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Recently, I've been having an up rise in paranormal activity which has suddenly caused me to rethink one of my other paranormal encounters. I published a story on this encounter (Abby called Amy and her Dolls). When I was younger, I believed Amy was introduced to me through a set of dolls I received from her grandma. When I moved, I believed Amy had become malicious because she was no longer near her grandma. Recent events have brought me to question if it was really Amy who was the malicious spirit.

I moved to Montgomery, Alabama the beginning of August into a brand new apartment complex. I am the first resident in this apartment, and the activity I've encountered makes me think a spirit followed me from Iowa. The first encounter was actually with my puppy. He has a habit of taking his toy ball and sitting at the feet of people, squeaking it obnoxiously, until they throw it for him so he can fetch. If you ignore him, he'll paw at your leg. Starting in the middle of September, he started doing this in the middle of the living room facing absolutely nothing. He'd even whine and start pawing. Because my puppy is still potty training, we keep him in his kennel all night and I put his toys away onto the kitchen counter. There is no way he can knock them down but in the morning I'll find the majority of his toys pushed underneath the couch with no explanation. The way my kitchen is set up to the living makes it impossible for the toys to have been knocked down off the counter and roll under the couch. Someone physically put them there.

Just this last week I began having a repeating dream. I was back in my house in Iowa, 6 years old, trying to hide some place in my house from the monster. Each time, right when the monster would almost find me, I'd wake up to hear someone whispering my name. At first I thought it might be my boyfriend just trying to stop my nightmare, but he doesn't recall saying my name. He's even told me that he thought he heard my name whispered the other night while I was sleeping, and shortly after I came out from the bedroom.

I invited one of my friends over (I met her when I moved here) and she ended up staying the night. In the morning she asked me, "Whose Amy?" I asked her what she meant (I thought she meant a person). She claimed that she had an encounter in the night with a spirit named Amy who was walking between my bedroom and living room.

These experiences have brought me to question what really happened when I was younger. Maybe Amy is my "guardian" so to speak but then that brings to question, who was the spirit that traumatized me when I was younger?

Any theories on this will be extremely appreciated.

