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Two Good Spirits In My House?


This is in continuation to my previous story where I told you about my House, some strange incidents during its construction and my dreams. Well today I will tell you all about strange incidents which were witnessed by my mother.

One thing I forgot to tell previously was that when my house was being constructed the whole area was barren. There was a forest a little far off and only 2 more house at little distance along with Taj Hotel which could be seen from my house but was very far. There was nothing around my house at that time when we shifted to that place. Barren land with few farms and a land were dead bodies were burned. Yes you heard me right, just in front of our house on across the road was the land where villagers brought dead bodies and burned them.

It was really a scary place at that time and you can even hear wolf howling at night.

Ok coming to the main part...

I would tell many incidents that took place here but what made me think from them is that there were two good spirits, there seems to be another one which seems little naughty but not harmful and 4th one seems bad but shows up very little. It could be that good ones try to take over that bad one. But whatever, I have not experienced any one of them after Big Pooja that was held in my room (Pooja is the act of showing reverence to a god, a spirit, or another aspect of the divine through invocations, prayers, songs, and rituals)

Here were it started...

One time my mother was all alone. My father went for the job, we were all in school. At that time one of our cousins was also living with us but he was also away. My mother was sitting in the lounge, when suddenly she saw a man of short height wearing white dress walking past the room. My mother mistaken him to be our cousin and ran after calling his name to have his food. But as she followed him, he just disappeared in front of the bathroom. She then realized that our cousin was already out of the house. She just ran out of the house but didn't tell any one because we were too young and my father doesn't believe these things.

Second time...

My mother again saw one person walking in our house but this time he was another man. He was wearing a Rajasthan dress (a kind of short frock like dress with loose white pant). She didn't tell me what was her reaction but she was really freaked out. From that day she started spending her time in the drawing room only until and unless anyone else comes.

Third time...

Well this happened when we shifted to the first floor of our house while leaving ground floor for rent. But still we got some of our furniture there and kitchen stuffs were still down. Another of our cousin came to our house to live with us. She was a kind of depressed person. Always sad about what's going on her life. She been dumped twice and accused her family for that. Ok she started living with us. She asked us if she can stay in the ground floor alone. She is little funny too. She likes to do all makeup stuff and like to watch her face in front of mirror doing makeup and singing song. Well it was some time in the night when my mother heard her screaming and running up the stairs like mad women. When she calmed out, my mother asked her what happened. There she started telling that when she was on the bed in the main room ridiculing her brother and sir (singing master) she saw a short man wearing dirty white dress coming towards her bed. And he told her "You will never find any other good brother or master like this in your entire life"

Please note, the resemblance of this person matches with the one my mother saw.

One time my father was driving the car out of the house. There is a slope in the main road. There when he was driving up the car, another car came from the side and hit his car so much that his car just flew up, took a turn and settled back to right position without harming anyone and my father. Everyone there who saw it, said it was unbelievable, seemed like the car was gently brought back. It could be god magic or some good spirit help.

There was another strange happening. One day, one baba came to our house and started looking the place. He told my parents that there are jewelry and lots of money buried beneath the house. He convinced both my parents by saying that one day he will come and together all of them will dig out that gold. He would take half the money. My parents didn't found anything wrong in it and agreed to him. But when they called back to him, he never answered again. He started avoiding them. What could make him to change his decision? Well we never tried to dig that out ourselves because we believe the spirits were trying to protect it. We even closed that ground with cement. And there is a mango tree which always gives us fruit each year (it's a belief that mango tree gives fruit every alternate year but this tree never skips a year. I may be wrong but I believe it's the good spirits.

Well I think the story really went long and still I have to tell you many more incidents about this house.

I have to tell about naughty one and bad one too so please be in touch and do comment.

Thanks for reading.

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chandana (4 posts)
8 years ago (2013-09-18)
thanks for nice story and I am very much looking forward to your next story very soon.
KimSouthO (27 stories) (1960 posts)
12 years ago (2009-07-01)
I found your story very intriguing. It is always interesting to read differances in cultures, ceremonies and beliefs. Thanks for taking the time to share.

I would have to say you are most certainly dealing with something or someone on a paranormal level, and given the immense and varried history of the land near and arounf the home, this is not suprising.

Just remember, this is YOU and YOUR FAMILIES home, don't let anything or anyone take the security you should have and deserve in your home. Tell the ones you think are bad or maybe bad to leave in the name of the Lord. Tell the others to cross over to peace.

If this does not fit with your beliefs, please find a method that does so your home can rehain some of its harmony for all who live there.

God Bless!

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