawkgirl (6 stories) (55 posts)
13 years ago (2009-05-29)
whoa that was creepy... I probably wouldn't have been able to move for a few minutes haha 😜 It would be interesting if you contact that girl and see if she can tell you about other stuff that happened.
raincolor (2 stories) (16 posts)
13 years ago (2009-05-28)
Very interesting, and unsettling. This sounds like doppelganger activity. Apparently, doppelgangers are spirits that imitate the living, taking on their appearances and sometimes voices. But usually, they miss minute details, such as what the person is actually wearing, or the fact that they aren't there, etc. The fact that there were multiple graves on the property could have accounted for multiple doppelgangers. I'm not sure if they're harmless or not, but perhaps they had something to do with the burning down of the house...

I enjoyed the story! Thanks for sharing:)


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