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I said that I might add a second part onto my last story and here it is. All events are true and all events happened at random times, on random days. My house is not haunted, but I may be. See what you think.

Shadows - Always out of the corner of my eyes there's something quickly darting away. I see the legs of an animal as it leaps away from my vision or the outline of a human turning the corner as I spot it. They're usually seen at my house, but I've also seen the shadow of a man at my new school. New school as in just built, meaning no deaths. They're not that solid, about half solid and half transparent and I've never been able to actually see the full outline of the animal or person. It's not just shadow people, its shadow animals too; I think it's perhaps a cat or a sort of small, furry animal.

At a time it was so bad that I and a friend were chatting over Skype when they paused and frowned as they squinted at something on the screen. Of course I laughed and asked what that face was for to which they respond that there was something shadowy over my shoulder. I saw it too, describing to them what I saw and then got a confirmation from the other person that I was not just seeing things. It was only over the camera connecting to my computer that I could see this shadowy figure. It was completely black, standing over my left shoulder and the only other color was the two yellow orbs it had for eyes. "Turn the computer more," my friend instructed me to do. They are better at spotting things than I am and as I turned the computer they shook their head in disbelief. "There's a person lying across the couch, one sitting next to them, one standing by your window, and finally one on the steps." One-by-one these figures left and I watched as the one standing over my shoulder slowly left from my sight.

Recently I was Skyping again with a different person, one who has had some paranormal experiences, but has never seen a ghost before. They cut me off while talking to ask, "Whoa, what's behind you?" I had learned that there was sometimes this person standing over my left shoulder whenever I sat at the computer (I assume it's my brother who would be 18 today if he were still alive) and told my friend that it was okay, they always stood over my left shoulder. "No, this is over your right shoulder," they told me, "It looks like a black blob." About a minute later it left and my friend told me that he was probably seeing something and that there was nothing there. I'm still wondering though if there was.

Knock Knock - Early in the morning I was getting ready for school by straightening my hair. As I stood in the bathroom I was listening to the TV in the room over that my dad was watching. It was rather hard to hear since the door to the bathroom was closed so I was straining my ears to hear it. I jumped as my dad knocked on my bathroom door. Knowing he would knock again I figured I would save him some time by quickly setting down the straightened and opening the door. "Yes?" I asked and was greeted promptly by absolutely nothing. "What? Did you say something?" was what my dad asked from his room. "Yeah, why did you knock on the bathroom door?" "I didn't." "Then who did" "I don't know." Being early in the morning I dismissed what had happened and continued to get ready.

Dreams - I wake up in the morning with a slight recollection of what I dreamt of the night before, that and a name inside my head. This doesn't happen every day, only rarely, like once every two months. Later that day I find out that the person I dreamt of has died, and that's when my dream makes sense. The person I dream about always says something to me before I wake up, but I'm clueless when it comes to figuring out what they mean. The person will smile, look happy and say "Continue doing what you're doing, I believe in you," and then I'll wake up with their smiling face and name imprinted into my mind. Then later I find out that they die. The story is different when a person I know has a child. I just dream of the mother, holding something in her arms and when I wake up I have just their name imprinted into my mind. I'm not really sharing this to get tips on how to get rid of the dreams or how to enhance them; I'm sharing this to get your opinion on whether or not my ability to have these dreams is attracting things. Reading my previous stories seems to show that I am a sort of 'magnet' for the dead, could these dreams be the reason why, or not?

White Smoke - Last year during school I would see it all the time. At night, at school, and mostly in the morning. It would be out of the corner of my eye and I would see it slowly drifting upwards until it disappeared. I could turn my eyes to look at it and I would watch it fade away. There would be no candles around and there would be nothing around that could release smoke into the air. Each and every time I saw it the smoke was white, just pure white and appeared out of nowhere.

Comments, suggestions, thoughts?

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Fay (5 posts)
10 years ago (2012-10-07)
omfg! I skyped not too long ago! Talking bout seeing shadowy figures next to you from cam! I don't think I will ever Skype for a long while LOL
scared-all-my-life (13 posts)
12 years ago (2010-09-16)
I reckon the white smoke was not a ghost but I think it might have been a ghosts mist as in they were there a minute ago and dissapeard but left a certain amout of whatever theyre made of behind.

From scared 😁

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