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The Old Witch


This didn't happen to me but it happened to my grandma. My grandma was a teenager, like 16 or 17. This happened in India and indian girls used to make cotton with something called "charka". They came back from making cotton and it was late at night. My grandma and her village girls were walking back, when they heard some lady say one of the girl's names. She turned around and saw a lady with her hair open, big teeth, she had her feet and hands backwards and she was laughing! While they watched her, she slowly started saying their names, one by one, and they got so scared that they left everything back and ran!

Both my mom side and my dad side grandma's have experienced and know stories like these and they also said back then, there were many things like these. My grandma also told me that if you responded back to the call or looked back, you would die! It was hard, because you never knew who was calling you.

I know many stories like these, after hearing this story I do believe that there are things like witches and angels and many other things.

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D_dave66 (1 posts)
3 years ago (2017-10-06)
I would rather say Abhi had his first sleep paralysis... Chanting anything like songs or prayers puts you at ease and brings back to your normal state... I often have sleep paralysis so I know how it feels like
VivekThekote (1 stories) (105 posts)
5 years ago (2016-03-16)
Hi Mystery abhi, it happen sometimes that Ghost try to posses you and as you Chanted LordShiva and Lord Hanuman Name they are Almighty Gods who destroy dark forces and you showed good presence of mind by chanting Gods Name. Have a locket carrying photos of God Shiva Hanuman or Kali Devi as they are Almighty Gods in One Form. I am sorry for loss of you're Father I don't think so that your Father try to possess you I believe so. May it was some ghost. God Bless You and Your Family
bigsasquatch (guest)
9 years ago (2011-10-07)
Its funny how you say "She turned around and saw a lady with her hair open, big teeth, she had her feet and hands backwards and she was laughing! While they watched her, she slowly started saying their names, one by one, and they got so scared that they left everything back and ran!" and then in the next paragraph completly contradict that by saying "My grandma also told me that if you responded back to the call or looked back, you would die" can you please explain?
xParanormancyx (16 posts)
10 years ago (2011-04-02)
This sounds like a story I read on here, about boy from India (like you, Gurleen) and he was walking from somewhere in the jungle. He rode his bike into the woods at night without a torch and saw suddenly a witch! She was unlike anything he had ever seen--the hag wore only a black robe to cover the back of her skeleton body (and that's exactly what it was--no flesh, nothing, just bones!). Her long black hair reached her elbows and revealed her holding a dead animal's carcass! The witch called out to the boy, speaking his name in a demonic yet persuading tone. The young boy, freaked out of his wits, jumped off his bike, rammed it in front of the witch, then ran home. Stories like these are these and reported all over India and other close by countries. You and your friends were not the only ones to see this old witch. This is extremely creepy and I am glad you shared this with all of us! Thank you!
Mysteryabhi (2 posts)
10 years ago (2011-03-10)
This question is for vivek thekote

