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Some 'thing' is awakening me at night and scaring me. It has been going on for about two months. Not every night but just sometimes. It starts with a really loud whistle or bell that awakens me and right as I come around and start to sit up I'm forced back by a strong wind that is coming in from the hallway and then there is this thing on top of me holding me down. All I can hear is very loud screaming all around me. I don't know if the screaming is coming from the thing on top of me or if it's coming from something else. Then as fast as it came it is gone - like the attack doesn't seem to last very long at all. While it is happening I try getting up and I try to scream but I can't. Sunday night it happened two times in a row. The first time I was really trying to fight it off and I felt like the second time it came back it was to teach me a lesson about trying to fight it off like that.

Over the course of the last two years I have, on a rare occasion, awoke to a demon sort of thing in my room but it never touched me. I would just put my head under the covers and give it a few minutes and it would be gone. I don't know if this is something different or if it's just getting more aggressive.

Ever since I was a little girl I have had strange unexplainable scary things happen to me or around me but this is by far the most disturbing. Usually it's just hearing sounds or seeing shadows in the basement - stuff like that.

I don't know what to think anymore. Then again maybe I am losing my mind. Maybe it's not really happening and it's all my imagination or a dream? I seriously don't know what is going on, or what I should do.

The one thing I want to mention is that after the attack takes place I usually fall back asleep and when I awake on my own and am able to get out of bed I am not usually scared. That I don't understand. Wouldn't most people in that situation be terrified?

Any advice or input would be greatly appreciated!

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TalonWalt (3 stories) (69 posts)
9 years ago (2013-04-14)
I have been dealing with sleep paralysis since I was 17. I rarely have hallucinations, in fact I've only had 3. But have experienced the loud ringing, and the feeling of being held down/ or rather just the inability to move. There are 2 types of SP. ISP and RISP. Isolated Sleep Paralysis, and Recurrent Sleep Paralysis. I suffer from the later, and have had back to back episodes. This could be what you are experiencing as well.
ladysunshine1971 (1 posts)
12 years ago (2010-02-27)
I had the same thing to kind of happen back in my 20's, it was crazy, I was laying in bed asleep and was woken to being held down, it felt as something was trying to go down my throat a stinging burning thing, I tried to move but I could not, it was like I was being held by something stronger than me. I tried to scream but could not, it was crazy, and like you Lisa, I too have been bothered too and haunted since I was a kid, I my self never know when I am laying in bed at night and my bed may shake it is like something has followed me all my life.
gothguy32 (6 posts)
12 years ago (2010-02-06)
listen people in Ireland, Wales, Scotland see these things if their descended from pagans same for americans they see a lot shades demons shadow walkers and wraiths don't let them near you! They fear all things holy the cross a crucifix
gothguy32 (6 posts)
12 years ago (2010-02-06)
a demon? Could be a tormented soul probably was a murderous person before it died don't talk to it! Let it talk to you first
elawton1980 (13 posts)
12 years ago (2009-11-28)
Lisa1974, I would say first off that I don't think anything demonic is going on. I'll be honest, I don't believe in such a thing. I will say that you do have to rule out any personal psychiatric disturbances first. Bad anxiety, severe forms of depression and some forms of schizophrenia can mimic "paranormal" activity. Not that that's true in your case, but it's always a good idea to see a psychiatrist if you're concerned.

You could be experiencing what's called "night terrors" (Wikipedia has a good article on it, and it sounds very similar to what you're seeing and hearing). Psychotherapy, stress reduction and perhaps a change in diet are needed to resolve it.

You said it has been going on for about two years. I wouldn't ask you to answer these things for all of us to peruse, but certainly to think about some questions honestly. Was there anything traumatic that happened to you that triggered the disturbances at that time? Are you lonely in your personal life? Are you in mourning over something that has occurred in recent times? Do you have any phobias that are difficult on you? Money problems? Any history of abuse in your life? Again, problems like these should be talked over with a trusted counselor or friend. Don't be afraid to seek out emotional support if you need it.:)

One thing you can do just to psychologically feel better about your living quarters is bless your house. It's going to sound kooky, I know, but I find it does help. You don't need a religious figurehead to do this, you can do it yourself. Go around a room and draw an invisible circle along the walls, envisioning that you're "protecting" the space with positive energy with white light. In the corners of the rooms, clap your hands downwards while singing a phrase that's pleasant to you- "Amen" or something like that. Do this in every room of your home. Then stand in the center of the home and basically proclaim that your home is blessed. You can proclaim all of the things you want your home to be to you- comforting, warm, full of love, whatever. Granted, I have no idea whether this has any true "power", but it seems to lighten up the energy in a house.