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Elliebelle17 (1 posts)
12 years ago (2012-07-23)
DPez, I have been experiencing similar things. I was also five years old, though I'm only 17 now, when I began experiencing abnormal things. I too, had an imaginary friend I called Michael. All the childish things I did I blamed on Michael. When I was four and five my parents chalked it up to me being an only child at the time and wanting a playmate. Not long after we moved into our house in Huntsville, my mom found out she was pregnant. Nine months later my little brother was born. We moved from Huntsville to a small rental house in Hazel Green. I had saw an apparition of a man that had been stabbed and killed behind the bar we lived not a few yards from. I told my mom and she thought it was an intruder. She checked all doors and windows and there was no possible way anyone could have gotten in and out of the house without her knowing it. It was then that my dad brought out an old company album and told my mom of the man he knew who had gotten killed there years ago. My mom said she showed me the album and asked me to find who I saw. I pointed out the same man my parents had talked in private about. Since then, I've talked to a young boy in Tennessee, I've seen another young girl dressed in colonial night gown and cap, and had several dreams and can instinctively feel and predict when something (more on the line of small tragedies) could happen. It's not a psychic power, more of an instinct I've always had. My little brother has been terrorized since he was a year old. He began having night terrors as a baby that continued throughout his life until recently, he is now 13 years old. He still has nightmares every now and then, like I do, but nothing like what they used to be. He has seen a black figure as a child. I never saw this malevolent spirit until the wee hours of this morning. We have moved several times, gone to church, slept with bibles, and prayed. It still follows us. My experience this morning is an awful lot like yours. I too have small things that come up missing, things I haven't even used for a while. I find them when I don't need them. The other day my fiance (yes I'm 17 with a fiance) and I were sitting in the kitchen eating lunch, we both turned our heads to see a single blind flip open and then fall back down. My fiance's eyes grew wide and he asked me if I saw that too. I nodded my head yes and tried shaking the goosebumps off my arms and legs. I went to church yesterday morning for the first time in a while, and felt safe and secure. Yet when I went to bed I had a dream that I was sitting downstairs in my chair watching someone walk up my stairs. I was frozen in my dream and could not stand up to see who was walking up the stairs. I woke up at that time and couldn't move my arms or legs, I was freezing, (uncommon for me, seeing as I stay hot, and it's Tennessee in July.) I had two sleeping bags thrown over me and still woke up cold. As my eyes slowly opened I saw a black solid mass and what I thought to be an arm extended towards me, (there's no way for me to tell seeing as I was just waking up and didn't have my glasses on my face) I did see something though, and how I know it had definite shape is because moonlight and the outside security light seeps in through the blinds. I tried screaming and my brain told my arms and legs to work and run, but nothing came out and I could not move. I willed my eyes to open and my body to come fully awake, the second I did the mass disappeared and I could move again. I slept with my fiance's cross around my neck, and I believe that's what kept me from harm, though afterward, I prayed for God and his Son to protect me, and I fell back into a peaceful sleep. I believe certain people are given natural born talents to help others and themselves by God. Joseph was a dreamer in the bible and could predict things on massive scale, I believe God is still working through man, and trying to help us protect ourselves and others from evil left on earth. Although I'm Christian and believe spirits go either to Heaven or Hell, I believe the tragedy and bad experiences stay on Earth to remind us we aren't alone, and we aren't the only ones who've had heartbreak or tragedy. Nothing bad can get into heaven, which is why it must stay here on earth, Earth is just an extension of Hell. And it's our job to make the best of our lives the best way we can. I always tried finding logic in my experiences and intuition, my family's always called me skeptic. Until now, seeing your posts and knowing I'm not the only one, do I believe what's happening to me is real. Up until now I've only told my fiance and my little brother of this recent experience. My brother told me of a nightmare he had last week of a similar experience. He dreamed he was walking upstairs and as he turned the corner he saw a little boy, he first reaction was to kick the boy and run back downstairs to the rest of the family. He didn't tell anyone because he knew I would write it off as late night snacking or watching too many scary movies. After he heard my nightmare, he told me his. Then he and I both remembered our mom telling us of an experience she had years before at the same house I saw the little girl in. Mom woke up to a little boy standing beside her bed, she thought it was my brother, yet when she saw the boy's face, she knew it couldn't have been. The little boy had his mouth open as if he were screaming, yet could not. My mom had the similar chilling feeling, yet she could move, and ended up jumping on my little brother who was asleep beside her because of a nightmare he had earlier in the night. The nightmare my brother had last week happened the day before the blind opened and closed on its own, the day after that (Friday) my family, all except my brother, went to visit my grandparents. My brother was left home alone and could feel something watching him. On Saturday, my best friend came over and she and I slept upstairs. I have a spare bed and she slept not a few feet from my own bed. She and I both heard footsteps in my room the whole night, yet we didn't say anything until the morning. On Sunday, I went to church, then my fiance's for dinner. The hour I came home, I began feeling smothered yet again. I went to bed at 12:49 and sometime within a few hours I awoke as I already described to the paralysis and feeling of being controlled. I hear my name being called from downstairs, but my parent's haven't called my name. Our stories are similar and I can't shake the numurous coincidences your stories and my stories have. I was born in Huntsville, Al. On January 12, 1995, the same year you moved into your home. I live in an apartment complex, and none of my neighbors have had these experiences. (that they've told me) My father and mother, as of now don't seem to be bothered by it, just my little brother and I. It may be that my brother is just getting into his pubescent years, and I'm approaching adulthood, but whatever the reason, it's starting to tear down my walls. My faith in God has not been altered, but I feel like something is trying to push its way between God and I. By the way, my name is Gabrielle, and everyone calls me Gabby, I've always had an obsession with porcelain dolls, but I can't keep them because they scare my brother. My dogs also bark at something from the side of my bed, and sometimes in the middle of the day when I'm the only other being around. My first baby doll I had as a child was a home-made rag doll my step-grandmother made for me when I was born, my grandmother named her Amelia, yet I always called her Amy.? Got chills yet? I'm sorry this is happening to you, and would like to talk to you given the chance. I pray I don't get slapped or touched the way you have been touched, but ZiShu is right, don't acknowledge it calling to you. I've always ignored it, but whether that helps or not remains to be seen. I don't believe it's the little boy or girl I've seen before, I believe it is a demonic possession trying to work it's way into our family and souls. By the way, I'm Irish and Native American (weird combination, I know), but Celtic medallions and Dream Catchers, never helped me unless I had a symbol of Christ beside me. I.e, my mom made my brother and I sleep with a bible under our pillows for a few months, that seemed to help for a few years. Now, I'm going to sleep with my cross around my neck every night, I believe that's what kept what ever woke me from harming me any further.
DPez (5 stories) (37 posts)
14 years ago (2010-05-14)
Dopple: I have actually done exactly that. I've only captured one video (as the toy activity doesn't happen as often as it used to). He has a kong toy, and it looked like someone just flicked it off the counter. Really spooky (I was creeped out). My boyfriend doesn't believe it was a spirit. He's had the pest control all over the apartment just to make sure it wasn't some big rat tossing toys around. So far, no one's found anything.
doppledapple (2 posts)
14 years ago (2010-01-16)
Quite spooky, and mind bazzeling I must say, with regards to the dog toys, have you thought of maybe putting a video camera there at night and record it with the camera facing the toys?
DPez (5 stories) (37 posts)
14 years ago (2009-11-24)
Thank you for all the suggestions:)