Long back once when I was all alone in my bedroom and was trying to sleep I encountered a strange feeling. My eyes closed and I was in the middle of deep sleep not that deep but I sensed as if something was trying to enter my body and my breathing started in a fast mode and I felt some heaviness on my chest specially on my heart side. I never opened my eyes I immediately came back to sense and told my brain it's better to recite some mantra so that this thing leaves me. Without opening my eyes I started chanting "OM Namah Shivay" contiously also in between I started saying "Jai Bajrangbali" within few minutes everything became normal. I don;t know what happened to me at that time. But what ever happened was strange. I never dared to open my eyes. From that onwards when ever I go to sleep I read hanuman chalisa once and then go to sleep. Since I started reading hanuman chalisa nothing like this happened with me. For your kind information I don't have my dad he died due to heart attack an untimely death at the age of 66. Is it him who wanted to pay me a visit. Any answers?
VivekThekote (1 stories) (105 posts)
10 years ago (2011-03-08)
Hi Gurleen, Thanks for this wonderful story & yes such things happen but if you reply by saying God's Name then such spirits will not harm you & will go back. God Bless you all.
Uma (guest)
14 years ago (2007-05-03)
I agree there are spirits and witches in this world. I have heard similar stories, it happens mostly in villages.
stacie (guest)
14 years ago (2007-05-03)
heya I just wondered if you have any idea about how serious these things are you obviously don't I mean I have had loads of ghostly experiance and have had people say that I am going to be a median I wouldn't mind but just remeber ghosts(spirits) can be really evil and if you do anything with ghosts make sure you have got someone to protect you from evil one ok thanxs if you would like to get in touch call 07960600251
Brittany (guest)
14 years ago (2007-05-02)
May I ask who you are refering to? Who are you expecting to reply. Please let us know.
ravi (guest)
14 years ago (2007-05-02)
dude,I don't believe that
how can you say all these with that confident, I agree to you that their is life beyond death but they won't harm us unless and until we have disturbed them
so please stop deceiving peoples with that type of nonesense
Brittany (guest)
14 years ago (2007-04-24)
Mind if I ask how old you are? Sometimes children are able to see and hears what adults can't. Mostly because they have more of an open mind about such things. The reason it called you out is because you either fear it subconciously or are very interseted in it. You have to understand that ghost are made up of energy, such as us. And they can and will feed of the energy you put off. Young, energetic children put off mass amounts of energy, as we all know, and the ghost can feed off it. Also, fear will feed it too. Just remember if it happens again, that they can't hurt you.
Ouigi boards are notorious for being bad because you don't know who or what you are pulling through and secondly, most people don't know how to send it back. It sounds to me that the ouigi board was used, the portal opened and after they were done the portal wasn't closed, allowing what was pulled through to remain in the room. And it was probably something really bad.
I have used a ouigi board many many times and have never had a bad experience. Being wiccan I communicate with the dead all the time, so I know how to handle such situations. Just don't fear it. You experienced something people go places and pay to experience.
hey brittany (guest)
14 years ago (2007-04-11)
my parents do weeji bord and stuff, one night after they finished playing I heard an evil cackling coming from where the were playing, I ran into the room, I thought it was them, I pulled on the door handle but it was locked, weird because there is no keyhole, its like someone was pulling it from the other side, it then opened and I fell into the room, I got up to turn the light on but it wouldn't work, I got scared and ran towards the door, it slammed shut, I was terrified because in the pitch black behind me I heard, jjaaccoobb..., I yelled, my parents and their witch craft friend ran in and turned on the light, all they saw was me huddled on the floor and the weeji bord lying snapped on the floor and the paper letters spelling out jacob...
Brittany (guest)
14 years ago (2007-04-11)
I practice witchcraft myself and can personally say that I don't know any witch who acts in such a way. Your grandma must have ran upon someone who practices black magic. That's kind of crazy.
arnav (1 posts)
14 years ago (2007-04-10)
i agree there are witches and angels in this world...
Dean (guest)
14 years ago (2007-04-08)
When I was a freshman, I was at the Chicago University and lived in a dorm. After a month, nothing peculiar happened in my dorm, except the occasional partying. But then, strange things started happening. Lights turned on and off when you left the room, doors were slamming in the middle of the night when there was no one there, and the clocks were getting messed up. I complained to the dorm master, but she couldn't explain it. On a hot summer evening after working on a science report, I went to bed around midnight. I turned off the lights. I had a horribal dream that I will never forget. I was in bed and there as blood on the ceiling and walls, streaking down. A dark shadow was at the end of my bed, and was making a shreik/growling noise. My eyes opened and I was looking up. As I did a shadow flew across the ceiling and into the bathroom, quicker than lightning. I felt like I couldn't breath, and felt frozen. I sat up and saw my bathroom light on. I went inside and when I did, the door shut on me and wouldn't open. I was locked inside. The light went off in the bathroom and I felt something grab my leg. A skeletal hand with sharp claws the dug into my flesh. I hit my head of the towel rack trying to get out. The door opened and I rushed outside and fell on the floor. After that night, I immediatley switched out of the dorm room. I asked my dorm master if she knew anything about it. She said that a college student and been performing satanic rituals inside the room. Other students had also complained about the room. When the dorm master went in to speak with the student, she was dead on the floor. Ever since then, I have wondered what happened that night. I have the scars on my leg to prove I'm not lying. This story happened in Chicago not with me but I wery want will go to there. Somebody know who is the men?
Gurleen (guest)
14 years ago (2007-04-08)
I know many more stories. Please respond back or comment on this story and tell me if you know anything more...thanks!

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