Next, if none of the above works, I would see about having a scientifically-based paranormal team in your home. You could have a problem with high EMF's or something else environmentally, which could trigger symptoms something similar to what you're having.
Lone_Wolf (36 posts)
13 years ago (2009-11-20)
OK! FAIL 1 for the wizard! I didn't review all of your comments, just the one to me. The creature you describe (in the comment to Seregirl) is what I like to call a "shadow walker". Sometimes they're called "shadow people". At anyrate, it's the same beast. These things feed on fear. My order dosn't know enough about these things, and sadly we have no defense. Most the lore surrounding them is shamanistic. Lemme get back to you on this.
Lone_Wolf (36 posts)
13 years ago (2009-11-20)
It was certainly not an accusation, and be advised that demons are tricky little beings.

But that possiblity aside perhaps a tortured soul. Unfortunatly demons are easier than ghosts. With a ghost you have to figure out what it's actually after. It's scary, but I would try to confront it. Ask it what it wants. Depending on the response, you may be able to send it on it's way. Some shades are worked so firmly into the buidling that there's no removing them. It sounds like your little friend is getting stronger, suggesting that it's feeding on your fear or the negativity from the guy upstairs. At any rate, confrontation will most likely going to result favorably for both of you.
shadow_witch (65 posts)
13 years ago (2009-11-12)
I experienced a residual haunting as a child, and it always began after hearing a little bell ding. Then immediately following the bell, it would sound like someone (or maybe more than one person) was furiously cleaning the kitchen. Sweeping the floor and washing the dishes (though there were no dishes in the sink to be washed) It was all very puzzling, and I always think about it to this day, every time I hear a bell ding. Not saying this has any relevance to your story at all... It just made me remember that experience. What a mysterious world we live in huh? 😕
Lisa1974 (1 stories) (1 posts)
13 years ago (2009-11-12)
I wanted to mention a few things that I didn't before because I wasn't sure if they were relevant. In my line of work I deal death on a daily basis. It's a very unique job. I don't know the individual before they die but I do get a glimpse into their life after their death. There are times when I find myself getting involved emotionally but for the most part I try to keep it professional. I have wondered if there could be any relevance to what I'm experiencing now. And regarding religion - I'm not a religious person. I do believe in God but I do not go to church. I just try to live a good life and do the right thing.

Brainlessbandit - I was not familiar with sleep paralysis until I looked it up this morning. I had heard of it but didn't really know what it was. I suppose it could be and I will check into that. I would be very happy if that were the case. Thank you for that.

Zishu - I'm sorry to hear that you deal with this every week. I don't know if I could handle that.

Lone_Wolf - I have lived in that house for about 4 years. I have experienced a few unexplainable things while there but none of them were ever at this level. I certainly never did anything to invite a demon into the home however; I do live in a duplex and I the person who lives upstairs from me definitely could have. I don't know her very well but I do know she has a lot of alternative interests.

Seregirl - No, I have never used a ouji board or been involved in a seance. Well maybe as a very young girl at a sleepover or something like that but certainly not as an adult. Regarding the demon like thing I have seen in my room over the last two years - It has probably happened about 6 times. Two of those times it was the same - the body resembled that of a human, it was very thin, dressed in all black and it had a black hoodie on so I couldn't see the head very well but it had red eyes. At the time I remember thinking it looked like an alien. It just stood in my doorway both times. I have not seen that figure in close to a year. The other times it was a lot different - it didn't look anything like what I just described. It was hovering near the ceiling and it didn't look human like at all. Maybe more like a very large bat or bird. But not the regular kind - it was evil and scary looking. I have seen it here and there over the last year.