Autumn321: I agree with you. I don't feel that the spirit is malicious, just being a trickster.:)
Autumn321Wicca (1 stories) (4 posts)
14 years ago (2009-11-22)
Wow...That's spooky:) I hope you figure things out. From your story, I don't think that is an evil spirit or Demon. I think that it is good. Something somewhat like this has happened to me, but not with dolls. Teddy Bears. And, it wasen't the bears that were haunted it was the house. But good luck to you however you decide to handle this.
Lavenders (2 stories) (16 posts)
14 years ago (2009-11-20)
wahh that's pretty spooky D:! Thanks for sharing your story.
Trudy (92 posts)
14 years ago (2009-11-20)
What I would do is test the spirit according to 1 John 4:1-4. If it was evil I'd cast it out if it was good I'd leave it alone.
KimSouthO (27 stories) (1960 posts)
14 years ago (2009-11-20)
Wow. Sounds as if you have several possibilities that can be occuring.

Amy may have followed you and be playing tricks because she is angry, or you may have been dealing with different entities all together.

Say a prayer and tell what ever this thing is to go away in the name of the Lord as it douinds as if it wishes to cause only havoc and harm.

Keep us posted.
God Bless!
DPez (5 stories) (37 posts)
14 years ago (2009-11-19)
Thanks everyone for the comments:)
Zmeyers: thanks for taking the time to read the other story:). It might be that the dream is totally unrelated, but it seemed to me like it might be related to the "attic monster" from when I was younger which is why I mentioned it, but you do bring a good point.

Dimber: I gave the dolls back to the family when I was younger since they scared me so much (I mentioned this in my other story and forgot to put that detail in this one. Sorry). I haven't spent a lot of time thinking or researching monsters, but, as I said earlier, the dream could be completely unrelated. I just put it out there in case anyone might think there's a relation. Thanks for your theory:)
Dimber (1 stories) (50 posts)
14 years ago (2009-11-19)
Diva, here my theory. Those glass dolls which was giving to you might was haunted by this ill girl that pasted away. Try putting them dolls at one of your friends house for a week or whatever. See if this spirit Amy follow those dolls. If she does, then you know what to do. You can keep it and have this Amy spirit stay with you or give it away to some person who willing to take care of the doll. But it is no demon. If it a demon it would have done harm to you already. So you don't need to be scared of this Amy spirit. Those dream you are having. Could it be that you are thinking or reading about monster too much? It is probably stuck in your head. Even though your not thinking about it when your going to sleep. It was in the back of your head the whole time. And it just slipped out. Sometime when people get sick or is going to get sick they have this type of dream experience. Everytime I getting sick I keep having the same dreams as when I was little. The dreams repeats for 2-3 day.

Anyways this Amy spirit is not doing harm to you so you should be ok. The moment it harm your boyfriend, your friends, or you. Seek someone that can bless the dolls, house and you. Stay safe keep us updated on how thing progress.
zmyers23 (1 stories) (5 posts)
14 years ago (2009-11-19)
Having read both this and the story of Amy before it is hard for me to see Amy as hostile. Amy herself seems to be harmless and maybe just toying with you a bit. But you attribute the dream about the monster and your fear of dolls to her also. ZiShu suggest this is a demon. Maybe. But I'm not so sure. Sounds to me like the dreams and Amy may not be related at all. Take a look at all the events you know without doubt Amy had a part in. They don't seem to be hostile. Maybe the dreams were just the imagination of a young girl.
ZiShu (281 posts)
14 years ago (2009-11-19)
whoa whoa whoa... Dream monsters chasing you? Name being whispered?
Those are the most common things that demons cause. Whatever you do, do not answer to your name being called. It will use that chance to invite itself more violently into your life. Most people that answer, end up being possessed.
Start praying to God for protection.

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