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Stop With The Scratches


Recently my parents have decided to get the basement carpeted. You might remember this basement from another story I submitted about hearing footsteps on the concrete and having paint can knocked over by an unknown object. I assume that the ghost might be at it again. With all the workers going down into the basement to take measurements and do other things, I'm not surprised. I've been avoiding the basement as best as I can, but it appears this ghost has gotten more daring since the last time.

Thursday the tenth of December I woke up, shut my alarm off for school, and went to look in the mirror. The only thing that was bothering me at the time was the terrible dream I had just woken up from. Something about murder, you know how the nightmares usually go. I blinked and rubbed my neck, seeing lines on my neck, possibly blood? I went straight to the bathroom, wet a Kleenex, and rubbed at the two lines hoping they'd disappear. To my disappointment, they didn't and I leaned closer to the mirror to get a better look as my contacts were not yet in. I made out two long scratch marks across my neck, a bright red but I felt no pain.

I can't remember a time when I woke up and had self-inflicted marks on my body. This just wasn't me, to give myself scratch marks precisely on my neck. I could remember my dream still as I wasn't fully awake yet; I could remember that I never touched my neck in the dream, thus possibly scratching my neck in real life.

I have a dog that I let sleep on my bed some nights. She's a rather thin German shepherd, however, she manages to somehow take up the whole bed (my mattress is a twin). This was my first thought, that the dog somehow scratched me in my sleep. It was quickly shot down when I remembered that I slept without the dog last night. That narrowed it down to a ghost. I consulted some friends at school later that day for their opinions, but the most they could offer was a "Weird..." or a "Huh." Great help, right?

I chose to brush it off; perhaps there was a logical explanation for it all that I just wasn't thinking of. I went to bed Thursday night with no thought in my head about ghosts or anything else.

Friday morning I avoided the mirror. I got ready without looking in the mirror, that is, until I went to put in my contacts. The scratch marks on my neck still hadn't faded and were as vibrant red as before. I got my left contact lenses in when I saw bright red peeking out from under my chin. I lifted my head up curiously and saw four new scratch marks under my chin. This night I had slept with the dog, but this meant nothing to me at this point. The dream I had was about losing someone close to me, nightmarish like before. This was odd for me as I rarely have bad dreams; most likely they mean nothing to me and have no message behind them. This time it made me wonder what was going on. The basement ghost was all I could think about.

The problem is I've never really gotten bad dreams before with any of my other ghost experiences. I'm pretty sure that the scratches on my neck had to do with something paranormal, as there was just no other explanation. Since then I haven't had any other problems with scratches on my neck. I made sure to get a picture of the scratch marks on Saturday just in case, if you want to see them I can post them. I should also mention that the workers were done installing carpet in our basement on Saturday. The scratches are still on my neck, but faded and barely visible. Your ideas?

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scared-all-my-life (13 posts)
13 years ago (2010-09-16)
I think I have an explanation. This once happened to my cousin and I, I do think its a ghost, you see some ghosts like fear, they get drawn to people by fear and like hurting those with fear, like those nightmares you had. My cousin wasn't having a nightmare as she was wide awake, but she was afraid because she saw a ghost the night before. Well this ghost she saw came back to her that night but this time it grabbed her arm. It held her so hard he gave her a bruse that she still has today. When I was in bed once, I was having a nightmare, a murder like yours, and I woke up in the morning needing to go to the toilet 😳 and I glimsed at the mirror and I had a wicked bruse on my face. It was really scary as I was only about eight.

Your sincerely scared 😊
cookiekitty99 (5 posts)
14 years ago (2010-01-01)
hmmm mabey the nightmares are something that happened to the ghost like the one about losing someone mabey they lost someone before they died. Mabey thier mother died and the ghosts father was a drunk and abused the ghost as a child and the ghost in its lifetime eventually died think of that your nightmares did have a message. A message for the ghost.
eRiCa08 (1 posts)
14 years ago (2009-12-31)
i used to wake up with scratches around my eyes but about a month later they went. I knew I couldn't have done them to myself because I bite my fingernails
Marlean (9 posts)
14 years ago (2009-12-30)
I've never heard of a gift coming and going like that before. Perhaps there's something that influences it? Such as your health or the state of the environment? I don't know. Sorry, my knowledge is very limited. I only know a small handful of people who do have first-hand experiences and they don't like to talk about it much. But they were the ones who effectively used the sea salt, hematite, and sage. Sorry, using those are the only advice I have.
faerielike (15 stories) (268 posts)
14 years ago (2009-12-29)
I grew up in a haunted home. Though the spirits were not particularly malevolent, I did have bad experiences during sleep and strange encounters with slight bed shaking. When I moved my bed, from the head board being south to it being north, or even when later it face west, these things did not occur.
There is an old wives tale that says you will have disturbing dreams and contact with viscious spirits when the head of the bed is in the south.
Some other things you can do is put a mirror at the head of your bed, put a bible or amythyst under you mattress under your head.
Good luck! ❤
Hopeful23 (12 stories) (93 posts)
14 years ago (2009-12-28)
Thanks all for your help. The scratches disappeared after that, and instead I was given bruises. Now the bruises are gone and the spirit insists on moving things around my room. My little sister got a guitar for Christmas and when I went to bed in the middle of the night I could hear something repeatedly strumming it. I have plastic bags in my room that I still haven't emptied from Christmas and when I go to bed at least five times I hear the plastic move and crinkle, or a like squeak from somewhere it the room. I don't know what's going on with this spirit, or what it wants, but it's freaking me out.


