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You will need to know our family tree to get a lot of my stories, (if there are anymore) so I thought I'd explain it in this story.

Donna (27), Christopher (26), children of Dad and Christina

Harley (23), Casey (21), Sarah (18), Rodney (17), children of Dad and Tina

Sharley (Me) (15), Floyd (12), children of Mum and Dad

Zeak (19), child of Mum and John Guthrie Linwood

Cooper is our last name, we all live in Taranaki, New Zealand.

When Casey was young, she saw things that she wasn't supposed to. Her mother told us that one day Casey was jumping on the trampoline when she saw an old man in a wheelchair through the kitchen window, looking out over the garden. Just like any other kid, she had imaginary friends, but these friends weren't ordinary. Dad and Tina said that they would here voices, singing Casey to sleep, when one morning they tried to wake her but she wouldn't. When Casey woke she had told them that her friend had put her into a very deep sleep and that she had dreamt of angels. That's what they tell us anyway, I have believed it ever since I heard of it.

We are almost like twins, in one way anyway.

I was having dreams that I was eating living animals, horrible as it sounds, I became a vegetarian. The next day, we were visiting Tina for the weekend and I told everyone what I was when Casey spoke up and said, "Same. Since yesterday," and I thought that was extremely strange as we had had no form of communication since the last weekend. We have a lot of similar dreams. At one of the houses that they used to live in all of the family would see white flickers in the corner of our eyes, but Casey and I would quite often see black shadows "flying" across the kitchen window. I remember when I saw one for the first time; it was in the form of a person, a little larger than a regular man. I cried my eyes out; I was so afraid. In the house they are living at now, it is even worse. All we hear all night when I stay there are footsteps, taps on the windows, (and I'm not talking about little taps, I'm talking about people trying to get into the window taps).

There is also a cat that lurks, (not living). I was walking across the lounge when I stopped to let a large cat pass. Sarah had asked what I was doing when I said that there was a cat. "A ginger cat aye?" Casey had asked. "I swear I always see it on my windowsill," I thought she said.

I need to know what these things might mean, and if it's a helpful thing and what the cat, footsteps and shadows might be there for. I don't want to rid the house of them I just need to know if they mean harm or not.

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Scream (2 stories) (11 posts)
14 years ago (2010-01-27)

Thanks a lot for your comment. Like I said I didn't want to rid the house of them, and the footsteps aren't the ones you hear on a hard surfaced floor, it's like to entire house creaks with each violent footstep.
Thanks for you help
Scream ❤
Watersprite (3 stories) (85 posts)
14 years ago (2010-01-27)
I have a feeling the footsteps are a residual energy. I've lived in a house before where my husband and I could hear footsteps, like a man walking in boots on hardwood floor in the living room. The tiny living room around the corner from the bedroom where we heard the footsteps had wall-to-wall carpet. I always had the feeling of someone watching me from the living room at night, so maybe those footsteps weren't "residual," but the pacing man never hurt us.

You might try putting salt along the windowsills, just a little line of salt. It will trap the spirits, and keep them from entering the house. It will also burn them, so they might knock it off. My husband in his mom's home once had an evil entity try to get in his bedroom window. He put salt along the two window sills. One night, he and his then-girlfriend saw the window pane on one window shaking violently. They looked out and there was no wind, and the other window was not shaking. This went on for several minutes, because evidently the salt had "trapped" the spirit.

As far as cats, we have several ghost cats in our home, one from a previous owner and two from our little guys who died about two and three years ago. We have actually seen the previous owner's cat. It's not scary, and the kitty ghosts never harm or scare our two little calico girls (the two cats we currently have). I wouldn't do a thing about the ghost cat, just talk to it nicely if you feel like it. We always say hi to our little dead cats when we feel them around and tell them not to worry. Just sending positive feelings works, too.

Anyway, sorry to ramble on, and I hope this is of some help to you. Best wishes and God bless you.


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