ChildofTheLotus - I don't think the screaming is coming from me. It's a very different kind of scream. Not just the shrieking kind of scream I suspect would be coming from me - if I was able to scream. It was very loud and twisted like the combination of a scream and a laugh and it sounded like it was echoing.
brainlessbandit (2 stories) (27 posts)
13 years ago (2009-11-12)
Hmm...interesting story. These are my suggestions to you, Ockham's razor and openmindedness appled:

1. Before you try anything else, see a doctor. The fact that you just started experiencing these phenomena suggests you may be suffering from chronic sleep paralysis. Have you had a lot of stress in your life lately? Have your sleep patterns been messed up? Things like these (along with the excessive use of psychoactive chemicals such as caffeine, alcohol, antidepressants, and illicit drugs) can mess up your sleep cycle, which can in turn cause chronic sleep paralysis. Sleep paralysis can be serious if it's threatening your physical and mental well-being. Look into it before you label your experience paranormal.

2. If a doctor doesn't find evidence of chronic sleep paralysis, the next step is to seek spiritual help. Do NOT try to combat this yourself. If there are evil invisible forces at work here, it would be very unwise of you to go after it alone; like trying to fight a Marine with no combat experience. It won't work. Find a priest/shaman/etc who would be willing to help you. If one doesn't work, go to the other, and keep going until something works.

3. STAY POSITIVE! Negative energy attracts negative energy. Exerting positive vibes produces the opposite effect.

I hope everything works out for ya. Don't worry about this too much... It will go away if you fight it off with a strong will.
ZiShu (281 posts)
13 years ago (2009-11-11)
I can help you with your experience because I live through the same things EVERY WEEK. In fact just this morning it happened. It is rare they attack in the morning. These attacks mainly happen to me at mid night.
Do not listen to those that disagree with this, these are demons. The demons that attack are weak but the one that physically pushes you down in the ethereal world maybe a stronger type of demon.
I have woke up to seeing a shadow demon on top of me before. There is a certain demon that attacks me that is accompanied by a bell jingling sound. Succubi in the past have attacked me while screeching a horrible sound like a banshee. After these attacks I wake up feeling normal and not too afraid because it felt like dreams. However this morning my heart was still beating fast during the attack and after. You are not losing your mind, everything you have wrote has happened to me and many others. You must pray before sleep and if you have a bible, keep it open near your bed.
My recent attack happened right after I put up my bible and went to sleep. Try playing Christian music a lot as well.
God Bless
Lone_Wolf (36 posts)
13 years ago (2009-11-11)
There's a few possibilities
Sleep paralysis and your imagination are the easiest answers, just so those are on the table.

It's not really giving me the "demon" vibe but it's always a possibility. In these scenerios, personal faith is helpful. If your religiously neutral, I would recommend "smudging" the house. There's an article about it on the site. This usually covers ghosts and demons if they've taken up residence. Demons usually can't enter unless they've been invited. Ghosts can stem either from the home or from yourself. Ruling out that your responsible for someone's unspeakable fate, that leaves the house. Did you recently move in? Is there any history with the house? I'll check back, but I hope this helps!
seregirl (guest)
13 years ago (2009-11-11)
Have you invited anything into your life? I mean like playing with Ouji boards, seances, anything of that sort? Has anything negative happened in your life recently to invite a negative energy in? Do you have a lot of stress?

-"Over the course of the last two years I have, on a rare occasion, awoke to a demon sort of thing in my room but it never touched me."

Were you able to catch a glimpse of it to provide a description? How often over the last two years has it showed up, and at the time that it showed up was anything else happening in your life? So many questions, sorry! Just very interested!

Thanks for telling your story, very very creepy! You should firmly demand that it leave. Try cleansing your house as well and inviting positive energies into your life, that could help. But you should definitely make it clear that it is not welcome in your life. These things like having control over you and they like to make you feel helpless. Fear is a powerful tool for them. On the other hand, and I'm not trying to offend you I'm just keeping an open mind to all the possibilities, could you consider that it was sleep paralysis? Keep us posted and best of luck to you!
ChildOfTheLotus (10 stories) (133 posts)
13 years ago (2009-11-11)
Do you think maybe the screaming could be coming from yourself? A lot of the time, when people are afraid/surprised, they will scream and hear themselves, but they won't register that it came from them.

You haven't moved into a new home recently? And this only started happening a couple of months ago? It doesn't seem like a normal haunting. You may have accidentally let something into your home (or something forced its way in).

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