I have often felt I have a gift, I just have trouble using it. It's there at one point, gone the next. I've seen outlines of spirits one month and now I can no longer see them. If you look at my stories you'll see that there's a wide range of events that have happened to me. It's not just one thing happening, it's a big assortment of things.
Marlean (9 posts)
14 years ago (2009-12-27)
Judging by what I've read about your dreams, my guess is that you have a gift. Unfortunately, there is no book or expert I can direct you to since most people have no use or belief in extra senses. My only suggestion is for you to hang small bags of hematite, sage, and sea salt above your bed and in the basement. I doubt it will improve your dreams but I do believe it will keep the aggressive ghost away from you. Best of luck.
Thealoneone (1 stories) (77 posts)
14 years ago (2009-12-26)
Scratches... Scratches... They tell me something but I can't seem to say it... Perhaps you have to ask in your dreams, try to do a lucid dream since in a lucid dream you can still have a nightmare, but you can control it. Simply tell your mind (when you are in the dream) to make the ghost appear and tell you why he is doing this. Then just act on what he says.
aussiedaz (19 stories) (1565 posts)
14 years ago (2009-12-22)
My pleasure, Fear is a negative source of energy.[ex]If we fear evil we give evil life, So recording bad dreams and even anything that scare's us only generates negative vibes which feeds our fears. This can affect the way we sleep think and feel which can effect our health. So by recording positive dreams and believing that the scratches may have been caused by your dog or maybe yourself, Your removing power from fear and giving power back to yourself and your health. Good luck hope god bless, daz.
Hopeful23 (12 stories) (93 posts)
14 years ago (2009-12-21)

This might be a difficult task to do. I am woken up each day by the sound of an annoying alarm clock, something that easily interrupts my ability to remember what I've dreamt of. Other times if I shut my eyes to remember the dream I end up going back to sleep. If it's okay, I have a question for you now. You seem to know a lot about positive energy and whatnot, is this true?

aussiedaz (19 stories) (1565 posts)
14 years ago (2009-12-19)
Totally understand, if you do decide to go for a dream diary 1 tips. Before you wake up keep your eyes shut a little longer, It is easier to remember what you dreamed about. Better for you if you record positive dreams, Better power for your energy and well being. Good luck aussiedaz.
Hopeful23 (12 stories) (93 posts)
14 years ago (2009-12-19)

Sorry for forgetting to write up a reply for you as well. I have been thinking of keeping a dream diary, but I'm hesitant to do so. I'm particularly worried that my parents will discover the diary and learn what I dream of. I'm pretty certain that every dream I have has some sort of meaning behind it and I don't like others knowning what I dream of. Sometimes I will share, but most of the time I don't. If my parents or any other family member reads the dream diary I would freak. I do keep another diary though, one of all the paranormal experiances I have. I hide it with all my drawing things where it blends in nicely, but a dream diary might be harder to hide. I would surely have to use a big notebook or something, a change from the small journal I keep. Still, it might be worth a shot, right?

Hopeful23 (12 stories) (93 posts)
14 years ago (2009-12-19)

I don't really like to share much of my personal life on the site, and figured that no one really wanted to hear what my night-mare was about. Friday night I dreamt of losing my boyfriend (does that not sound corny?) and it was a very confusing dream. Basically he would leave, I would try to find him, but there was always this man in the way. I didn't know the man, just my boyfriend. This isn't exactly the first dream I've had about people I'm close to, and I'm slightly worried.

You see, I once had a dream about my best friend telling me goodbye and not to worry. Of course I was worried and I happened to run into that friend's cousin that day. I asked her if my friend was okay and she shook her head. I found out that day that three of my good friends had gotten into a car accident and passed.

I had another dream like this again, another friend saying goodbye and I again found out later that they passed. I've also had a dream about a baby being born which also came true. This dream about my boyfriend worries me not as much, because if I have a dream it usually comes true the minute I wake up. However, there are first times for everything and I'm seriously concerned that this recent dream meant something. Your thoughts?

Thank you all for your replies.

Chrissie-Anna (4 posts)
14 years ago (2009-12-19)
Hi, wow must be a little bit scary.
Who was the person in this dream or dreams as it could mean something? I would contact a phychic, or a church to check out the scratches, or maybe go to the doctors, they may be able to tell you something.
Good luck, contact me if you need more help.
Jess_xx (1 posts)
14 years ago (2009-12-18)
Hi, I would also like to see the pictures, of these scratches.
Just Emial them too me at Mel_walding [at]
KoltenAspen (39 posts)
14 years ago (2009-12-18)
Hi I would love to see the pictures of the scratches just contact me at kellettjulia1 [at]
aussiedaz (19 stories) (1565 posts)
14 years ago (2009-12-18)
Hello hope, Your dream could be a premonition try keeping a diary for your dreams and see if there are any patterns. About the scratches not sure, Maybe someone else could help you. Lol on your beautiful remarks august S. M. Aussiedaz
kitty (10 posts)
14 years ago (2009-12-17)
Well I can tell you now I have no idea. But it certainly seems strange that you were the only one that got the scratches seeing as you weren't even the one bothering the ghost, I would appreciate you sending the pictures to me via email, you can contact me at:

Lilkitty10 [at]

Regards, kitty. 😉

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